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cutting and kitting

I am going to go nuts if I know I have to quilt for two more weeks----the "squirrel........oh, shiny object" syndrome will surface.  I will need to stick some other short tasks or design work in there along the way.  Since I tend to save the quilting till after lunch (the a/c is on) that leaves mornings for other things.  Can I keep on track and still have a little fun.  I certainly hope so!

As I said yesterday, I am trying to use some of the donation fabrics from various sources that I have collected along the way.  I have printed off a possible pattern that will use a pile of it called Chantal from Debby Kratovil.  Only problem:  it is square.  Kids aren't square and I want it rectangular.   I can deal with not having the featured Blank Quilting fabric.

She used a blob of the big floral, 5 squares of it, at center and then used it to border it as well.   It will have to have some white space in there for me.  Too, too busy otherwise. I don't have enough of the floral…

Still quilting---and will be for a while yet!

Here is the view similar to what I have been looking at for a week!    It is paying off.

Puss in the Corner that was half done----finished and out for binding.

Pineapple Blossom----quilting finished and stacked

Scrappy Bowtie---quilting finished and stacked.

All three of those tops can be seen HERE

My yesterday's quilting to finish the challenge strings I had started the day before----yep, done except for the hand finishing on the binding.  I found a nice 5 pointed star in EQ and then printed off the block to a size that would fit in the actual block.  I rubber cemented the paper to some heavy weight template plastic so I could mark the top.  Where the marking lines would be too hard to see I traced the shape onto template plastic and then quilted around that.  I'll point it out when the quilt is posed for its glamour shot.

And then there is today's project.  That Jelly Roll 1600 scrappy version from back in 2011--well most of my tops were done in 2011 for the scrappy challenge…

keeping on track

Two posts in one day.  I promise to behave myself on this one. LOL.

I had a pile of things on my Wednesday "to-do" list and stayed on track. Laundry was done.  The paperwork was done and the necessary errands were run. Husband got fed and he even got the haircut he had requested!

Just before supper DJ helped me with the recovering the pressing board project.  He told me to put on some safety glasses and fetched another screw driver and pair of plier to help me pry the two layers of batting and iron quick cloth OFF.  Man, that thing looked bad and long past replacement!  After supper, I got back to actually recovering it.  Here it is as I worked on stapling the new batting back on it.

And TADA!  Here it is back in a nice clean pristine state and ready to roll for today's little "jobs"

 Here is what it normally looks like though I do try to keep things off the table so I can function.  While watching the Cardinal-Dodger game last evening (muted) and listening to …

a BOB post

What is a BOB post?   See quilter bob Quilter Bob or QB-BFF.  Good old BOB has some opinions, some that I happen to agree with and others that don't bother me near as much as BOB. Still, BOB always has interesting point of view. I see things that I may not have considered.

If you prefer not to read a bit of a rant, then skip over this one.  I'm getting older, things annoy me.  I am far less likely to "suffer fools gladly" at this point in my life.  That might be part of the reason why I got out of nursing as it is hard to feel compassion for idiotic behavior but I digress.

What set me off?   I was reading these comments on a quilt list this morning.  It is a huge list, far too much mail to keep up with and I scan the topics, reading if something catches my eye.  I read this on the subject of mystery quilts and who should do them.   I did not see the original question that was posed so it definitely taken out of context.

........... Mystery quilts are not for everyone.…

meeting date

Bama Belles met yesterday---a few folks had other plans, appointments and one, I know, is traveling with her husband.    The 7 of us that were there still enjoyed some time together.  Teresa's sister Judy came with her and they were doing some cutting on a project Judy is working on, or will be working on soon.   Bev was labeling the quilt she was ready to turn in and had some binding going on another recently pinned and quilted top.  Brenda was labeling and completing the binding on her donation quilt as well.  You'll see all of those below in a minute.

