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finished to flimsy!

Oh come on!  You know I would get this done---and as planned since I just had 3 blocks and two long seams to go, LOL.  I just cannot get a decent picture of it----though the colors of the stuff hanging off the bed from the window angle is what it looks like in person.

This one looks more yellowed than it is---possibly from the overhead lights and the fact that it was 1945.  The width looks good and so does the length finishing at about 88 x 98 or something close to that.

Woohoo!  The strips and fabrics are put away, temporarily anyway.  I had vacuumed the day before to get the worst of the mess up.  Materials gathered to start cutting on FWIS.  Off on another sewing adventure soon!

Jane, Aline and I are heading off to Pell City to drop off our QOV quilts in about an hour.  We may also be going on to Heart to Heart in Trussville from there BUT it will wholly depend on the weather.   Not raining now but some forecasts said the Isaac driven rain bands would hit Thursday through Monda…

meeting notes

I had one of those nights that you sleep 3 hours, awake for about three more and then go back to sleep for another three and then get up about 2 hours late. I am still trying to get caught up! You know I have a top to finish today!

I made breakfast foods for lunch and put on a pot of potatoes to make potato salad to go with the Sloppy Tom's tonight. Speaking of potatoes, a friend sent me a link at one time that showed Dawn Wells AKA Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island" on behalf of the Idaho Potato Board peeling a boiled potato. She used a trick of scoring the potato first and then you just twist off the peel. I need to look at that again to see if I need the potatoes slightly, completely or not at all cooled. Check it out on Youtube.  Scoring works for tomatoes and peaches so why not?

Okay before I get back to making potato salad finally get my sewing machine fired up, the promised quilt pictures.  Bev has been a busy girl and I know she has Christmas gifts that sh…

Doesn't take much.............

Image make me happy, LOL.   Remember my saying that my 2 1/2 inch fabric bin was looking a little sparse after a couple of group sew-in's?  I also had raided some of the strips to toss into PopStix.   At one point this thing was so full I could barely keep the lid on it.

Well, Lois reads my blog and came to the meeting today with a pile of 2 1/2 inch strips and said that she hoped she was not too late.   Ahhh even if I was a done with my top, there are lots of other projects that call for 2 1/2 inchers!  Album block is one of them that is in the "has been set aside" category.  Each of the PopStix blocks takes 14 different strips, or it does in my version anyway.  Since I am down to the last 3 blocks at this writing, it seems that the bits that I do have pieced contain all the same pieces.  :-( and then I gotta un-sew more than sew.  SO I pulled out about 16 bits that are NOT in my quilt and when combined and strategically placed, it should be fine.   WOOHOO!


Like Minds??

I had popped over to see what was going on at a Left Handed Quilters blog,  This is Design Wall Monday for a group of bloggers so I figured Kitty had posted.  Cool!  She was talking about using the "Big & Bold" quilt pattern from Cozy Quilt Designs, apparently a fat quarter friendly pattern.  I own that!  It is filed away in one of my notebooks.

She also mentioned "Twilight Frost".  I have a pile of that for use in that very same pattern!  I have to move the bag of it every time I need to get at the Singer sewing accessories or the yellow and orange 20 qt containers of fabric.  See it there right on top?   Ignore the mess---I am still sewing, after all, so the iron is still plugged in and the floor is covered with strings and fabric bits again. 

It is possible, but I do not entirely recall, that Connecting Threads had the "Twilight Frost" featured as a kit on their website using the "Big & Bold" pattern.  I had originally purchased it way…

Getting closer!

................and that is a statement that could be taken TWO ways.  My PopStix quilt top  is one row away from completion and Isaac is getting closer as well.

On the quilt front I had left off last night 2 blocks into row 5.  There are 5 blocks in all that mess of color plus that extra width of 3 rail sections, about where Skyler is laying.  I could join these two to the top half but why?  It is getting too big and heavy with my current machine table set up,  I'll wait till the final row is completed and then turn around like I do when I am quilting with a forward table.

I started sewing about 0730 and here it is noon!  I am in my nightgown still and kept thinking I'll get in the shower once I get one more block and/or section done.  Well, that did NOT happen obviously.  DJ started a load of wash---I am not competing with the washing machine for shower water.  The air was not on yet and that is always a consideration especially if I plan on drying my hair.    Who in their rig…

Saturday check in

Been piddling with the PopStix top still---maybe by next Saturday I can report a finish to flimsy.  That is my goal anyway based on availability and the weather.  The weather dude is keeping a watchful eye on Isaac as it moves into the Gulf as some models have it headed right into Alabama.  Who knows if the power will even be on in a couple of days?

I only got 3 blocks made today but joined row 3 to rows 1 and 2.  Since there are 6 rows, I am officially half done plus two blocks.  17 blocks out of the 30 I need plus the expansion sections.   Probably too much information?  Just as long as I can keep track of what I am doing, I guess.  BTW the picture shows the width of the quilt, not the length.

I really did make my bed this morning but it is so much easier to look at these blocks if I get down the plain colored sheets, LOL.  I had to apologize for that stripped off look yesterday too.

Yesterday my friend Marilyn came by with a friend of hers to have me help her get some blocks laid out…

hot off the press

Cropped a bit but just finished up after stitching parts of two days. Fun!

Pattern Source:  Aunt Martha's Transfers from the Bonnie Bonnet 3920 packet.  I re-sized it to fit the block size requested by the group quilt organizers.  Because I liked the look of the brown pigma pen I used to draw it off from the printout I made from the re-sized image.  (where is that red pigma pen anyway?) I just went with DMC 632 for stitching.

Now I am off to the kitchen to make some meatballs for tonight's supper. I guess I am being creative in a far different way then?  I promised DJ I would make spaghetti sometime this week. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to stitching on my PopStix top and probably laundry in between strip sets. 

a shopping we will go!

