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Slightly sidetracked with serial re-organization

It was one of those nights last night---- awake at 3 a.m. and never did go back to sleep.  I finally bailed at 5 a.m. when Skyler was wanting me to get up to feed him.  Poor kitty had only a few crunchies in his bowl but he had drug in Ms. Mouzie for a nosh sometime during the night, LOL as her tail was hanging in the food bowl.  I took care of a few things on the computer, checked facebook and once DJ was up switched out all the Christmas wall hangings for the January, snow themed things.  I still need to take down the nativity set and the wreath from the front door but that can wait till tomorrow or the next day.

Lois had called me yesterday to see if I planned to go over to our meeting place anytime soon.  We take most of December off so it is a month before we go back, sometimes longer if there are 5 Tuesdays in a month.  I had told the girls at the last meeting if anyone had a quilt/quilts that HAD to be pinned in between meetings to call me.  They could either borrow the key and…

Between Holidays

I trust those that celebrate it had a Merry Christmas?  Now we are into the gap between holidays switching from the "eating events" to reflecting on the past year and making plans for the next one to come.  I know I am trying to wrap up those long pending quilting items so I can make a new list.  Really I could put quotation marks around new since many are carry over items or UFOs of various vintage.  While I work on these donation quilts, I will ponder the weightier matters, LOL.

As I have stated previously, I received some holiday shopping money from both my husband and my quilt group.  Bless them both! It is easier for DJ to let me pick out my own stuff as he hates to shop though he often will get me a little something to stuff in my stocking.  With his surgery two weeks ago, that didn't happen.  (He had not driven until today actually.)  I have a few of my shopping choices here to use and enjoy but others are going to be shipped.

From DJ:

The Kay Buckley medium sized…

glamour shot time

PopStix complete with kitty tester.  He was being particularly silly since he had been in the catnip shortly before, LOL.

The quilting showed up quite well without the overhead light on.  Denise did a great job in on it and the swirly quilting panto was a good choice with all these strips!

Now what do I want to do first?  Vacuum up the floors or go bake a cake for tomorrow?

A finish!

Woohoo! I've got my Popsicle Sticks quilt completed. The binding is done but get this. I had optimistically put "completed Sept 2013" on the label when I added it to the binding of the quilt. My friend and fellow guild member Denise had long arm quilted it for me and she returned it in early August. I did one long side and the sleeve and then it just sat, till yesterday afternoon.

I think you can see why I am not going to put it on my bed to get its picture taken. The matching pillowcases were made already, back in early September  HERE.

I also got the friendship block done this past weekend and it is winging its way to the person assigned to piece the top.  Nope, cannot share that one yet!  In addition the cuffs were finished on the quilt cases.  In fact, I pulled out the list of my submitted items and bagged them up.  No, the show is not until March but I cannot remember when they are supposed to be turned in. The only ones not in that stack are the Christmas qui…

some output

Getting a bit done on these pillowcases and smaller bags for quilt show items. Here are the Christmas themed ones with the one on the left going to my niece for her tree skirt.  The other one can house the Christmas Patience Corner, come show time.

Then this stack of 4 are using up some recent quilt back yardage for some of the small wall hangings I have entered.  I may need two more for "Juggle" and "Reflections" but will check the supply of old pillowcases first.  I seamed them on the serger but they need the "cuff" edge stitched down on a regular machine.  There is no room to have both machines up so that task will wait till I switch out the serger.

Then this one is Halloween themed.  All prepped and ready to go in for the first seam on the cuff.  I am liking the "glue pinning" idea I shared yesterday.  You may not see this one completed as it may show up in Wicked Blog Hop #4 in 2014.  LOL  I have several ideas for that one!

On another note…

trying something

Yesterday I mentioned needing to make a pillow case for my niece to store the recently made tree skirt.  I had sent a note that I "owed" her one, LOL.

I pulled the written instructions from an area quilt shop and I guess enough time had elapsed that I forgot how to do the cuff and the rolling up of the body.   All I knew is that I wanted to sew it on the serger so the edges would be finished nicely.

Off to you tube land.  Cynthia Dickerson has an instructional video posted HERE but minus the accent strip. Because I was not clear on the directions, I thought I would make a trial run pillow case and Kristine would get the better of the two.  I am going to need extra cases anyway come quilt show time so no loss of time or effort, right?

I got the job done but I had to pin twice and actually reach in and pull the pins I had just placed.  Pins and the serger do not really mix close to the edge anyway---or you pin parallel to the edge and back a good bit from the presser foot.

check in

There is absolutely nothing quilt-y going on around here.  Oh there are things I need to, yes but it has just not happened yet.  I got as far as digging around in one of the three containers that holds Christmas fabric.  This large hinged however many quart container (32, maybe 40 some?) is one container of holiday fabric to check first, more recent additions Then there is a large 15 x 21 x 16 Rubbermaid tote has been sitting by the TV stand next to the sewing table for well over a year--loaded to the gills.  There is also a small basket 12 x 6 x 9.5 that is overflowing with yardage and small pieces suitable from some log cabin blocks etc.  Some is Christmas prints and tree skirt leftovers.  Wish it could be combined but it just won't fit or if it did, the container would not stash away.

