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Not lovin' this!

UGH!  My bloggy pal Left Handed Quilter saw my circle project yesterday and we struck up an email conversation.  She said she had tried this, had a hole at the center where they joined and ended up setting the whole deal aside.  More power to me if I could get it to work out.  I told her she made me scared to continue after that story.  She suggested that I try sewing just 4 of these puppies together to see what I thought before I invested all that time and effort into turning all those circles.  Good plan, LHQ---thanks!

Well, there is a fairly small hole, the back seams don't line up properly and it is hard to get the seams started no matter which direction I start and end.  You are instructed to sew with the walking foot---not a problem I have one for each of my machines but still.  Truthfully, I do NOT like this technique enough to want to continue. You know life is too short to make yourself work on something you don't want to do.  This is supposed to be fun, after all---…

Last Day "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop/ GIVEAWAY signup

First of all let me thank all of you who left such sweet comments about my contribution to the hop yesterday!  You warm my heart and I had lots of positive reinforcement.  Who doesn't need that??

There is still time to comment on that post and be eligible for the drawing.  Drop back to THIS POST to be entered!!   I have decided that I will pull the name on Monday if you promise NOT to think that I am pulling an April Fool's joke on you if you won.  However, several folks were "no-reply blogger".   If you do not know how to possibly change those settings, then please leave me your email so I can contact you!  I have tried to respond to each of your notes---if you didn't hear something back in response to your lovely note, that is why.  THX again and good luck!

Oh you might try either of these links to straighten things out on your end---that danged google plus is responsible I think!


Day 7 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop---MY day!----GIVEAWAY

It is finally here!!  It is my day to share what I have made up for the blog hop. Thanks to Mdm Samm, our fearless leader at Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader Jane of Jane's Fabrics and Quilts for putting this together for the hop participants.  Thanks also to our sponsor Colonial Needle!

Way back in January when we signed up we were sent a sheaf of patterns to select from designs by Cyndi of Bee Tree Designs,  Mdm Samm's adorable wee tots and sophisticated ladies designs as well as two pattern from Debbie of Busy As Can Be.

I have worked with Cyndi's designs before---her basket blocks that I am doing in 30's green---and began fooling with the elements block files she had sent.   In the end, however, the design that spoke to me most was the Victorian cottage---in red, classic embroidery.  It reminded me of a home my grandparents had lived in for a time in Missouri and a house I go by frequently on the way into town.  You know, one of those that you wonder what it loo…

Day 6 "Stitch Me Up" Blogspot

I may be off foundation piecing itty bitty log cabin blocks for guild today OR thinking about rabbits for the row quilt BUT will make time to pop in and see what these stitchers have been doing.  My item is featured tomorrow---so excited to join the others in sharing that with you!

Judy @That Other Blog   no show lauraluvsloons and Quilting too Sew Sharyn Sewingly Along Anita's quilts en handwerken Quilt Doodle Doodles Val's Simple Passions Luv2sew Busy As Can Be Paws for Stitching Quilting & Other Craft Therapy pieceful life Live Love Labs Felt pa Asly Scrapbook-ChickADoodle

meeting day

Good meeting today with the Bama Belles Quilting Club.  I mentioned the other day that we had planned to do a bit of sewing for a mission field project so a good many of us had come prepared to sew.

As usual, there are few people out of town, some under the weather (one left early) or had home matters keeping them from attending but I think I counted 12 of us today.  We were happy that Brenda (on the left) could be with us.  A new job position has been a deterrent to coming since the first of the year. We have missed her!  That lovely sampler is Brenda's quilt, recently long arm quilted and all bound and labeled.

Donna was working on binding on her first ever quilt with a push to have it done for Show and Tell at the JOY group next week.  You cannot help but be excited for her!  Valera was pinning for the next step of project is she sewing on with a Christmas theme---the sections were foundation pieced and include a sharply angled piecing on the join.   Rosa had a trimming proje…

Day 5 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop

It's Bama Belles Quilting day and we plan to do some block sewing for a mission field project.  I'll be checking in to the hop when I get home, if I haven't already taken a peek....or two!

Here is today's featured stitchers

Isabel @That Other Blog Jeanette @That Other Blog     not up Just Let Me Quilt MacDonald’s Patch Pots Pans Pins and Prayers Grand Mama's Stories Stitch, Stitch, Stitch Needledd Tomorrow's Treasures Today      not up Lemur on a Stick Life In Every Breath Zellerwear Bumbleberry Stitches threads on my socks Hanging On By A Thread Fresh Cut Quilts

Check in/ Day 4 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop

Tada!  Shamrock row is done,  my weekend project as it turned out.   I pulled the quilt back to lay the three existing rows on the bed and get an idea of what this is looking like.  Naturally Skyler had to hop on over from his perch to give it the kitty roll of approval! 

The next row is bunnies (for April) but I am still thinking about doing an applique version---possibly similar to the ones shown HERE but will need to get some measurements first.  I may also get started on my entry for the "Shake Your Pom Poms" hop later due in late April. 

