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Final day of the "Shake Your Pom Poms" Blog Hop/checking in

First, let me thank all of you who stopped by my little spot in blogger land yesterday to see what I had crafted for the hop.  Many of you left such sweet comments that made me smile and in some cases, out right laugh!  I am surprised my husband did not come in just to see what I thought was so funny.  You see, he does not think I have much of a sense of humor but I think it is all in the delivery (read: his delivery, LOL).  When he catches me really laughing then he wants in on the joke!

You warmed my heart and I just want you to know that I appreciate it.  Won't you stop by and brighten up the last day grouping as well?   

April 30 I Like To Quilt Blog Sew Incredibly Crazy Thimblemouse & Spouse Cate`s Linens Around the Homestead Buzzing and Bumbling les passions de Cliodana Bumbleberry Stitches Sew We Quilt

Skyler wants to think those of you who commented about what a good kitty helper he is.  He is tired and has to rest up now though.  At least the sun is out to…

Day 4 "Shake Your Pom Poms" Blog Hop----my day!

Today is my day to participate in the "Shake Your Pom Poms" Blog Hop.  Thanks to Thearica, our head cheerleader for this keeping us on the straight and narrow, cheering us on.  Thanks to Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt  for coming up with another fun theme.  She does a lot of things behind the scenes to make these hops run so seamlessly and it keeps us coming back for more fun!  Thank you also to our sponsors this round Clover, Red Rooster and Aurifil.

I share my day with this group of quilters/ bloggers/ pom pom crafters so please hop on over to see what they have been up when your visit is over here------

April 29 Accio Fabric Quiltsmiles Scrapbook-chickadoodle In The Sewing Basket life, quilts and a cat too     !!!! THAT'S ME !!!!
Debby Kratovil Quilts Just Let Me Quilt Meadowbrook

So without further delay how about I share what I have been making since the pom pom theme was announced?  I started off first with a row of bunnies with pom pom tails since I needed to have thi…

A finish

Two finishes for the week but only one I can share----

So, am I way late for Halloween or way early??  I think I'll pick the latter, LOL.

Pattern source:  Joined at the Hip  BU #19

 Closeup shot of the bats and spider, lettering----color is off though.

 I told Norma that the cat's eye buttons looked a bit Oriental as they would not stay oriented the way I wanted them to be.  It might have just been the angle I was looking at them..  The color is still a bit off but the other direction as in not quite THAT golden!!  The candy corn yellow fabrics are not that blend-y with the background in real life.  I should have taken it over to my neighbors and borrowed their fence as I did earlier today with one of my blog hop entries!!  She said "come over any time" but I didn't think she meant in the same day and once the sun had set, LOL.

Still hooray for a finish-------

Check in---- Day 3 Shake Your Pom Poms

Well, I am definitely going to STILL be binding today as I goofed around too long yesterday!  A needle was not touched to fabric on the first of two wall hangings till 4 p.m. and at our house, too close to time to start fixing supper.

Still, I had a good time looking at kanzashi flower videos and of course, looking on pinterest as well.  I found a good tutorial at Bitty Bits and Pieces.  Another good one was Fabric Flowers.  It is my understanding that starting off with different shapes greatly changes the appearance of the petals.  Oh and I lost a link I had marked for inspirational purposes from the mug rug hop too---tracked that down.

Why the interest in flowers?   One of the gals yesterday had used a kanzashi flower with a pom pom center to make a cute headband.  Bev, one of my Belle friends has a set of the Clover flower makers and she is known for her quilt embellishments.  Wait till you see the picture of her current project when it is photo ready and you'll see what I mean…

Day 2 "Shake Your Pom Poms" blog hop

While I am busy working on binding and other hand work, I intend to check into Day 2 of the "Shake Your Pom Poms" hop.  I am still chuckling about the creative use of pom poms one the gals shared.  What a sense of humor! 

Let's see what today holds from this group-----

April 25 Mhairi Just Sew Sue I Piece 2 – Mary Get More Done...Today Scraps of Life Dancing Thru-Threads Needle d Sowing Stitches

Day 1 "Shake Your Pom Poms" Blog Hop

Led by cheerleader Thearica and fearless leader Mdm. Samm it is time for tip off of the "Shake Your Pom Poms" blog hop.  All manner of pom poms.  I know what I made for the hop but it will be fun to see what the others made!

Here are today's participants----

April 24 Pig Tales and Quilts in stitches and seams CherrysPrairiePrimitives Blooming Where I am Planted Needled Mom Sew Many Yarns Moosestash Quilting Nutz4Redwork

edited note:  You have got to see which one was chosen for today's "most creative" but it should come with a warning label. Put your liquids down!  Click on Mdm. Samm's name above to go to "sew we quilt"
Meanwhile I am going to be back to machine quilting while I am still set up to quilt--this time my Halloween Button Up.  On Monday I managed to get the "Its for the Birds" hop entry quilted as I planned to do.  I still need to deal with the binding but will take this slight detour before switching out machines for another task.�…

Spring Sew-in

The Belles had a planned sew-in date today, really an extended meeting day.  We try to do pro bono sewing on this date and sometimes we all work on the same block to make some group quilts.  We are trying to work through a collection of scraps and cut strips so I didn't pick a pattern.

