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Day two: binding

Okay, I did NOT get much of this done yesterday but I tend to procrastinate with the more tedious aspects of quilting.  It is well documented here, LOL.  I am maybe 3/4 of the way across the first bottom edge but the label is sewn down and about 9 inches on the adjacent long edge at this point?    Also my mind tends to wander to other matters---dreaming of the next quilt projects or solving the world's problems (not!)

December is here tomorrow.  I want this on my bed!!!  I guess I have to get with the program???  Norma, have you finished quilting your lovely quilt so  you can join me in the endeavor this weekend?

I may have gotten a little further on binding but my hands were cramping up a bit by last evening.  I guess between lots of mouse work on the computer lately and knitting the right hand especially was squawking at me by 9 p.m.

A couple of notes on binding.  I do a blind, applique like stitch and I always keep the bulk of the quilt away from me, working left to right wit…

meeting show and tell

One of the best things--always--about quilt meetings is show and tell, though I don't think we really ever have a formal one with Bama Belles.  The girls hold up something they are working on, ready to pin, or are turning in for donation as they come in.  I missed a few pictures I might have taken but you'll see them down the line unless they are heading out as Christmas gifts.

First up, Jane's strippie quilt.  Isn't this just a sweet quilt for girl?

Beverly made this one using cloth book panel pieces and a "divide and conquer" method.  She said she used conventional binding on the periphery though.  This is going to a great-grandchild.

Beverly also made this "Bob the Builder" BQ 1 quilt for another great grand.   She started the quilt at the fall sew-in.  The child has a pillow she had made with some Bob fabric in it and now he will have a quilt to go with it.

This is Beverly's mini twister wreath.   She had misunderstood some cutting instructi…

another Trip Around the World version

I guess I have still have Trip around the World quilts on the brain.

I drew this one up from a picture of one of my mom's quilts some time back.  I considered attempting it instead of the Quilting Assistant version I did end of making.

I see this as being a take off from Snuggle Up, that old favorite pro bono quilt that is oh, so adaptable and the technique I learned from Billie Lauder "Get Looped"  for making her bargello quilts.  I have that book around here somewhere but of course, now that I am looking for it, can't lay hands on it.  The principle is surely the same though no matter what width you cut them.  I could see possibly having to cut the strip in some manner in the middle area where there is more light fabric or working in quadrants of the quilt rather than long staggered strips as you do in a snuggle up.

I think too that this MIGHT be the idea that Eleanor Burns uses in her Quick Trips Quilts book or at least one version is similar.   I'll have to…

finished to flimsy

As planned I finished up my "Tons of Black" Challenge piece yesterday afternoon.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Good size.  May work for a guy as I don't think the grayish green looks girl-y though it is a vine print.

I spent part of  last evening knitting---making some progress on this latest hat, playing with the double point needles.  Ordinarily I would not worry so much about capping the tips but I am still afraid the stitches might slip off the back end of the needle.  I just move them as I knit around and around.   I've got an inch or so to go before I begin the decrease.  I'm doing to try it on the circulars next, practicing what I picked up on the video links I posted recently.  Like the blue color??  Uh, make that "shaded dusk"

Today was Bama Belles day---the weather was kind of miserable--cold and wet but thankfully the rain seemed to slow down to that misty stuff when we had to haul things in from the car.  I'll report on that…


As much as I like the Trip Around the World (medallion) arrangement of the Mock Trip block, it is fun to play in EQ to find other ways of setting it.

Don'r get me wrong----any of the four examples in the Quilting Assistant file would work.  I just finished drawing up the "Many Trips Variation" and am about to attempt the Streak of Lighting variation too.

How about a straight furrows?  As they say in the pattern---"This simple block can arranged many way--because of the diagonal line.  In other words, any way that you can arrange a faux log cabin block or log cabin block will work for this block.

OHHH I like the flying geese arrangement on the examples of that website.  I should be sewing---and I was---row 5 is done but I stopped to play, LOL.  They say 4 blocks, 6 rows (24) or any even number.  Perfect!
Okay---here are a couple more!

Streak of Lightening but oriented horizontally

Whatever this is!  It looks even better if you back up---like thumbnail i…

Tons of Black Challenge

Half done with the "Tons of Black" Challenge piece----bottom half will be a mirror image of this.  I am liking how it is turning out though I keep having to flip seams.  It might have been easier to not press them in the first place but that would have made squaring them up a little harder, I guess.

And look who has to test out the pieces!   Actually he has been trying to get me away from the sewing machine to come play/chase him around the house.  He is NOT a cat that entertains himself very often.

I'll finish this up tomorrow---and then plan on putting the binding on my Christmas quilt for several days of hand work.

And sew it goes----------

and this!

and then there is this   DPNs vs two circulars vs something called Magic Loop  from Knitpicks.  Thanks, Paula the quilter---who knits.

Here is what I needed!


knitting ahead

My early Christmas present arrived today---woohoo! 15 different sizes of US 0 to US 15  2mm to 10 mm bamboo 8 inch long double points--5 in each size.