Janet had a quilt to trim up and was binding with two color binding----really a neat technique and something I had not tried.  Brenda and Janet are members of a Wednesday evening group and said that a fellow member, relatively new quilter too, had shared the method with them.  If I can find a link for this, I will share it.  I know my pal Norma had used this on some placemats or table toppers at one point---maybe she can direct…

sticking to my action plan

Since my Friday "kick myself in the rear" post, I have managed to complete the remaining hand work on the August watermelon Button Up AKA Paint Chip Challenge and I pinned it that evening.  I also through my ancient Country Thread inspired aCQB row quilt on the table and pinned it up as well.

Both went to the stack and my current plan is to do a couple more donation quilts and then squeeze a personal project in the mix.  Still a bit of a reward even though it is STILL quilting.

Moving on to Saturday:
I had about half of the vertical lines to go on this Positive-Negative Puss in the Corner last seen in early June.   The quilting is finished and the binding/label applied.  One of the Belles had volunteered to do some of the binding and she will get Judy's two quilts along with this one.

No sooner did I finish the PIC when I grabbed another one.  Well, I had to admit that I had to look through the pile to find t he one I wanted to work on.  Since I told them with the backing OU…

What's next? need some motivation or an action plan

Well, I am still at the hand applique stitching but almost done.  That leads me to the "what's next?"  question.  One plan has me cutting the first 10 Farmers' Wife Sampler blocks out----they would ready for sewing when I am ready, even at a Bama Belles meeting.

2nd plan:  pin this one so I can quilt it up and actually display it in the coming month.  If it is done then I have binding to do at the quilt meeting.  If I am going to pin, then I would pin the ancient Country Thread inspired Row Robin piece as well though quilting it would go lower down on the stack.

3rd idea----tackle this stuff first.  That is not all of them as the mostly done one is on the pressing/cutting table.  Skyler is starting to use it for a nap spot the past few days and thinks it is "his" at this point.  I don't "feel" like quilting but seriously, when I examine my goals and motivations, when do I ever really feel like quilting??  It is a means to an end and piecing is m…

WIP Weds

Today finds me button hole appliqueing by hand on all these watermelon seeds.  At this writing 16 are done so that leaves 13 1/2 to go.  How do I have a half seed?  That one is under the crow.  I am liking how it looks so may continue to just hand button hole the lettering and the crow as well.

Since I last posted, I completed the Lil Twister Christmas wall hanging as well as the vintage spoon.  Both are shown below.

I have also gotten some batting joined, labels on two quilts that were turned in with them and re-did up the binding since I sewed two sides into the quilt.  Quilt document is updated and quilts put up in the closet in a holding pattern.  Lots of hand work as you can tell.  Oh, and spent a big chunk of the day un-sewing a pile or abandoned blocks so I can re-purpose the sections and fabrics.

Jane had asked me to make a run over to Ashville House Quilt Shop today as she had missed the Block of the Month this past Saturday due to the Friendship Quilters sew-in.  Also the owner…

Monday check-in

Friday morning came and it was time to be off to the Christmas in July 3 day sew-in with the Friendship Quilters Guild in Pell City.  The Calhoun County contingent had signed up for Friday and Saturday only.  Hubby, at left, gets a little bent out of shape when I am gone "too much".  I always tell him it could be far worse as I COULD be gone just about every day of the week, somewhere at some quilt group IF I wanted to.

But really I do not get anything done on my home projects if I am gone like that.  After all, my Belles had just met a few days before.  Thursday was shot as well with errands to run. I needed to be sure DJ had something here at home he could for lunch if he did not want to go out and better yet, leftovers so I would not need to cook Friday evening if I was too tired.  Of course, I had Tex-Mex cake to bake to share with the gang too.

