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Day 5 Say It With Flowers Blog Hop

You were so kind and warmed my heart with your lovely comments about the projects I shared yesterday.  I appreciate it!  I had a lot of fun making my two entries.  A lot of hand work, in retrospect but I am pleased with the results.  It makes me smile to see them displayed in my home but it helps to know that others liked them too.  Keeps us striving to do our best, don't you think?
Won't you stop in and support today's participants and share some bloggy love with them too?
Friday, May 31st Squawk That How Art You? A Little Bit of Lorene Handmade By Mama Blooming Where I Am Planted Jane’s Quilting Just Quilt It busybeequilts Lisa In Port Hope Les Quilts

Quilts My way

My Day to share! Day 4 "Say it With Flowers"

Woohoo!  Have you enjoyed the hop so far?  I certainly have and the influx of new international hoppers has just enriched the hop that much more!  It is fun to "meet" and chat with blogging participants who you may not ordinarily see.  Of course, there are some of the other gals that I have come to expect wonderful things from when I see their names on the lists!  A good balance, don't you think?

Thanks to Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt who keeps coming up with great blog idea themes and pairs us up with wonderful sponsors like Andover.  Carol of Just Let Me Quilt is guiding us this round and kicked this whole hop off in grand style on Monday.

Okay, you came to see what I had made up for the Flower Hop.  There will be enough jibber-jabbering from me to follow.

As I was working on a wool project for the recent bird hop and chatting online with my friend Norma I came up with the perfect idea for one of my entries.  You see, several years ago Norma had gifted me with a penny …

meeting notes/another try at kanzashi flowers

The Bama Belles met yesterday as planned.  As expected we were minus a few folks for various reasons----it happens, maybe 6 of us with a couple of guests passing through.  Life happens, after all.

Bev had a double attic window quilt to show us and pin.  I had taken a picture of the top but when I went to edit and move some of the photos I adverently deleted them.  GRRRR  I'll get it when it is done instead.  Sorry about that, Bev.   Donna was working on her blue and white chevron quilt but we had her seam up what looked like the perfect backing that had originally come from the donation box.  She also showed us a purse she had recently made but had not quite completed.  She promised to bring it back when it was completed.

Teresa had taken the yardage home to use on the back of a panel quilt but I found a nice yellow check in the closet that fit the yardage better after a slight trim down.  Then we were able to use the stripe on Bev's quilt---though I mis-cut it out later and u…

Day 3 Say It With Flowers Blog Hop

Here is the group of bloggers participating in Day 3 of the "Say It With Flowers" Blog Hop sponsored by Andover Fabrics this round.  Be sure to stop over to Sew We Quilt to see who Mdm. Samm has selected for Top 2 and Most Creative for the day.  The work has been fantastic so I do not know how she can pick just three.  Well, some days there is a 2nd Most Creative, LOL.  
Wednesday, May 29th Kris Loves Fabric Teatime Creations ~De Zondagssteek~ Ridge Top Quilts Devoted Quilter Mrs. Pickles Garden Life In The Scrapatch Englating Why Knot Kwilt
Love It Sew It
I'll be working on my post for Thursday as it needs to be up at 12:01 a. m. Eastern Time, or later tonight.   Hope you'll be back tomorrow so I can finally share what I had been up to for this!

Day 2 Say It With Flowers Blog Hop

Another Tuesday has rolled around and it is time for Bama Belles to meet again.  I know we debated about getting together as it follows the Memorial Day weekend so closely.  Some of the gals have other plans, another has a grandbaby due any minute, others scheduled appointments or family obligations. Other than the grandbaby on the way, a typical meeting date, come to think of it, LOL.  In the end, whoever comes, we'll be there.

I know you are going to be in for a treat since the first day was so fantastic!  I recognize maybe three of the names on the list as fellow participants in previous rounds but Mdm. Samm and cheerleader Carol opened this up early so the overseas bloggers would have a chance at sign up first.   What fun to see bloggers from all over the globe!

Oh and there IS a sponsor this round---Andover Fabrics has provided fabric bundles from designers Mary Engelbreit "Flutterby", Renee Nanneman "Villageware Toile" and "Annalee" by Jane Di…

Day 1 "Say It With Flowers"

I hope everyone is having a good---and safe--- Memorial Day holiday.  Bless those who have gone before us, both those who have served so faithfully in the military and our own family members and friends.  Somewhere along the line the original purpose of the weekend has been lost.  It was not meant to be the first summer holiday or the day to BBQ, after all.

Well, the first day of the "Say It With Flowers" hop begins today.  I do not think that Mdm. Samm has named our sponsor for this round but will correct myself if there one in future posts.

 Here are today's featured bloggers------

Monday, May 27th Just Let Me Quilt Sew Many Yarns Quilt Obsession Nati’s Little Things Stekje Felt Free Pa Asly Patchouli Moon Studio Pig Tales and Quilts Thimblemouse and Spouse Kaydie Linhas, Cores E Arte

Meanwhile I will continue to work on the Tammy Bag for the mid-June hop.  Borrowing the gorgeous graphic from Sew We Quilt,  this is sorta where I am headed but you don't know what fabri…

Say It Flowers Blog Hop Schedule--coming up next week!


Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt and her cheerleader and right hand gal  Carol ofJust Let Me Quilt  had so many applicants for the hop that they added two extra days into June, the 3rd and 4th.

Here is the complete schedule though I will be posting each day's listing as I have on previous hops.  My assigned day is Thursday, May 30th so I hope you will stop by to say "hello".   I may have "flunked" those kanzashi flowers earlier this week but I am pleased with how my two entries turned out and am anxious to show them to you.  I see some of the same folks I have been hopping with so I know we are all in for a treat but there are also some new participants!  Should be fun-------

Monday, May 27th Just Let Me Quilt Sew Many Yarns Quilt Obsession Nati’s Little Things Stekje Felt Free Pa Asly Patchouli Moon Studio Pig Tales and Quilts Thimblemouse and Spouse Kaydie Linhas, Cores E Arte Tutinella

Tuesday, May 28th Secretly Stitching Anolisl’s Kreative Seite