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no sewing but that's okay

I put my Patience Corner tree skirt plan into action and have the materials all cut out for the 49-8 inch blocks for the plan.  All 196 pieces for each block component.  Sewing did not ensue once I got that done, however.

What I did do was the grocery errands, planning out the menu or meal ideas though that is often subject to change.  I also switched out the Christmas wall hangings for the snow themed items and put the ceramic Christmas tree and nativity set up for the year.  So far Ms. Mousie is staying out for Skyler as every time he sees me pick her up to stash her in the closet, he wants to play.  DJ said to leave it out a few more days, LOL.

Today apparently ended up being my day to spend time in the kitchen.  I wanted to make some carrot raisin salad with a cooked dressing (though I used craisins instead) for our holiday meal and cream of coconut cake, just to make the New Year's meal a little special.  Since I was also using leftovers from the freezer I pulled the rest of…

change of plans

I hate it!  And I think I know why.  I do not fly by the seat of pants very well.   I can tweak a pattern but have a much harder time starting off from scratch.  Sewing on this tree skirt, making it scrappy, doing crazy patches is going too far against my grain.

I am proudly a traditional quilter who likes to try new patterns and techniques.  I can produce a good facsimile, I feel, with my own fabrics but reinvent the wheel?  Not so much.  It is making me nuts.

I woke up at 2:30 this morning and this tree skirt thing was on my mind---among other topics, to be honest.  In spite of my best efforts to shut it all down I was awake till 6:30 and then blessedly, back to sleep till about 8:30.  SIGH.  Some nights are like that but I am not going to waste any more time worrying about it now.

My niece/god child likes the idea of lots of different fabrics for this so it will go with anything decor-wise down the line.  It does NOT have to be crazy patches----it can be planned ones, just a mix …

some cutting etc

After spending some time this morning on the photo editing project, I decided that this afternoon I could try some cutting and sewing.  Playing with setting up the Kenmore electronic machine now and trying to determine where my quarter inch is on this thing.  I do not think I can change the center needle position on the machine to compensate for the distance of the foot but for what I am doing at the moment, it is NOT critical.

I am going with a shortened Christmas tree for one of the Dresden Plate blades for the tree skirt, using the "Charley Brown Tree"  Button Up like the one I already made in Nov. 2011, as a start.  I am using a couple of the fabrics that were in the Sweet Saint Nick line at Connecting Threads and use stash for the star and flower pot I plan on appliquing.  The original pattern had you piece in the tree holder----no way!  This blade will be less "busy" than the twister blade was.

I just found out that my lefthanded blogging friend and her f…

After Christmas check-in

I trust that you had a wonderful holidays whether spending it quietly like DJ and I or with a houseful of family or friends that are like family.

DJ and I are in the habit of watching a holiday movie on Christmas Eve and then exchanging gifts or whatever we had stuck in our stockings. Here is how I spent my time during the movie----mouths on the snowmen row.  I drew them on free hand so they are all a little different.  I also put a little embellishment on the noses to make it look more carrot-like.  The eyes will be buttons but I think they need a little something on the hat bands----like holly leaves or snowflakes?  I should look for some findings or buttons that will work.

I realize too that I should have gotten that Halloween piece button hole applique by now but yet it is still hanging, waiting for me, like I don't know what time of year it is! 

DJ had handed me the credit card a week or two ago so I could order my own gifts online, sort of a spend down plan.  I have bee…

Christmas Eve Eve

Today's achievements----

DJ had requested some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  Since it is one of my absolute favorite cookies (Pride of Iowas would be the next one, LOL) I happily obliged.  The recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli white chocolate morsels bag was the same one on the back of the chopped nuts so I went with it.

These are a little too crunchy once they cooled completely or else I should have baked them a minute less.  Actually I wonder if a half shortening, half butter deal would have been a better way to go.  Don't get me wrong, they are very tasty!  Also I was experimenting a bit as I only have one airbake sheet.  SO I put a sheet of parchment paper on the large old cookie sheet and baked on the lower rack using the airbake in the middle rack as I always do.  Those cookies baked smaller and over browned a bit but that could have been from the low rack.