When I left off in my last post, Jane was coming by to pick me up and we were headed to get Marilyn for a run up to Boaz and fabric shopping, lunch out.  We stopped at Mill Street Deli for lunch and then went over to Wilson's.

Marilyn is making the quilts for ovarian cancer and she was on the hunt for teals and such.  Jane needed some yardage for a secret pal and found some other pieces she liked---some that I had picked out first actually.  Similar tastes, it would appear.  I'll show you that stuff in a minute.  

The 2nd piece in the stack above is some yardage I picked up at Hobby Lobby in Gadsden before we came home.  I had gotten the Andover Girl Friday lime green piece and the Quilting Treasure Contempo dots with my birthday money from DJ and  The gray Jinny Beyer has been in my stash since the late 80's/early 90's.   Somewhere around here I have some solid gray and that is really what I had thought about tossing in the pile to audition.  I di…

a little forward motion

Well, I got a little bit of PopStix done on after my Saturday post----one complete row to be exact.  I still can't get it on the bed enough to get a good picture of it, LOL but it certainly will be long and wide enough for my needs!   Shown at left---the first half.  The 2nd half is below.

Really I probably should have just started diligently piecing 3 strips by whatever lengths.  I need enough of them, after all!  I had mentioned that I had enough to completely do two blocks so that is where I started.  Then I made a couple 3 strips by shorter lengths so I could complete the row by the time I

closed up shop.  I may continue on with this method though since so many of the colors repeat themselves and I was hoping to avoid having some colors in such close contact.  It may not matter one whit though in the scheme of things.  Guess I just like seeing rows, counting off rows rather than how many more of this size and loosing count all the time.  Most were done in pairs anyway since I wa…

where did I leave off??

Way back in February of this year I started a Popsicle Sticks quilt with my FAB pals. It was Norma's choice of a pattern for us to help her celebrate her delayed bday party. I was fine with the choice as I love Terry Atkinson's Patterns.  Always tested thoroughly, the pressing directions make sense and so forth.  You know she was not just throwing a pattern out there without having thought it all out or making you rely totally on your own past sewing experiences to help you over any hurdle.  I don't necessarily need to be spoon fed but I appreciate when someone has made an effort and has eliminated any pitfalls before the pattern is released for mass consumption.

I had to set it aside----for one thing, QOVs intervened.   It is a guild project, I am an officer and I needed to do my part.  To be honest I made some more Button Ups or finished up some other small projects I had started.   Piles of quilting came along in June and July.  Well, if you follow my blog you know I …


The sum total of my creative output the last two days, other than tweaking my Farmer's Wife inspired sampler::

Album Cross block from re-purposed fabric that might go in the said sampler.  My re-scaling plan from a 8 inch finished to 6 inch finished  block using Fons and Porter's mag article worked.

Other than that----ugh, binding and more binding but I got it done about 4 this afternoon.  The 60 x 90 size was making it very hard for Quilt Holder to hold it up for pictures.   Glad that job is finished.

Out comes the sewing machine again and tomorrow I'll try to figure out where I was on the Popsicle Sticks top and get back to making more blocks for a queen sized top.

works in progress---post 2

As it is in a lot of quilt groups (I hope so anyway!) there is a lot of sharing and "consultation" going on.   The Belles and I don't ever seem to be able to pull off an organized show and tell, LOL.  People arrive when they can and leave when they must.   We scatter out all over the Fellowship Hall---some pinning, some sewing, some binding, some looking at books and magazines from our library cart.  We spread things out on the tables or holler when we have something to hold up.  Fairly informal.   Opinions are solicited or kept to ourselves.

These are a few of the projects seen at the Tuesday meeting-----

That gray-y black tone on tone used in this top is the challenge fabric this year.  Bev donated it and we had like 20 yards of it to do something with.   It might have been easier to work with it were 1)  not a bit directional in the striations and  2) if it were truly black.  I guess that is where the challenge comes in!  As far as I know, Beverly is the first one to g…

finished donation quilts---post 1

I promised you pictures of quilts and here they are! I will do a separate post with some of the other things the girls were working on as I don't know how many blogger will let me load at a time. Those are fun and interesting things that deserve their own space anyway, in my opinion. Since this is MY blog, I can post it how I want, LOL.    These were the quilts piled up on my pressing/cutting table shown in the last post.

Turning 20 pieced and bound by Aline who is shown holding it.  I thought she was going to duck behind it but she was talking to me during the photo op, LOL.  One that I quilted in the 2 week quilting binge.

Pineapple Blossom made with blocks from one of our 2011 sew-in days.  Truly a group effort as we pooled the blocks to make two quilts.  Lois assembled one and possibly more.  I assembled and quilted this one.  Jane did the binding finish.

All I can say on this one is that is finally the last of the green habitat challenge fabric---or it is the last for me anyw…

some progress/birthday celebration continues

I have gotten a bit of sewing done---blocks joined on Sunday. Rows joined on Monday while I watched the last episode of "The Closer" I will be sorry to see the show go but Major Crimes should fill in nicely since most of my cast favorites are cast in it.   FYI:  I did make my bed this morning but I un-made it and threw the pillows on the floor to take this picture on a solid background.   The yellow background on the bow tie quilt was obscuring the view, LOL.

I cut the lilac/lavender paisley piece for a small flap of color---that is preferable to actually sewing a narrow, narrow strip to me. Yes I still need to baste it down but my theory is that I don't have to be near as worried about 1/4 on TWO sides with a flap vs 1 inch or smaller finished border. The separator flap and the binding are seamed but not pressed. It still needs a border put on and apparently I did NOT cut one yet.  That is a tomorrow job.

First I need to put all this away from today's quilting meeti…