I'll also be picking out a project to work on at the Belles sewing day tomorrow.  I had asked the girls to bring their machines so we could so some string blocks, work with abandoned blocks, whatever trips their trigger for a mission field project.  The plan being to crank out some blocks that we can combine and help make up some tops for the other group to finish up.

To that end I am thinking that any of these boxed up quilt kits…

Saturday check in

The Boys watching Alabama play Stanford in the 2nd round of the NIT Men's basketball game.  Seriously Skyler IS watching and has been sitting up there with him for about an hour and half.   DJ in team colors (almost)  ROLL TIDE!

Meanwhile I am watching my Cardinals play the Marlins in another spring training game and preparing to get back to these-------my shamrock row with 5 more to piece.  One IS pieced but the sections are not joined. I should be thinking rabbits but might just be destined to be a month behind at this rate!   I was half thinking about borrowing an applique idea from another quilt I own rather than piecing another row anyway.

I was doing some organizing in my ribbon container yesterday and made room to add some soutache braid and rat tail cord that was stuffed in my button etc organizer above the TV unit.   I unearthed some candy cane and snowflake findings that I had forgotten about that should work out great on the January row once quilted.  Woohoo!  It is li…

Check in----Day 3 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop

Here on the home front I should be done with the tweaking I decided to do on my stitchery piece---that idea that flew into my head Tuesday!  Oh, I had set backs in making this happen but that is what I get when I am not using a pattern and combining elements from other books and projects.  Still, I have concluded that a day spent in sewing, even when things are not going perfectly, is better than cleaning house any day.  That is precisely what I was doing for about 3 days LAST week........ so I know!

Isn't this the coolest wreath ever---though I doubt I would want all my spools of embroidery thread and perle cotton tied up like this----found it while surfing yesterday and here is the link

I hope to be moving on to some itty bitty 2.5 inch finished log cabin blocks that we are doing as a group project for quilt guild today.  In the meantime, pop in to see what the other blog hop participants have been "hooping up" …

Day 2 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hope

Day 1 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop

While creativity continues around here, today's schedule.  I changed my mind about what I want to do with my entry next week so I best get busy and make that happen!

WEDNESDAY March 20th
Karen@That Other Blog
Susan @That Other Blog Sowing Stitches Life in the Scrapatch Pig Tales and Quilts    moved to March 22nd Meadowbrook Marla's Crafts Gracie Oliver Arts Humble Quilter Cherry Blossom Quilting Studio New Girl News Sunshine Quilting Patchouli Moon Studio Lovin' Life at the End of the Dirt Road Selina Quilts

What to say to a quilter you love

I should have this laminated for my husband.  Half the time I don't even show him when I am done with something I have made as it just gets the non-committal, "oh yeah--finished something else.  You'll just start another one and you are never done"  Oh, he might have to hold said item up so I can take a picture for the blog but even then he asks who made it.  I store the group's donation quilts so that is a fair question and does not get my dander up.  The dismissal of my efforts does though.  What does he think I do in here all day, anyway??

Well, regardless of his response or total cluelessness I hope I never am totally done!!  And I did get a couple little things finished completely yesterday---binding tasks.  The third one will be done today, thank you very much.   LOL.

Mostly my thoughts were racing about how I want to complete my item for "Stitch Me Up" which I had not intended to do initially.   I wanted to leave it as a stitchery piece in a lar…

Handwork Central

Well, St. Pat's is passed and I switched out the wall hangings and other doo dad's for the Easter things.  I still want to grab a few things from the storage room but I am not running out there in my jammies.  A button fell off my Spring "In Seasons" quilt so I hauled out the hand stitching bag.  I need it anyway since I have binding to do on a couple items from my  recent Saturday post.

How do you store your hand quilting and hand applique items?  This cosmetic case works for me as I have space to stow some thread, a zipped pocket for the duck billed scissors and all manner of needles, as well as the sewing set that my pal Pam made for me years ago.  Another zipped but covered pocket.

I keep a few generic hair clips for holding the binding.  I know Clover makes some neat super dooper ones now that are tiny and supposedly make it easier to sew binding down by machine but they ARE pricey!  Like, put it on my Christmas or Birthday list, pricey. Or I'd rather spen…

Stitch Me Up Blog Schedule

Just a few days off between blog hops!  The "Stitch Me Up" Embroidery blog Hop will begin Wednesday and conclude on Friday March 29th led by Mdm Samm at and cheerleading this round provided by Jane of Jane's Fabrics and Quilts

This time I have participated though my day is not till next week, I think on Thursday, but I'll be checking into that a little more closely as the day nears!

Here is the entire schedule but I will update with the daily schedule as well.  Things changed each day it seemed, but as far as I know this is the correct schedule and all the links should work.  Stay tuned for this and any other little do-dad's I may manage to get done this week.  A few things are close, after all.

WEDNESDAY March 20th
Karen@That Other Blog
Susan @That Other Blog Sowing Stitches Life in the Scrapatch Pig Tales and Quilts Meadowbrook Marla's Crafts Gracie Oliver Arts Humble Quilter Cherry Blossom Quilting Studio New Girl News Sunshine Quilting Patchou…