The other thing, Skyler just sleeps all day apparently when I am not  home to roust him.  DJ was adding that guilt trip on me too…

WIP Weds

Sounds good anyway, LOL.  Posted by a Facebook and Guild friend

Last night, and into today, I had some things on the mental list that needed tending.  This was the contents of a box Mom and I had packed up when I was back home.  My sister had offered to UPS it to me since she often visits the mailing spot to help her husband in his job.  DJ had to haul it back to the sewing room and said "I wish you would tell your friends and family not to be mailing such heavy boxes!"  14 lbs worth, LOL.
The fact that it had not come so soon after my arrival back from Illinois gave me time to find some room for this shipment. The pile on the left is abandoned blocks.  I pulled out the blue-y pastels one thinking they might work in with the stuff on my design wall---the abandoned project pro bono quilt I spoke of yesterday.  There is another stack of more fall toned blocks that I set aside for now.  And then, there are some that I will pull apart for the fabric as I like the fabrics but not …

woohoo--almost finished to flimsy!

Can you tell what was keeping me busy this weekend?

Yep, watermelon blocks for the August Joined at the Hip Button Up.  By last evening, the top was together minus the borders.  Borders and the applique elements were fused down today.  Of course, I will need to do some button hole applique to stick this all down.  I also will need to make the hanging tabs.  It is prepped but just not sewn yet so that is why I am going with the "almost" finished moniker.I prefer my trusty Viking for the BHA but I am considering doing all those watermelon seeds by hand as it might be a bit of a pain in the neck stitching something that small down by machine.  That will mean swapping out machines since I was foundation piecing those watermelons with the Brother.

The preview is pinned in place.  I think it turned out pretty cute though my version is much lighter in tone with the backgrounds and the pale green at the top.  Got that green peridot, August birthstone thing going on, I guess. Oh, I cou…

Friday check in

Well, I got ONE watermelon pieced anyway to go with the backwards cut crow.  Too bad I accidentally cut off the seam allowance on one side of it.  I cut out replacement sections, prepared another foundation base and didn't touch it at all yesterday.  Probably a smart move when things are not going so well.  I want to love this project, after all.

It's 2:30 Friday afternoon and I STILL haven't touched it but today was laundry and errands to run.  At one point it was far cooler in the car than the house so I did not mind running all over the Calhoun County countryside so much.

I am still getting myself organized to start cutting on the Farmers Wife Sampler.  I have the Marti Michell template sets that I want to use for the job though there is one more thing I plan to order with my birthday money from DJ next month.   Make that two things as I want the smaller sized log cabin ruler she has.  I really like the larger one and was using it with good result on "My Sunshine&quo…

Happy 4th and other stuff

First of all, no, that is NOT my quilt but I know where you can find the pattern as this was posted on Facebook by Fons and Porter Love of Quilting.  I just borrowed the graphic, etc to wish you a Happy Independence Day as well.  

They said "Happy 4th of July from the Fons & Porter Staff. We are proud to present a Quilt of Valor design in each Love of Quilting magazine. This quilt is Unfurled Glory, which is featured in the July/August issue. To find out more about the Quilts of Valor Foundation, please click the link to visit their website."

Pretty quilt, huh?

I have been busy getting ready to piece the August Button Up.  Actually, there were a few minutes yesterday where I thought I could start piecing.  Instead I prepped the applique elements as once the pieced elements are done, I would not want to wait to finish up.  I messed  up though.  Normally the designers have NOT reversed the applique elements so imagine my surprise when I realized I had wa…

drafting, cutting on a Monday

Ah, Monday.  I seem to have slipped into the sewing/quilting doldrums last week.  I wake up and see that pile of pinned quilts or ones that need labels sewn on and binding done and at times that can be overwhelming.  Normally what gets me revved up is to give myself permission to play with something else---new fabric, new pattern, new technique, anything but what needs attention.  That other stuff will get done eventually but I wanna have some fun!

Norma and I were chatting this weekend and she had the perfect description for "wanna have fun".  It goes ".....squirrel......shiny object".  While this was actually talking about a dog named Dug in the movie "Up",  it does describe how easily she and I can be distracted from the task at hand.  Someone at her work had used this analogy for a co-worker's behavior and the phrase stuck.  Apparently others have been watching their dogs as well as there is something called "shiny object syndrome".    We…