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Weds check-in

I'm afraid that this is going to be another picture-less post.  That is how it goes sometimes.

My second eye surgery on Tuesday went well though the hospital did not have its act together quite like they did on round two.  The doctor was ready for me but they had not had the anesthesiologist chat with me or even started my eye drops.  He took the guy that was ready instead and I was the last one for the morning.  It matters not, really.   It's done and I'm doing well which is the important part.   My left eye is my "master" eye so it sort of felt like my field of vision was more drastically restricted last night but you only have to wear that shield at bedtime or naptime after the first 24 hrs have passed.

I had hoped too that I would be able to nap once we got home. I did not seem to be as asleep as I was on round 1 for one thing.    The externals here at home were not helping.   DJ was blasting the TV and then was out using the lawn mower to knock down the weed…

Design "Wall" Monday

Well, it isn't the wall but it will have to do for now.

The next row for "Seasons in a Row" is hearts for February though I decided to go with a slight variation over the pattern used and foundation piece mine.  I use EQ and have it linked with Sew Precise software so that increases my options of finding something I can use.   Then I rough cut fabrics by using the rotary cutting directions in EQ and adding extra fabric since I'm foundation piecing.  It is ready when I am ready to sew. 

 I'll be out of pocket for a couple of days so today was laundry and errands day.  One stop was at Hobby Lobby for some striped fabric for a project that will be coming up.  Well, "It's All About Me" project sponsored by Sew We Quilt.  I received my day assignment, bringing up the rear on Thursday, February 28.  The official start is February 19th.  I am pretty sure I know what I want to do but will need to do a little design tweaking first.  I am not sure that I wil…

Sunday check-in

By golly I think she's got it! Using a kit for what was supposed to be a messenger bag, I turned this pre-quilted fabric into the needle roll I needed.     I just finished the hand finishing on the binding a few minutes ago and was in the process of figuring out where to put the self tie.  I was following the format of the little sewing accessory that Betsy and Pat made for each of us in the quilt group some years back.  Actually Betsy was making them for two other quilt groups so I said to just give me the material and I would bind it and finish up, LOL.  See how accommodating I can be?

Here it is with the double point needles loaded in their pockets.  I decided NOT to label them as I can count over number wise from the left, the needles are marked and I can see at a glance what is missing. Should I change my mind, I still have light colored fabric that would hold up to the marking/stenciling.  My mom told me to use the machine embroidery numbering system and she would tell you t…

a plan?

I think I have a plan------

I have been looking at knitting needle rolls idea for months, probably as long as I have owned my set of 5 double point bamboo needles in 15 different sizes, ( I wrote about it this post.)    I have been pinning ideas right and left but none of them really seem to be what I am looking for---not enough spaces or I don't "get" the instructions.

Today I decided to pull out some freezer paper, only because it is large paper and on a roll, LOL and see if I could figure this out for myself.

2 levels of pockets?  Check.  Small slots for the skinnier smaller sizes--  #0-4 won't take up much room but #10.5-15 sure will.  I didn't unroll enough paper to make it as long as it should be but I know what I am shooting for now.  Cutting directions are written on the front side.  It will need to be lined (quilted?) and probably interfaced a bit on the pockets. 

I suppose the fabrics will need to be fairly light at least on the pockets so I can stenci…

this and that/meeting notes

A little of this and that going on around here.  Of course, knitting that has gotten me through hours in the doctor's office and before they started dilating my eye in earnest for surgery.    I've collecting my efforts for about a month, with the two rolled brim ones on the far left being the two latest.  12 hats in all but I almost have another watch cap done in another colorway.  I packed this all up and mailed it off to my friend Cindy along with a crocheted cap that Marilyn had given me to pass on to her.

Sunday I DID fire up the machine and got a few more blocks added to what will be the base for Allison's Christmas tree skirt---two more blocks to go as it will be 7 blocks x 7 blocks before I whack it up. 

I took my embroidery to quilting yesterday and didn't even touch it.  Come to think of it, I didn't touch the knitting either except to pick up and put it back down again.  We had several guests join us and another friend that has not been able to come in …

It's All About Me......let me explain

If you are looking at my blog on site versus a feed reader, you might be noticing the new button up there on the right.

I was just informed that I can participate in the "It's All About Me" blog hop sponsored by Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt and helped by cheerleader Marlene who blogs at StitchinByTheLake.   They were full with sign ups but added two more days.  My friend Cher got one of them and I think I may have gotten the last one.  I figured no harm in asking, right?  If they had takers for the last two spots, then I should have found about it sooner.  I understand about being a "Johnny Come Lately to the party" , LOL  They said yes though.

It looks like they are gearing up for a heart themed blog hop here soon---that should be a fun one to follow around and see how others interpret the pattern or theme!!  I know the stacked bowls one was interesting and a local guild friend participated with that one.

What we will be working on and hopping from blog to blog …

"that" fabric edited

I had asked Ellen the founder of Wrap Them in Love to send me/Bama Belles some more quilt labels when she had a chance.  I knew she has sent something far more than that though when the mail lady pulled up a few days ago and honked.

The fabric on the table is the contents of the priority box and made me smile.  Some time back Ellen was gifted a bunch of these same fabrics.  Ellen packed them in up in red color way and the blue colorway for 5 bucks each.   They may have done that more than once. 

Now you do still see quilts turn up with this in it on the gallery pages.  Some I know has been used for backs.   I still have some because I have gotten some long past the time that the 5 buck kits were dispersed.  I even loved that gold on gold vein so much that at one point Ellen sent me a roll of it.  I shared some with my mom since she works rings about me (700 plus quilts since 2000!) but there is still some folded up along with some bits of many of these and more of that cobblestone b…


It is not sticking so far but it IS snowing----big fat fluffy flakes. I also wanted to get a picture of the camellia before all the blooms get zapped from the low temps. Right at 33 degrees according to our thermometers.