 I was previewing fabrics to make a pillowcase to hold Kristine and Andy's tree skirt.  I think the one on the left will do just fine.  I'll track down my pattern and cut it out in a bit…

This Is My Wish

I know it is being played in a 30 second commercial but the song is quite lovely.  There is a free download for the mp3 file through 12/31/13,  courtesy of Glade at

Featured in this Holiday Anthem are Jordin Sparks with the Young People's Chorus of New York City.  Glade is making a generous donation to Toys for Tots as well.  Lyrics below, posted courtesy of a you tube commenter.   I want to be able to find this again even if it does make a little teary---I am such a sentimental sap.   After all,  I can't get through "Silent Night" and "How Great Thou Art" without tears running down the cheeks.

This is my wish, my wish for the world,
that peace would find its way to every boy and girl.
This is the time, the time for harmony.
Let love be the song that everybody sings.

Fill the air with joyful noise.
Ring the bells and raise your voice.
Let there be peace on Earth.
Let there be peace on Earth.
Lift your light let it sh…

party time

Yesterday, as I mentioned previously was the Bama Belles Christmas luncheon at the Oxford (AL) Olive Garden.  Good group!  Yes a few faces were missing at the table for various reasons but many of us were there.  Some of us went back to the church afterwards for a little show and tell. We also helped Teresa get her ginormous Carpenter's Star quilt that will be her daughter and son-in-laws Christmas present pinned.  Well maybe it wasn't that huge but compared to the donation quilts, it was!  LOL.  pin and shift up the center section, pin  and shift left and then up, then shift right and then up and pin, pin, pin.

I showed you my challenge top last week using the "On the Boardwalk" pattern.  Here is Lois' version using scrappy nine patches to offset  her Debbie Mumm yardage in the snowballs and binding.

 And this is Valera's.sweet quilt.  She has yardage for another quilt or two down the line as her focus is the lightest print used in the triangle wedges.  I do…

finished to flimsy #2

After leisurely sewing for the last 4 days I finish the pro bono top and finished up my afternoon by prepping the backing fabric and binding.  Not pressed, nor is the other tops but I'm done.

Pattern source:  Billie Lauder's Uneven Nine Patch from More Quick Quiilt Tricks.  Quick?  Maybe not so much but I started with 5 inch squares, not sections I could strip piece.   I have always wanted to try the "Battlefield" block from the same book which starts with 10,5 inch squares.  Maybe one day, I will. when some fabric comes along that seems suited to it.

 I used Judy's leftover Oriental fabrics and kitted this up with the same background print she had used in her quilt, that Lake colored Fusion from Robert Kaufmann.  She had originally made a baby quilt for a friend's long awaited grandchild .  She really likes the blended looking quilt and combines neutrals beautifully.  The way the pink pops out and makes this prints form their own motifs it looks like I blend…

home sew-in

I was supposed to go to the guild "impromptu" sew-in today and tomorrow but elected to stay home and concentrate on sewing here at home.  Minus about 4 hours of driving time, the fee for the sew-in and whatever I spent for lunch/gas.

I had to put my plans for doing "On Parade" on hold as I do no have enough of the background fabric it would require.  I did order something but it will not be here for a few days and I will be busy with something else by then, LOL.  You know I will!  I'll be serging pillowcases  (probably!)  and then quilting those three donation quilts soon enough.

I pulled out something that has been in my storage stack for a long, long time intended for a donation top.  Chances are, I would have been working on something pro bono there.  The friendship block can wait a day or two and requires some hand embellishment.  I will have plenty time to do that at the hospital next week.  This particular quilt kit, a large 4 patch on point with a zig…

finished to flimsy

On The Boardwalk designed by Anne Wiens, Sweetgrass Creative Designs and published by Quiltwoman dot com.  Most of the sewing was done today and I put the two long side borders on after supper.  The backing is made and the binding seamed.   I did not really follow the designers directions and strip pieced a good bit of this.  It made more "sense" to me to do it that way, but someone else would be fine with the original action plan.  It finished about 45 x 58 inches.

I used just two Debbie Mumm  fabrics in the strips.  and I know this reads as a "tan" print from across our living room.  The green cornerstones and border is also a Debbie Mumm print but some stuff I had leftover from making appliance covers for the kitchen.  The Mumm fabric was donated to my quilt group from an area quilter.  Since there was a good bit of it, I spread it all out at our meeting site and issued the challenge---use it to make a quilt for the kids.

 Here is the stuff up closer.  The yell…

Finished--temporarily anyway.

