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Last Day, my day! " It's All About Me"

And here we are, my "ME" bringing up the rear on the very last day. 

In late January my pal Cher at Marathon Quilter ( featured in yesterday's group and honored in the top 2 of the day---woohoo!) had told me about the hop when we were chatting online.  I jumped at the chance to try Amy's pattern and Cher suggested I see if there were any openings.  No harm in asking!  I adore Amy Bradley Designs, (more about that after I show what I did with the "ME").  The pattern was designed especially for the blog hoppers at the request our fearless leader Madam Samm of Sew We Quilt.  Big thanks to her and our cheerleader Marlene who blogs at StitchinByTheLake for letting me join at the last minute!  I had a ball on my first blog hop participation!

Here are the day's participants---thanks for hanging with me for a bit and I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to!

Cherry Blossoms
Hill Valley Quilter
Dachsies With Moxie
I Like To Quilt
Quilt Smiles
More Stars in Com…

Tuesday meeting

Yesterday was a fun day at Bama Belles in spite of an overcast, chilly and windy day.  We quilters can make our OWN fun.  Two of the ladies that were visiting at the last meeting came back to spend some time with us and another lady who had hoped to come in the past made it as well.

The church was set up for their turn to host a Lenten meal today so we were more scattered all over the room at any available table so as not to disturb their set up.  Still 4 or 5 quilts were pinned though not with my help, I'm afraid.   I have to work diligently on my stitchery project---get this thing done so I can move on to a couple other small items that are also deadline items!!  I enjoy embroidery but usually I can do it at my own pace.

I saw a pineapple log cabin one gal was doing in lovely batiks.  There was a recent pineapple log cabin class using the techniques of Trash to Treasure by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald.  Jane was working on her version at the Saturday guild sew-in.  I think the strips …

Day 7 "It's All About Me"

2nd to last day.   Today I have a long time pal  Cher at Marathon Quilter who is participating and actually is the reason I asked to join in as well.  We could bounce ideas off each other and share our progress.  So I have seen a little preview of what she was doing, I admit!

Here is today's list for your viewing pleasure------

Wednesday, February 27

The Passions of Cliodana
Quilt Mamas
Marathon Quilter
Marla's Crafts
Fiber Babble
Simple Sew
Sewn Seabees
Charlotte at That Other Blog
Nini's Patchwork
Charlotte's Creations
My Spoolish Art

Day 6 "It's All About Me"

Picked a favorite yet?  What a talented group of quilters so I am glad that it is Madam Samm's job to pick top 2 and most creative each day.

I'll be off to my Bama Belles quilt meeting for a good bit of the day so you might get to see today's entries before I do!

Here is the list of today's version of "ME"

Tuesday, February 26

Pat Sloan's Blog
To Love Handmade
Feathered Nest Studio
Selina Quilts
Gypsy Dreamer Quilts
Sheila's Quilt World
13 Woodhouse Road
Stitches of Love
Janice at That Other Blog
In the Sewing Basket

****It appears as in the previous days that a few people did not complete their projects or dropped out---sorry for sending you on a Wild Goose Chase****

Pajama Day?

Well so far today IS a Pajama Day!  I admit that it was not my intention, necessarily, when Skyler drug me out of bed a little after 6 for his morning treat bite but it IS what has happened so far.  It is a coolish, damp gloomy and intermittently rainy day and one of what seems to be many this winter.  Who wouldn't feel like hibernating??  One nice day with sunshine and boom, more rain. UGH even if it has been good for our camellia bush.   Recently a friend who lives in Maine said "well at least you don't have to shovel rain".  This was right after the first huge snowfall/blizzard and they got more soon after.  Maggie, you were right and I should NOT be complaining.

So far I have checked in with today's blog participants which led to finding a neat designer Quilt Doodle Designs.  First I spotted an applique penguin she had on her design blog--- a friend had been looking for penguin patterns.  That led to finding a cupcake design in pdf download on her etsy site.…

Day 5 "It's All About Me"--edited to correct links, additions and substractions

I hope you have had time to catch up with some of the blog hop entries.  So many different takes of using the same basic Amy Bradley pattern!  I'm afraid I stuck a little "close to the script" but I am not up for a few more days to let you be the judge of that.

Anyway, let's see what today's participants have been up to----the day's bloggers are listed below

Monday, February 25

Quilting Lines
Mountain Delights
Jane's Fabrics and Quilts
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter
Ramblings of an Empty Nester
Quilt Doodle Designs
Freemotion By The River
The German Mom
Spoilt Dog Quilts  dropped out?
Vicky at That Other Blog

AND on a personal front, Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!  Love you both.

Day 4 "It's All About Me" Blog Hop

Ready for another day of blog hopping?    The hop takes the weekend off so there will be time to get caught up if you haven't started!