We are also trying to help one of our members get some tops and/or blocks together for a Mexico mission.  We don't have to quilt them, just provide the top so panels and whole cloth quilts will be fine as there will be some people who will help tie them.  This cross stitch apparently panel was one that Bev found on ebay I think she said.

Bev made this cute top with embroidered blocks alternating with the prints.

And she also made this cute pinwheel top.

She was also working on quilting a recently pinned top and had an applique project that is going to be adorable---birds and flowers, making it up as she goes.  Unfortunately I did not get pictures of those in progress.

Beverly was donating this…

check-in/ Shake Your Pom Pom Blog Hop April 24-30

In the picture below, I was looking for a "needle in a hay stack" so to speak.   Some of these are old---I don't know if you can see it but one of these packets is priced 10 cents.  Another 40 some cents.   When DJ's step-mother passed away in the mid 80's, I had received her fold out sewing cabinet and its contents.  For a while I had one of those glass lamps that you could artfully arrange flowers and what not in the base.   You guessed it mine was filled with old wooden spools, needle folders, darning eggs and the like--some of this stuff.  But not a chenille needle in the lot!   Why a chenille needle?  Apparently the eye needs to be large enough to thread many strands of floss or perle cotton but its sharp point is preferable to a blunted tapestry version but so far a 22 tapestry needle is doing the job.  Nope, can't show you----yet which has been my constant refrain here lately, I know.

Today has been a hand work day for something with a floral theme f…

Checking in/ April Showers Blog Hop Finale!

I am scheduling this to post as I am determined to get some sewing done today (Wednesday) and not goof around half the day thinking about sewing!  That was how my Monday went--wasting time!

All the pieced elements of my top secret project are completed but not joined into the wall hanging that it will be when finished.  There is some machine applique to do first and for once, I thought I would do it in smaller bites this time and then assemble.

I am also sewing in the morning which I seldom do.  Mornings are for the computer, afternoons and evenings for sewing.  However, Tuesday afternoon it hit the mid 80's outside and so did my sewing room!  UGH!  It was not helped by the fact some fusing and standing over an iron was still required.  I am so NOT ready for summer like heat and stickiness but when the overnight low was 62 and the desk thermometer read 80 at 5:30 in the morning you know that Wednesday is headed the same way.   We have not had blackberry winter yet, that I know of …

Day 8 April Showers

I keep forgetting to tell you that if you don't have time to go to each stop on the blog hop, you can visit the Pinterest page set up by Mdm. Samm for the overview.  You can always backtrack and see past hops or wait for the upcoming ones!  Try THIS LINK for the April Showers mug rugs.

BUT here is the list for today----the hop will conclude on Thursday when the last 10 or 12 share their entries.

Wednesday, April 17Jen @ Quilter in the ClosetMarjorie @ Marjorie's Busy CornerElita @ A Pieceful PerspectiveGreen @ So Sew GreenMara @ Greco MaraWendy @ Why Knot Kwilt?Gmama Jane @ GrandMama's StoriesDebby @ Debby Kratovil QuiltsBritt-Inger @ Hill Valley QuilterConnie @ Freemotion by the RiverBeth @ Words and StitchesKathy @ iHeartSquishy
I'll be appliquing today, I hope, as I near completion of my current project! Catch you later.

Paint Chip Challenge/Day 7 April Showers Hop

When I was telling you about the Friendship Quilters guild meeting this past Saturday, I spoke about the Michael Miller Challenge that was revealed by those of us who participated  using salespeople samples that were belatedly sent for last fall's retreat.  What fun those were and I hope to borrow a few of Beth's pictures to post here so you can see them. 

What I forgot to tell you is that we will be doing another paint chip challenge.  I really enjoyed doing this last year.  (I had greens and was able to use the shades in a watermelon Button Up.)  Shelia had quite a stack of paint color strips arranged in her hands upside down and fan folded.  I pulled Valspar 234A grouping but I found these images from a site called My Perfect Color through a google search, a match to the funky names assigned by Valspar they say.  I can't say for sure once it hits the monitor but I will be going to Lowe's to get a few extra paint chips this color to have one with me at all times.  Mo…

I love spring!

I am not sure if today is supposed to be a repeat of yesterday's drippy damp day or not  It is already warmer than it was all day yesterday by about 5 degrees.  I shut the furnace off (DJ insisted) and opened a window or two.  I thought I would try to get some shots of the blooming things that can be seen out back since there is some cloud cover.   Watch where you are stepping though as the fire ants have been busy since it just rained! There are about 5 started mounds around the lilac bush in particular.

There are a few of these out---daffodils, I think???  Or some sort of lily.  We do/did have some stargazer lilies planted out in that area but I thought they had the orange centers.  Someone straighten me out!

