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FWIS 21-30

I just finished up block #30 so it is time to show you Blocks 21-30 and share a little about them.  I will be quilting this coming week with a little cutting for a Lil Twister Christmas wreath project and/or Halloween twister row thrown in for a weekend project with my FAB pals.  Until I get a bunch more --like, the next 20?-- blocks cut out, this project is temporarily on hold.

Block 21  #66 Periwinkle  (FWS book)
I used fabrics that had once belonged to my friend Theramae who passed away several years back.  This was pieced conventionally and actually I went together much more easily than I thought.   Some of the gals on the yahoo group had foundation pieced it so that was the fall back position.  I DID stitch around the outside edge of the block to stabilize it since I could not figure out how to cut it for the grain lines to be in the proper place.

Block 22  #3143 (BlockBase) 8 Points in a Square--pieced and then button hole appliqued to the base.
I had fun playing in the pink bin p…

Saturday check in

The resident cat was conked out on the bed till I went in to check on him---and re-load a recharged battery into the camera.  I caught him mid-yawn and meow so it looks like he was baring his fangs at me, LOL.  He relocated to the window perch right after the picture taking as though he would be a safe from the flash over there.

I've been piddling around the house today doing little home tasks and such.   A sewing room vacuuming was top priority as I had been paper piecing a good bit in past days and the floor looked like it!

I had the sewing table free as I was preparing to  swap out machines so took the time to mark the Halloween stitchery.  So far the only sewing I have done is stitching down the 3 non-selvage sides of this piece so it will not un-ravel.

I am up to block 27 on my FWIS endeavors.  26 will need to be re-done or replaced as I got an iron stain on it plus one segment is a little wonky.  Wonky enough that you can tell that the piece is crooked.  A little demoralizing…

FWIS 11-20

Okay---2nd batch of 10 Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler Blocks. 91 to go, LOL.  All 6 inch finished blocks.  The last one I posted is the first block in row 5, this thing being on point. In other words, I have a long way to go.  Any number other than 1-111 indicates one that I have added to the mix, and NOT included in the book by Laurie Aaron Hird.

Block 11
3418 The Whirling Pinwheel----you saw this one before I had straighted out a flipped piece.  The green wedge as I recall.

Block 12
From the book #69 Practical Orchard but I did a quick piecing trick actually maybe one even suggested by Marti Michell

Block 13
709 Flower Pot

Block 14
71 Puss in the Corner variation----and this one will probably be re-done as it is "too blendy"  My friend Brenda said to keep for now and decide later if it needs replaced.  I like the aqua and used it in PopStix but the red looked more solid to me when I was cutting it out.  The book did not call for the pinwheel bit at center either.

Block 15
31 …

.......but I wanna sew

My little half done Four T's block had been waiting since Saturday afternoon.

No sewing on Sunday or Monday though I wanted to.  It just didn't happen.  Tuesday meeting days are normally busy and I have things to follow up with once I am home.    Sometimes that might mean just putting away the stuff that I drug to the meeting with me, LOL.   I did finally finish this up while I watched the NCIS season premiere, Parenthood and followed along with the Cardinals-Astros game.

This is block 19 of my FWIS quilt----I piece one more and I'll show the group of 10 that I have been working on.  The next one up has pieced and appliqued elements but I have the applique already prepped and in the envelope, waiting.

Sunday was just a lost day creatively with laundry, grocery errands, meals to fix.   Recharge the batteries, I guess.

Monday was just plain busy getting ready to quilt.  A look in my closet with the quilt tops waiting and you will see why this needed addressed.   My partially don…

My entries in the show

Here are my entries in the show------you followers have already seen these 7 button ups but it was unusual for me to see them up in one spot. I have 4 more at home---and 4 more that I want to make.

I also had a finished bed quilt to enter this year.  My Pioneer Sampler Plus.  It was in the pieced and quilted by one person category and won a blue ribbon.  I surely did not expect that!  My Daisy Chain from the year prior I thought was fair better executed but it did not get any recognition other than Gary telling me, it would have been his choice in the judging.  Anyway, my points and joins are good.  It hangs straight and flat.  The quilting is pretty basic stitch in the ditch though I did a nice cable in the outside.  30's fabric often solicit the comment that it "looks like a quilt" since it reminds them of something their granny made or a quilt they grew up with.    The little sliver of fabric that had to be added to the Single Wedding Ring block must not have counte…

How about some quilt show pictures?

A few of the quilts at the Gadsden Quilt Guild show at Nocculula Falls Friday and Saturday. I told you that I went up on Thursday to help set up. I also went up yesterday afternoon to help take them down but I took pictures before that happened.

The guild is very small and mostly older members. Gary always opens the show up to any of the area quilt groups to participate or there probably would not be enough quilts to put on a show. He has considered just doing this every other year apparently but Jane said that since things went so smoothly with set up and take down, that he was already talking about next year. That doesn't sound like skipping a year, LOL.

So anyway----how about some quilt pictures? Some I don't know anything about and have no idea of who to credit. Some, I do know a little something.  The racks were up in a different configuration this year so it may have made it a little easier to get pictures but some spots the lighting is not near as good.

This is Gary…