BUT there are other options for viewing or reviewing.   If you use Pinterest, each hop---old, present and upcoming---are posted HERE.   I am not sure but there might also be a group on flickr.  This is my first time up and I am not quite aware of all the in's and out's but I'm learning.

In the meantime, stop by and see what neat things this group has made and shared-------

Friday, February 22

A Little Bit of Lorene
Life In The Scrapatch
Boston Bits
I Love Wool
Patchouli Moon Studio
As Sweet As Peaches
Just Quilt It
Grandmama's Stories
The Slow Quilter
Robin at That Other Blog

I'm off to bake some cookies or cake to take with me to the guild sew-in tomorrow so catch you later!

Thursday check in

Today's blogs are hopped and cheer led.  The laundry is done, except for folding.  Chatted with my friend Cher before she left for work----helps that she is two time zones away there!  Skyler has been treated---twice.  Husband is off to the doctor's appointment.  House to myself for an hour or two.

I got a little helper mid way through.  Good luck dealing with those socks till he vacates.

Also finished packing this stuff up to go back to DISH. There went the rest of the roll of bubble wrap I had and whatever newspaper that I had not taken to the recycle center.  Just to be ornery and because I am a little perturbed with them,  I should have gone out to the storage shed and gotten my bag of packing peanuts and filled it up. Not only do we have to run clear out to the UPS Store some 10-12 miles away to take it back but they are doing to charge us for the privilege in the end.  Say, what???  Seems to me if you wanted this stuff back YOU would be customer friendly and just let us…

Day 3 "It's All About Me" Blog Hop

Are you ready for another day of blog hoppin'?  I know I am as it has kept me entertained between stitching something up for one in late March!  Well, that and watching the first season of Downton Abbey on the computer download, LOL.  Finally parts of season 3 made a little more sense with the back story in play.

But I digress------here at the folks that are participating today.  I should also have pointed you to Madam Samm's picks for top 2 and most creative!  She does this each day of the hop Feb. 19-28th and those picks are eligible for giveaways as well as the top commenters.    You can find this all at  I've been hopping first and then pick my favs and then see if I agree, LOL but it is hard not to take a peek to see what will be tantalizing me later!!

Thursday, February 21

Kris Loves Fabric
The Quilting Alleycat
Cat Patches
Bumbleberry Stitches
Chickadee's Country Cottage Crafts
 In Stitches and Seams
Quilting Unleashed
Rosemary at…

Day 2 "It's All About Me" Blog Hop

Now I am just up and barely at it, trying to get my eyes past half mast.  Some mornings there is not enough coffee in the world, know what I mean?   BUT after yesterday's cool interpretation of the Amy Bradley pattern I cannot wait to see more!

Here is the schedule if you want to hop along

Wednesday, February 20

Buzzing and Bumbling
Cherries Prairie Primitives
Kwilty Pleasures
Sew On And So Forth
Sew. Darn. Quilt.
A Stitch In Time
Doodling In My Mind
Moosestash Quilting
Susie's World

And on another unrelated subject---I imported all the older archived material BACK into this original blog area.  Since I discovered that I was using far less of my available photo storage space, there was no need to keep maintaining two sites.  Danged blogger sometimes.  However it did occur to me that I can download some of the "lost in a computer crash pictures" in the old stuff. , LOL  maybe I should be happy they DO keep pictures in an odd way!

Tuesday this and that

There is not a whole lot of productivity going on around here but that is partially because my main project is hand work.

Actually I feel more curling up and taking a nap like Skyler.  Once the winter moisture condensation settles down on the window frame DJ and I will displacing Skyler from his favorite perch to scrap and paint the window sill and get this thing re-seated properly.  The velcro band that holds it in place is half on and half off with the sheer from him jumping from the bed to the perch.    Recently we had to make him get off of there as the thing was hanging at a wonky angle and we were afraid he would soon find himself on the floor!   We got the supplies needed on a store run today.

Not to give too much away of the "Stitch Me Up" blog hop that will run from March 20-29th this is the project I chose from the group of 8 patterns.  Oh there were other choices but this one just appealed to me more and may go with some other collected patterns in the long run.…

"It's All about Me" Blog Hop, Feb. 19-Feb. 28

It is about to start! I have been talking about it off and on for weeks. My piece is done but waiting to be shown on the final day of the Blog Hop, under the guidance of  Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt and Marlene our head cheerleader at Stitchin'ByTheLake. Thanks ladies for all you do on our behalf!

The hop runs from February 19 to February 28 so I hope you will bookmark the schedule list and then stop by to see how others have interpreted this cute, "designed especially for the hop" Amy Bradley design. Big shout out to Amy Bradley as well!