All the streets are wet from three days of rain and the ground as well.  2-3 inches of snow was in our forecast supposedly ending by 7 p.m.  We'll see.

I did hear something weird though on the Weather Channel.  Some place in Mississippi has had more snow this winter than has the Chicagoland area.  Could that be true???

Weds check-in

I'm afraid that this is going to be a picture-less post this time.   Sorry about that but I know a few of my Belles were going to check here to see how my eye surgery went yesterday.

I had right cataract surgery done at the Same Day Surgery Center of one of the local hospitals.  DJ and I used the same doctor but he went to the other hospital.  We were not impressed but that facility is going through a much needed expansion of their SDS set up so hopefully, one day it will improve.  I reported at 0830 and left about 11.  DJ and I stopped to get something to eat before we went home---the man is NO cook. 

It seemed as though I was awake for the procedure though I had been given some IV sedative meds, so who knows.  Maybe they woke me up at some point or the twilight deal made it seem like I was awake;.  Anyway, nothing objectionable about it---I was a nurse for years so some of that professional curiosity remains.  

After calling my parents who were waiting to see how things went, I …

guild meeting/Stack 'n Whack

Yesterday was Friendship Quilters Guild meeting--2nd Saturday of each month over in Pell City (AL) starting off the 2013 program year.  As it turned out Jane and I were the only ones that went as others either had plans or were not feeling up to the trip.   The group had gotten an email that the sewing machine guy would be coming.  If  anyone had a mechanical machine or serger that needed cleaning or repair, he would pick it up.  My older model Singer needed some attention after my last use, trying to use the cams.  He agreed that it was probably something the feed dogs, some gear or belt or some such thing and expect a call in a week or so.

We also had the fund raising raffle table set up.  It was also time to complete the membership information sheets and pay our dues.   I had various things to hand off to some of the gals at the meeting.  People to make connections with, chat with.   A lot going on!  

You might be wondering what is with the Michael Miller fabric samplers I am showing…


It has not been a particularly productive week but I have been busy---mostly with things on the home front, I guess.   It seems like one of those weeks were you look back and you have to ask yourself "where did I go when I don't have much to show for it?"

I have not sewn a lick all week-- I did a little embroidery on the Halloween row but really nothing to show there.  I know a bit more of one of the witches is done but you could barely tell.  I've knit a good bit---maybe added 3 more hats to the box that I will be sending on to Cindy.  I am sort of saving some of that for next week though as I have a good bit of wait time ahead---same day surgery and no one can really tell me where I am in the order---1st or 6th or somewhere in the middle.   Hospital are so helpful (not!)

 Tuesday was Bama Belles day.   I do have pictures to share with you in a moment.

 Wednesday my preop doctor visit, get the preparatory meds and go for the preop lab and history taking.

Yesterday …



What the heck? EDITED

Back in early December I was working on the photo re-sizing/editing of the archived blog material.

At that time I mentioned I had whittled things down to

You are currently using 699 MB (68.3%) of your 1024 MB. 

I was thrilled because it had dropped from about 98 % capacity, thanks to my efforts.  Now today I had planned to work on my hand quilting but my thumb is still a bit sore to be pushing a needle-thimble combination.   I did a bit more on my blackwork embroidery instead and THEN decided to edit a bit more---about two months worth of material.   I'm into late September 2011 now so slightly one year of blog material. 

Any guesses what my capacity is now???  I was allowed 1024 MB and now it is 5120  MB??  How did that happen?  Change of policy?  I didn't pay for anymore storage.  If I had then I wouldn't bother resizing the old stuff. 

You are currently using 654 MB (12.78%) of your 5120 MB

  So what is my true standing in this area, I wonder?  Anyone else out there se…

Saturday sewing

A little more progress had been made on the Criss Cross quilt.  The two block components I wanted to add to get to the half way point were pieced with just sashing bits to go. 

Then I added some sashing bits to the left hand side of the block---that didn't need left handed sashing.  Only the first block in the row gets those.   That was last night.  I was tired, it was late and just quit.

Then today---I took off the part I goofed up, patched up the seams and promptly sewed the block on---to the wrong side and rotated a quarter turn clockwise. I meant half way horizontally, not vertically, LOL.   I was beginning to think that sewing was not meant to be on today's schedule.

If you are going to sew, you have to be ready to unsew as mistakes will be made.  I got it straightened out and the last block added in so I am officially half done with this.

Not entirely sure that I like it but you know what?  It will NOT be living at my house when it is done. Maybe one of the teens at Gen…

Thursday check-in

When I left off on New Year's Day, I talked about the old quilt list adage about what you do on NYD, you will do all year long.  I am striving for a balance in the aspects of my creative life so I did a little bit of everything.

So I knit----and did a little bit on hat number #2 out of this Mexicana yarn.

I finished all but the gathering yesterday on a run over to Springville with Aline and Jane to deliver a couple quilts to one of the gals from Friendship Quilters that does long arm quilting.  It looked like I had a bit more yarn leftover than usual (change in the needle size) so I started hat #3 casting on as we were about home.  I posed the question on FB about  how far I might get that ball I rolled up.  A pal offered to send me some of her leftover yarn the same color if I didn't have enough to finish the job.  But it's done too, LOL.  Started another more girlie looking one.

Tuesday also found me putting a few more stitches in "Witches Hooray" from Bird Br…