This was this morning around 10 with one long edge to go.  Skyler parked and did not really want me to proceed with the rest of  the binding.  You rotate anything and he'll nip at you.  I gave in and headed to the shower, LOL.

I finished the binding about 3:30 and then called Gene to see if he was available to deliver this one and the other 6 that I was donating on behalf of Bama Belles.  I don't live far from his work site so said I would be there in about 10-15 minutes.

However, I needed to get a picture of it for the Wrap Them gallery pages first.   Now I see how truly awful that picture turned out.  Very fuzzy--sorry about that.  DJ was griping at me that his shoulder was hurting from holding it up, especially after the last time when he had to hold up about 15 of them.  This is "oversized" compared to the usual ones too.  I was griping at him to hold it straight at the top when all he wanted me to do is hurry up.  

This is Hopscotch, a Terry Atkinson pattern.  I li…

two down!

In the picture below I had 106 more inches to finish binding-----------

I had this all done by 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon.  Then threw it in the washer along with the Juggle and Reflections quilts I had made for the last two hops I participated in.  Now all three have that crinkled aged look.   I will be mailing it on to my niece as soon as I find a box to put it in.  Folded up it measures 14 x 14 x 4 so good luck with that, huh?

Then I moved on to Harvest and finished it up around 4 this afternoon.  Horrid picture of it though.  I need to borrow Glynda's fence or put a rod on the back of the shed again to get an outside shot.  I pinned the paint chip to the piece so I don't forget to take it with me to guild.  Hooray for a finish even if I won't display it this year.

When I stripped the sheets off the bed to launder them this morning, I switched over to the Christmas Patience Corner.  Then switched out all the wall hangings to the winter/Christmas themes.  Other than getti…

staying on task

I'll get the glamour shots later when these are completely finished but this is how I have spent my week----quilting, quilting, quilting!

After I posted on Monday, I quilted Kristine and Andy's tree skirt, shown in THIS POST.  It is on the bottom of the pile in this picture.

On Tuesday:  I had my Bama Belles meeting.  I cut the center holeand side slit and got most of the binding attached to it before I went home around 2.  I needed to do the join essentially and did not have what I needed to finish.  I finished off my afternoon evening by completing that and started quilting my paint chip challenge.  That is it on top.

On Wednesday:  finished the challenge piece, put on the binding and tabs.  I marked the wide border and locked in the blocks. Pressed the binding for it.  Then I headed to the kitchen to make cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and our supper.  I finished off the evening by working on the tree skirt binding for a couple of hours and read part of a …

binding, tabs and ties

On Friday I had completed the pieced center of the paint chip challenge with some half square triangle unit trimmings to go.

On Saturday, I trimmed the units and got the borders on it and began the button hole applique that it required.

On Sunday I finished the applique, pieced the batting, marked it and pinned the piece---it is there on top.

This morning I am pressing binding in preparation to quilt those three pieces----the challenge piece, the tree skirt and a donation quilt that I would like to go to Gene Black's Angel Quilt projects along with another I have been holding till I get this one finished.  You can read about the effort on his blog HERE.  I discovered that I had NOT pieced the binding for that particular quilt or another one that is sitting atop my dresser.  I also forgot that the paint chip challenge needed some tabs made, it being a Button Up version and that is how they hang.  I'll do that before I start quilting today.

I follow my dear friend Joy's exa…


I have Nancy J. Martin's Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks a Year
 atop my computer.  Today's block is a 12 inch block called Indian Mats.  Now I know what my recent "Reflections" most reminds me of!  I thought Delectable Mountains maybe but still, that Southwest vibe.  Not quite it.  

This block according to BlockBase software is attributed to Nancy Cabot and dates to the 30's.  (BlockBase is the Electric Quilt's software version of Barbara Brackman's ground breaking work in Encylopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks and is derived from print sources from 1830 to 1970.)

On the notecard is a little bit about Nancy Cabot.  I don't know how well the font will show up in the screen capture or of course, who really designed the block.  Do we EVER really know when one is dealing with geometric shapes?

My Billie Lauder version is quite similar in the basic shape outline, though the technique of arriving at that point is quite different.   Visualize lines across…

this and that

When I was back in Illinois last month visiting with family, Mom and I were discussing some possible quilt choices for the grandkids.  She has been working steadily on making full sized quilts starting with the older grands and working down from oldest to youngest, more or less.  Two are married now and received their quilts as wedding presents.  Allison was engaged and has her quilt.  Other tops are done, one or more quilted and waiting.  Another in the works that she laid out for preview.

Mom has some thoughts on what she is making for the younger set based on their color choices.  Anyway, this block came up though neither of us could remember what Judy Martin had called it and could not lay hands on her Scrap Quilts book right away either.  It is called "Country Cousin" and has sort of a "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" positive/negative deal going on.  (ED:  11-28 on the 365 Quilt Blocks perpetual calendar calls this 4 Knaves.  BlockBase #1197 Nancy Cabot 1938)

We had d…