I am going to track down the other recipe I normally use to see what the difference were---if any. …

Saturday check-in

This was the front of a Shoebox Christmas card that came yesterday for DJ from his friend and former co-worker Bob. I scanned it and put the inside text with the picture. Too funny but Bob is always finding great birthday cards and such.   (I didn't get cards sent this year but I don't always do that anyway)  If the cat had more black on him, who would it remind you of??

I ran the store errands today and both stores were a zoo.  Last year I remembered that I had a hard time finding a small ham for our holiday meal so felt there was no reason to postpone.  With the two of us we don't necessarily need to get a big spiral cut ham.  Dial it back!  No doubt I have forgotten something that I will be needing before week's end but for now, I'm set.

And I just finished the last of the hats by completing the green rolled brim hat that you see in the foreground.  There are two hats in each of the different colorways.  For now though I am out of business till I get another s…

Christmas Shopping----for me

Thanks to Susan P at Starwood Quilter and the generous blog hop gift certificate I unexpectedly won. these fabrics from the Bonnie and Camille Marmalade line from Moda will be coming to my house soon.  I added in some of the Christmas gift money from my dear Bama Belles and got a couple more to do with it. I hope to include them in my Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler when I get back to working on the blocks again.  THX again, y'all.

Can you tell I love orange and yellow??  And that green that goes with their Vintage Modern stuff?

DJ had asked me if I was still waiting on the part of my Christmas gift from him----I am but I had received notice that hit had shipped.  When I heard the mail lady out in the drive, I thought it might be here.  They only pull in the drive when they have a package, otherwise it is out in the mail box across the lane.  Instead it was the fabric I had ordered from thousands of bolts for Blake and Julia's tree skirt I will be making for them, a delayed…

Twister Blade

Hot off the press----

The newly remodeled bits of twister from my previous projects.  Some was part of a placemat and I was able to keep the dead center of it fairly intact but the rest of it, not so much.

I did have to put that "obnoxious green zigzag BACK in the mix--near the bottom left.  4 or 5 fabrics were not original to any of the three pieces I took apart.

Anyway, 1 out of 8 is done.  I think I am going to work on that snowman row now and get back to this once that fun project is done. 

Yep, got a plan so let's get back to the machine.

What a nice surprise!

About a week ago I had commented on Starwood Quilter's post about her lovely completed Farmer's Daughter Sampler.  Susan had been incorporating entries from a diary her grandmother had written in 1916, with her quilt block choices for her sampler.  It is a fascinating story of life on the farm in Kansas, the courtship of her grandmother in the year before she married her grandfather.

I met Susan in a yahoo group for Farmer's Wife, saw her posts and began following along, going back to the beginning to catch up with the "story".  I watched her grow the quilt to 140 blocks and commented along the way.I knew she was nearly completion so checked back to see if she had a picture of it yet.

Come to find out on that very post, she was participating in a Quilter's Blog Hop Party and offering a $30.00 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop.  And she emailed me this morning to tell me that I had won!  Are you kidding me?

I was just doing what I had been doing for mon…

a start---twisting without a twister ruler

This was this morning---hat number 9.  I am liking this "green tones" colored Red Heart yarn though the color is not near correct.  Think more emerald and mint green, emerald being the chosen color for 2013, says Pantone.

I can get one more in the box, maybe two so I'll keep knitting in the evenings.  I'll run out of yarn about the same time that I run out of "box"
 This was this afternoon.  I decided to take my three Christmas twister pieces apart.  First I really like some of the fabrics and colors and know that I will go with the stuff for Allison's tree skirt.  I don't necessarily like the background fabric I used on the placemat piece on the left though, nor some of the spots I stuck some of this.

I hesitate to show you this mess as it really doesn't look like much yet.  I am going for that scalloped shape that I showed yesterday pinned to the design wall. 