So here is the full schedule ---

Tuesday, February 19

Just Let Me Quilt
Sunshine Quilting
Karen at That Other Blog
Grammie Q
Gracie Oliver Arts
Marjorie's Busy Corner
Sowing Stitches
Pigtales and Quilts

Wednesday, February 20

Buzzing and Bumbling
Cherries Prairie Primitives
Kwilty Pleasures
Sew On And So Forth
Sew. Darn. Quilt.
A Stitch In Time
Doodling In My Mind
Moosestash Quilting
A Patchwork Life
Vickie at…

Checking in

It has been a fairly uneventful morning and day of it so far.  We got the laundry done, ran out for a biscuit and coffee mid-morning.  I was working on a scheduled post for the blog hop next week, making sure that the links would be active.  I finished up the embellishments I wanted to do on MY entry.   I cannot show it to you yet and my assigned day is not until the final day, the  28th.   Now what? 

Oh, I can think of a couple things I could start working on as there is another blog hop next month, a stitchery one, that I will need to make something to show.  The Friendship Quilters fabric sample challenge will need to be done as well though I have till April. I could button hole applique the Halloween Button Up while I have the correct machine out but somehow I think not.  That "deadline" is too far off, not a priority.  I could do the kites for the "Seasons in a Row"  for the row of the month though required by March 9th. 

 I could/should type up the LAST meeti…

organizing, or trying to

Bev had a cute little snapware stackable portable storage organizer for some of her supplies  yesterday.   Since I was making a Hobby Lobby run and had a 40% off coupon, I looked to see if I could find one.  Well, I found two.  I told Bev on Facebook that she had influenced me but it was leading to serial cleaning.  Should I blame her or thank her??

Once home, I re-organized some things that sit on the sewing room cutting and pressing table.  Move one thing and you end up doing more than you first planned.   On the left are the two units filled and stacked.  The art type supplies are now corralled from three different locations in their own container.    The neutral threads fit in the other along with a few other little quilting doo dads.     A few other items were shifted around but I may look into getting another one or two of these down the line.  Live with this arrangement for a time.

Because this container used to contain the neutral thread, I was able to combine all five of my m…

Meeting day

Bama Belles met yesterday with a good turnout in spite of the weather! It was clear for a bit at arrival time but the rains came back just in time for lunch and departure time for some of the group. I think there were 12 or 13 of us, including a guest.

Teresa and her sister Judy were working on Teresa's Accu-quilt Go Baby cutting some charm squares Judy needs for her next project. Judy is presently hand quilting her first quilt! Teresa is working on cutting big yo yo's for a bedrunner project right now. Julie and Bev were working on binding. Julie had hoped to her project to be on a guest room bed since company is coming---soon! You'll see the quilt in a minute. Aline was doing hand work as was our guest, Valera. Donna was helping at the pinning table along with Beverly, Lois, Jane and me with others stepping in to help. Janet may have been the only one sewing and was putting borders on a lovely small quilt. Pat and Ada were keeping us all company. Rosa was bu…

fooling around/check in

Yesterday was Friendship Quilter's guild day.  Jane drove and we had 5 of us from the north end of the county make the trip.  Aline had a quilt to pick up from a member who long arm quilts.  Several of us are doing the row quilt.  I got to be there to take minutes though I did not get the memo about there being a board meeting prior to the meeting but someone filled in for me on that score.

Since I had not heard from the sewing machine guy or his wife about my machine, I figured he was just going to deliver them BACK to the meeting place.  I was right.   A couple of gears needed to be replaced that control the feed dogs.  He said that another set of gears in there looked "brand new" so it is possible that Lois' mom had had that work done on it.   Also a situation with the zig zag needed adjustment too.  For 45 bucks I am up and running and the cams will work now.  Woohoo!

We went out for a quick bite to eat before we came home.  One of the guild members and her littl…

WIP Thursday

A little progress has been made----all the pieces are cut out including the batting.  You can see how bright the fabrics are if not  exactly where this project is headed.

The appliqued piece is prepped as well, in fact I am about to switch out the foot on the machine and try to do the button hole edge finishing. 

Not sure how much I am supposed to showing you ahead of the blog hop so you see the backside of the piece.  Truthfully it does not look like much, does it?  I used the backside of the one of the prints to get the lighter effect that you see in my directions hanging off the shelving unit.  Lighter and closer to the pink dot in tone, truthfully. See how the stitching goes.  Maybe I'll start on the BHA on the Halloween piece---finally--if all goes well.

On to other matters:

My eye doctor appointment went well---good vision both eyes.  I can even read my email from about 4 1/2 feet away, better than with my readers if the truth were told.  I am still adjusting to the new n…