We have three azaleas, this being one that was here when we moved in though in a large pot at that time.  The white one is an encore and has never done well and the other appears to be lagging behind.  I think I saw some spots of color but didn't linger to look, LO…

Back to sewing, back to hopping

I have made a good start on the pieced elements of my current project and will continue to sew on it today.  Oh, there are few things that need tending around the house in between seams but we all have laundry and cooking to do, right?

I hope you will pop on over to today's featured bloggers to see how they interpreted the "April Shower" mug rug theme.  I know I will!

MONDAY, APRIL 15thCathy @ Cate's LinensNicola @ Sunshine ReflectionsMartina @ SunshinequiltingJudith @ FrimartAnita @ Anita's quilts en handwerkenLinda @ Sew NicelyKris @ krislovesfabricLaura Ann @ The Fuzzy Hat QuilterCarol @ Just let me QuiltSelina @ Selina QuiltsMary @ Crooked Gulley Art QuiltsMarisa @ Passion et Couture

meeting day

Today was the Friendship Quilters guild meeting day AKA Girlfriend Day.   A lot going on around the room with a raffle table, log cabin blocks to pass on to our Quilt Show Chairperson,  Row of the Months and Show and Tell items to be hung on the quilt rack system around the room.  Today was also the reveal day for our Michael Miller fabric sample challenge.  The sew-in is coming up the first weekend in May.  Dixye our president keeps us moving so we could get to the program-----extended show and tell with the challenge pieces.  My favorite part!  I know the historian was busier than usual snapping pictures!

I know I showed you my 3 items back in a PRIOR POST though they were not quite done at that time.  A couple of the gals wanted to know how to make those thread catcher jars so I said I would email them the links.   Not that I am expert or anything.  I think some of the Belles might want to try it too.

I didn't win a door prize or anything from the raffle table but I feel like I…

A start!---April Showers blog hop schedule

Well, here is the stack of fabric for my next "It's for the Birds" blog hop entree.  Shop the stash first, right?  Or use someone else's, LOL.  Actually I think that I have my mom and my dear departed friend Theramae to thank for a good bit of this.   The beiges, tone on tones were mine and have been used on quite a few projects over the years.  Other stuff, who remembers?  Some I recall, some I do not but I think it will all combine to produce the look I am going for.  I plan on cutting today and starting up the sewing machine.  I have guild on Saturday morning so I may not get back to it till Sunday afternoon.

So the hop has been, as usual, inspirational.  Such talented quilters out there.  The other day someone showed a flower made from two different hexagons, smaller one atop a larger one on the slant as the flower center and then a free form cut leaf.  My eyes perked up there! There is a piece I have wanted to do but am not so nuts about the flower shape on it …

check in/blog hop schedule

another facebook find

I have made some progress on one of my entries for the upcoming "It's for the Birds" blog hop next month.  Actually the first item IS done and I was trying to get a decent picture of it last night.   The colors are not right or the light is glaring----ugh.  With flash, without??  Every available camera setting too.  Early in the day I was attempting some outdoor shots of the pom pom entries.  No, I can't show you any of this yet.  All in due time!

Today I will be moving on to another bird hop choice, mostly narrowing down the fabric choices.  I have a pile of possibles on the cutting table and need to get it winnowed down.   I sure could not cut anything with that mess piled up! 

Most of the state of Alabama is apt to be under some sort of severe weather threat today through the evening hours.  Our area in particular is targeted between 3 and 9 p.m., they say.  The schools was already planning on releasing the kids early before the storms even…

food for thought

Found on facebook----true

Now I am off to see what today's group of April Showers blog hop participants have been up to!  I have never felt too compelled to make one of these but the results have been inspirational!

Hayley @ Mrs. Pickles
Karen @ Sew Much 2 Luv
Mélanie @ Les passions de Cliodana
Cindy @ Quilt Doodle Doodles
Jamie @ Busy Bee Quilts
Regena @ The Distracted Domestic
Amy @ Domesticity and other Ponderous Things
Denise @ My Whittle Adventures
Heather @ a Reformed Heath'n
Marica @ ~Englating~

meeting day

Spring has definitely sprung though the temps will hit the low 80's today.  There are storms on the way in tomorrow so I suspect that the higher temps will be colliding with a cooler system and cause the possible bad weather.  The dogwood is out, some azaleas could be seen on my drive to the meeting place along with some irises.

This particular dogwood is right outside the church's Fellowship Hall and I could not resist getting a picture of it before I unloaded the car.

The pollen is horrendous right now though.  I swear that I did not see any of that fine yellow dust on Sunday but my car was covered on Monday.  One of the girls said she could actually see clouds of it blowing as she was driving the past few days.  I believe it!

There is a section of the paper where they print the weather/coffee break info that has a weather map, almanac etc. They also list the pollen forecast--available data from  Apparently oak, juniper and birch are the worst culp…