So I un-sewed and played with placement a little bit but not as much as I could ha…

Design Wall Monday

Everything creative has come to almost a screeching halt around here.  It happens.  It never stays long----no more than a week or two tops.  Whatever doldrums I may be in, normally lifts.

It is not like I don't have things to do. I added to my list even taking on more than the ongoing projects.   I will be making a 2nd tree skirt for my nephew and his bride but in a different pattern.  I offered and it can be a delayed wedding present.

I have a snowman row to get done before the January guild meeting too.  I've got the pattern and I drew up the first row in EQ so I can foundation piece it.  Even printed it out but did not feel very well yesterday afternoon and went to bed instead.

On the design wall I had to back the tissue paper section of Allison's tree skirt with freezer paper.  I was chewing up the seam allowance---probably when I cut the batting more than anything.  At that point I still had the interfacing to cut but that's done now too.  Also I stuck the patter…

this and that on a Thursday

This was a day of doing other little odd jobs around the house----laundry and trying to re-make the bed around a little wild cat, baking a new to me sugar cookie recipe and then fixing potato soup and reuben sandwiches for lunch.  (leftover potato soup works great for a base for chicken or turkey pot pie which we will have in a day or so, LOL)  By the time I had clean-up detail done it was close to 1 p.m.  

I re-organized some files on the computer, did a little knitting on another hat and ordered part of my Christmas present when DJ asked what I had in mind for my spending money he normally gives me.  Easiest shopping that boy ever has to do---give me the credit card and I'll take care of  the shopping.

Next thing I knew it was time to cook supper---and more clean up though I still need to tend to my cast iron skillet.  DJ is forbidden to do anything with it  as he would have soap in there in a heartbeat.

And here it is evening----what to do, what to do?  Nothing on TV that I ca…

quilt delivery day

I had time this morning and placed a phone call to the Alabama Children's Home Ministries to see what arrangements I could make to deliver 36 quilts from Bama Belles Quilting group. Since they are now to be delivered to the administration building rather than directly to one of the house parents, it was "come on ahead"

Nothing on the armoire--------though I had 10 piled up there this morning.

Nothing on the closet shelf though there were two stacks of at least 18 clear up to the ceiling in that space and a few more down below atop the shoe holders at the bottom of the closet.

But the car was loaded up with quilts.  Took me 6 trips to get them all out there as DJ was tied up at the doctor's office.

Then I filled the chairs in the reception area at the facility.  May they warm a child's heart and let them know that someone is thinking of them and supporting them in a hard time.  Bless you to all my Bama Belles friends and supporters.

Still partying!

Today was the Bama Belles turn to party!  We had decided to forego the potluck lunch deal and just go out to eat somewhere.  This is such a busy time of year and people not only have family events but have other groups to party with---other quilt groups, events their husbands are involved with, Sunday school class events, you name it.   Add dietary concerns and we decided to go the buffet route at Western Sizzlin' so you could pick and chose (or avoid).

Ten of us were able to be there today---pretty much our regular group really.  I was so busy running some errands before I was to pick up Marilyn that I completely forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of "show and tell".  Bev and Lois were taking pics with their cell phones so I at least have these that Bev took to share!  I would forget my own head sometimes if it were NOT attached to my body, I swear!  
A few of us had our Tons of Black Challenge pieces------others have started but are not done, anothers have not …

party and a plan

Yesterday was the Friendship Quilters' Guild meeting with installation of officers (I'm continuing on as secretary another year) and finishing up the program year business.  The highlight of the meeting to me, is always Show and Tell.  Not only did we have Christmas items on display but the Paint Chip Challenge items were revealed.  What fun!

Shown at left is the quilt that was made for Peggy, our outgoing president.  We were instructed to make a Sunbonnet Sue block and have it represent us in some manner.  My original block was misplaced and I had to hurry up and stitch another recently.  Unfortunately it did not have the same background though I was sure I had picked something that was like the original.  I was wrong----it sticks out like sore thumb down there in the lower left. 

Peggy made the rotary cutter holders for each of us.  LOL she said when her daughter spotted it she insisted she needed an eye glass holder.  Looks like it would work for that too!  Another person…