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this and that on a Friday

DJ went out as the sun was lowering behind the tree line and discovered that the UPS driver had left me a box.  I'll tell you, my mom knows how to stuff a shoe box, LOL.

Not sure what I will do with this stack as it sort of depends on how much is left of the fabric---there is a blend-y sort of thing going on though with a few of the pieces.  Naptime, maybe??  If not, there are a few nice pieces of neutral background.  I think Mom may have added two pieces that I did not have set aside but that's okay too.   Some re-arranging of boxes on her end left had her wondering, she said.

That lovely, cheerful floral on the left is a  Hoffman "Country Side Collection" piece.  I'm thinking it might make up into a 4 patch posie??  Isn't that the fun part of quilting to pull out fabrics till you find a combination that will work together?  Already I am eyeing a blue tone and tone on the shelf, LOL.    Lois had recently used some 4 patch posie elements as block centers of on…

another meeting wrap

It just occurred to me as I sat down to write this post that I had posted the pictures from our June 12th meeting!  I was caught up in the preparations for my trip and did not have time to share the pictures, etc from our machine quilting sessions or any of  "show and  tell".

I showed how to stitch in the ditch.  Lois showed us how she copies motifs to paper or freezer paper and then machine quilts around them and some great ideas on how to avoid marking your quilt top.   Bev had an attachment for her machine that helps you with the "wax on-wax off" movement of the machine but was unsure how to get the stitch regulator to work.  We had some guests and a good turnout along with a potluck lunch.  Fun, fellowship and sharing----I love this group!

The first 4 pictures are from June 12th

First up, Bev with a tote bag she had made-----

Bev's Improvisational quilt inspired by some Vera Wang king sized pillow cases she found at a yard sale---and she quilted it herself!   …

blogging break? yes but vacation too

Looks like I took about a two week blogging break but it was for a very good reason! You see my mother was coming up on a milestone birthday, a round numbered one---she is a Flag Day baby.   This past Sunday was Father's Day as well.   I was going to get to be there for both but shhhhhh it was a secret.  There had been a lot of phone calls back and forth between my two sisters and I over the last month. One minute my sister Janet who lives in near Denver, Colorado was thinking about driving down to Alabama to see me with our mother---"what did I think?"   A few hours later my other sister Diane was calling to ask what I had planned for the 13th of June to the 19th!  She was getting me a ticket and I would be Mom's birthday present.  The return date was pushed back a day to get an earlier flight back to Atlanta but I was going to see my family.

Of course, I could not say ANYTHING about that on my blog---Mom reads it.  Janet swore Dad to secrecy but she would need him …

catch up

Finally sitting down to rest!  I went straight from my morning walk, to errands, to laundry and cooking. It is mizzling out there with intermittent downpours so while the temps are down, it is extremely muggy, inside and outside the house.  That rain/mist stuff  started right as I was getting into the car after the walk, thank heavens but I still had to run the errands in it.  I got wet and never have dried off/dried out.

You might say will just turn on the air!  Well, DH has that set so high that it is will probably not run enough to feel comfortable in the house.  In that case I find it preferable to put a box fan in the window and turn on the ceiling fan to an a/c set at 79 on these "tweener" days.

Since the Belles and I are discussing/demonstrating/playing with quilting at our meeting tomorrow, we had decided to go with a potluck lunch rather than chase out for carry out in the middle of "class".  That explains the need to cook this morning.  Since I was experim…

today's quilting #3

Today's quilting project----what I call Staggered Bricks, top from August 2011.   The fabrics are all donation fabrics.  The lighter gold was from our dear Bama Belle friend Theramae's estate.   Many of the prints came from Ellen at Wrap Them in Love headquarters and from her mother's estate.  The darker brown was something fellow Belle Linda C had put in the donation bin and I think that lighter green might have been hers as well.

Anyway, I combined all this to come up with this quilt.   I have more strips cut with a fall vibe but can't remember what I had decided for them.  One problem with this one though:  either this was just a hair wider than the backing or we didn't get it placed to accomodate the width when we pinned it.  I just trimmed it down by a half inch all around so the border will finish a tad smaller than my original plan of 3 inches but that's okay.  It was easier than adding more fabric to the backing after it was mostly quilted!

OH and to ame…

WIP Weds

Well, I haven't worked on it yet today but I will.  I quilted up this Habitat Patience Corner top pieced back in January 2011.  I like the block but the quilt not so much.  Hopefully all  this particular donation/challenge fabric is now gone!

The green is the Habitat fabric in question.  The larger figured piece was the main fabric but we did not have enough of it to go around so others got the companion print.  I made two quilts:  a Jungle Nine Patch and in series, made a Puss in the Corner from the leftovers.  You can see those quilts and what the others did with it in THIS POST.  Mine are clear down at the bottom.   Turns out I only thought I was done with that stuff, LOL.  Others leftovers landed at my doorstep and this was how I elected to use them.  The floral print was not one that I could ever find a use for either so bam!  all in the same quilt.  That reminds me too--that I still have a panel section of the Michael Miller Romance to do something with as well but that was…

WIP Monday

Yesterday was a day of rest but I did spend a good part of the day machine quilting this Twisted Sisters top on Saturday.  I completed the top way back in January 2011 from something my mom had kitted up.  I have more green strips that Mom shared with me that need some background fabrics from my stash.
I like this set actually and could see doing another similar quilt.  Ami Simms' is the designer and she showed a version we liked on the gallery pages in blues calling itTruly Twisted by flipping half the blocks the opposite directions by flipping the template or the fabric.  I would have to review how to do either directions at this point.  It is pretty easily quilted in the ditch as well by just following the jagged line horizontally and then vertically.  There is some double quilting on the center when you change directions but that's no biggie.  Obviously I still need to put the binding on but I may wait till I get the 2nd quilt done that requires the same colored cut binding…