I had decided to try knitting this next hat on double points to avoid the seaming.  I probably need to set this up on 4 needles instead of 3 but that is how I  learned to do double points for mittens.  Of course mittens are way smaller in diameter than 72 stitches for a hat and one's head.  In the meantime I had put the tip protectors on either end to keep from dropping stitches which I had done a time or two while working on the ribbing. 

These can be found at but I found this set of them at for 40 bucks off.  I've not tried bamboo needles before but I'll see how they work soon enough.

Well, back to sewing for me.  I had gotten a suggestion for re-sizing my pictures from Linda in KS and my lefthanded quilter pals so got myself side tracked doing that on the new "old" blog he…

More blog content?

Now that I archived the older material to a 2nd blog  I need to get some material up here, on the original location!! in case you need to book mark it.  Guess that means I better get busy doing something.

What prompted the move?  I had hit the maximum amount of storage for pictures.  Norma had done this with her blog and started another one rather than start paying for more.   It is working for her but I don't think it is going to do the trick for me.

The rates are like 2.50 or 5 bucks a month.  I think it is a bit of a rip off.  You know how sometimes you cannot get a picture to show up so you load it again-----all those dupes are stored and goes against your account, whether you could use them or not.   My left handed quilter friend suggested re-sizing the pictures.  Do they click bigger so you can actually see what you are looking at??    I suppose I could and hit the dupes at the same time?  When I can make some time to just fiddle on t…

Happy Thanksgiving!


Moving date

This blog will serve as archived material from March 2006 till November 20, 2012.

Current material will be found at the "old" address

Tuesday check in

Another day almost gone----another day closer to Thanksgiving day. This year has seemed to go by so quickly when you look back.

So what have I been doing with myself other than obviously NOT posting?  Well, Friday I was off to the Friendship Quilter's last sew-in of the year.  I thought that two of the Calhoun County contingent would be riding along with me but it ended up just being me.  At left was my project of choice----Fun and Done! Criss Cross.  I had started this a few months back but I only got three sections done and decided that I hate the technique.  I do NOT want to do a whole quilt this way but I am not going to waste the fabric that I had already cut.  I took those apart and will pass the batting square on to Teresa who likes to do rag quilts.

I could see that each of the segments in Criss Cross (above) was 1/4 of a larger block called The Priscilla  Brackman #2975.  I plan to use it in my Farmers Wife Inspired Sampler (FWIS) because my dad had wanted to name me Prisc…

check in/meeting

Finally!   It seems like I have been done nothing but binding lately but the last of the donation quilts is finished up.  Woohoo.  I packed up 6 quilts that I had made and sent them off to Wrap Them in Love headquarters yesterday afternoon.  You may not realize just how rare it is for this armoire not to have something quilty on top of it.  It either needs quilted, or bound, or labeled and it is not always MY quilts either.  Yeah, there are about 26 in the closet that need to be delivered somewhere but they are not piled up in plain site.  I am kind of caught up----though that is illusionary since I know there are three donation tops that I will quilt for others at the church.  Three more that either go to Friendship Quilters or Wrap 'Em are hanging in the closet.

To fill the box I added two of my personal quilts.  You know how you sometimes make a quilt just to try the technique?  Other times, you make a quilt to play with fabrics that you have in your stash, play with that combin…

another finish

I have been working on binding again for a few days.  This Faux RR Crossing is the one I did last week but I waited to launder out the marks from the double hearts I had quilted in the light squares till today------

Pattern source:  I attribute it to Marti Michell and her book Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt.  What makes it a Faux version is that I did not piece the sashing bits---use stripe fabric!

This is the other one that hit the laundry room.  Bridgecreek Blossom #2.  Pattern:  Atkinson Designs.  I made enough blocks for a queen sized quilt but made two smaller donation quilts instead.  The first one had a jigsaw puzzle border but a pair to the same blocks.

Note who managed to get into the shot with those glow in the dark eyes.  Minutes before when the quilt was laid on the couch he was trying to hid under it or on it or whatever.  It was still warm from the dryer and we all know how cats love warm laundry!

Yesterday was our Friendship Quilters meeting i…

Thursday check in

I'm with Skyler----isn't it time to take a nap?  Before my mom calls to see if I am okay and remind me I have not posted in what, a week?  I guess I better to a check in post.  LOL

It has been a fairly quiet week on the creative department.  I spent the better parts of three days just working on binding----ugh.  BUT my twister wreath is finished, just in time for show and tell at Friendship Quilters this coming Saturday.

I also got Faux RR Crossing shown in THIS post finished up as well.  It still needs to be laundered to get the markings out but getting at the washing machine has been a little problematic lately---more on that later.

 I have also been knitting a good bit-----my pal Cindy got me started.  It knits up quickly especially if you do the German, pick knitting like I do (hold the thread and move the needle, not throwing it over for each stitch, more like crochet that way.)   Oh, I learned how to do it the other way, tossing the thread for each and every stitch but some…