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Friday check-in

The quilting on the MOCK TRIP AROUND THE WORLD I showed Skyler laying on yesterday has been finished.  I topped off the evening my making and then sewing on the binding.  Hand finishing remains.  I had thought about trying to do it on the machine with the help of my new best friend for quilting, Mr. Glue Stick but I really do not have the right shade thread to match it.

Just three of us made the trip over to Ashville House Quilt Shop yesterday.  The weather forecast sounded as though it would be more problematic on Friday (today) so Jane asked if we could move it up.  That meant that a few of the gals could not make it---doctor's appointments, sick grandchild, etc.

The roads we take to get over there are all two lane and parts are fairly hilly, winding and climbing up and then coasting back down.  Not something you would want necessarily be traveling on. It was sprinkling just a bit but looked more north of where we were heading.  I offered to drive since it is, more than likely, …

a little quilting

I got a little quilting done on this Mock Trip Around the World pro bono quilt yesterday. Top. was completed 11-27-12 and shown HERE. Year is half over and I still need to turn one in for credit at Friendship Quilters.  Before I got deep into the HO HO HO hope I thought it best to quilt one or two first and then hit the dedicated sewing as August 2nd will be here before I know it!

This morning I spread it out on the cutting/pressing table to see just how many zig zaggy, in the ditch lines I have to go.  It took Skyler less that a minute to see what I was doing and hop up there to rest on the quilt---on the pin side, no less!   Obviously giving it his kitty stamp of approval, in spite of the impediments to comfort.

I must say, the wastebasket does not normally sit atop the table.  The box fan has been to augment the cross ventilation and augment the a/c. When I am set up to quilt in here, there is very little room to get around the table and forward table.  The large blue tote of Chri…

this and that---"Put Your Stamp On It" Blog Hop

First off, there is another blog hop happening on Wednesday the 26th which will run till the following Wednesday, July 3rd.  I am not participating this round but here is the schedule for the gals that will be.

Well, I can't find the schedule as I am trying to write this up.  Thearica of pigtales and quilts is the cheerleader but she says on her blog that she has been out of town.  If she is back home by now, she apparently has not had a chance to post the schedule.  I'll edit this area when I get the list.   I am curious to see how the group has interpreted the theme as the stamp was supposed to be about "You".


Wednesday, June 26

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Thursday, June 27

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Friday, June 28

ignore this

Patterns, pattern writing----my thoughts

Some background:
My friend Norma and I often chat on the weekends via instant messenger, her being way up there in BC and me down here in Alabama.   We surf, we share links of patterns, blogs, tutorials of things we might be interested in making--been doing this since 2006.  We have more ideas than time but it is fun to look and comment.  Sometimes Cher, Pat and Pam join in but primarily it is Norma and I who really get revved up about this project or that, filing it away in that "someday" file.  We tease each other about who is the instigator, which of us in the bad influence over the other.

Sometimes we actually settle on a pattern, pick out our fabric, set up a time and sew "together" over the miles, again with the help of IM and  "check your email".   Other times we work individually sewing during the week and send progress reports.  This recent purse pattern was one that she suggested, that she already owned.  She wanted to make it and I thought it w…

Snap Happier and accessories

I spent a good part of Wednesday sewing accessories to go with my new Snap Happier purse.  Of course, I have pictures to share! Lots of them, LOL.   I thought was done last evening but by 8:30 this morning I had whipped up a Wonder Wallet, just in case something else I tried does not work out as I hope.  Before I put the fabric up, I thought "why not?"

The overview, glamour shot.  Left upper, Wonder Wallet.  Left lower, banking envelope rendered in cloth.  Center zip bag.  Right upper, Koin Keeper wallet from This & That.  Purse:  Snap Happier purse  (pattern also has a larger tote version)  At center, a zipped pouch that finished at about 6 inches square.   Would you believe me if I told you that I used up practically the all the cute Michael Miller "Michelle Meow" fabric?  Just scraps left.

I started off yesterday morning thinking zipped pouch.  After all, I had picked up two pink 7 inch zippers along with the longer tan one used to make an interior zipped po…

Final Day Tammy Bag Blog Hop---EDITED with S.H. bag notes

Today's blog hop participants---last day of the cute Tammy bags.  Meanwhile I am working on a different bag and accessories.  I'll post more on that later, today or tomorrow, as I have some links to share and some more insight into my project, thank to my co-pilot Norma.  Think of it as an adjunct to yesterday's post, LOL.  Round 2.  Hey you might as well learn from my mistakes, right?

June 18th (Tuesday) Felicia Dawn Carol Britt-Inger Kiera  Sharon Jeanie Mandy  Theresa
Cherry Our fearless leader,  Mdm Samm

 Thursday June 20th    updating to reduce a following picture heavy post

Here are some pictures of how things stand with the bag early Tuesday morning---before the re-do of the exterior of the Scrap Happier bag.   As my friend, the Left Handed Quilter commented to me, she just knew I would not leave it like it was.  She was right!

This is the lining of the bag using the pocket as indicated in the pattern.  Only they told you to cut it from the exterior…

a little creativity this past weekend

Finish up with one hat and start another though a slightly different style to use up the rest of the skein.

Actually this morning I am sort of in a holding pattern.  I had run an errand on Saturday and once I loaded the car with the grocery items, the car would not start, just groaned a bit.  Battery light came on, etc.  I called DJ to come get me and give him time to see what to do next.  Of course, it is Saturday, the garage we use is closed.  I told the store manager that the car might have to set a bit.  At least it was out of the way of the prime parking spots at the side of the building.

We stopped to see if our neighbor Robert had any jumper cables.  He and Robert went back in Robert's truck, jumped it and DJ went off to Auto Zone with the now running vehicle, looking to replace the approximately 5 year old battery.  They plug it in---battery is fine and so is the alternator/generator (whatever the other part of the electrical system things is)  Odd?  It took a jump to get…

Day 4 Tammy Bag Blog Hop

Here is today's list of participants, with an addition from the list I intially posted, turns out.  Remember, you can always check the overview on the Pinterest page as well .

June 17th (Monday)
Rosemary Pauline
Kris  Karen Pauline ( another person, same name as above) Roxanne Vickie Cherryoops, she is on for tomorrow instead of today Martina

Quilts and new projects

I promised you pictures from our recent quilt meeting and I DO have them. This is what I cut out last night for a new summer purse.  Yeah, doesn't look like much now, does it.  It is destined to be a Scrap Happier small purse (scroll to the bottom) that will require me to cut up a metal carpenters power tape.  This is the pattern that Norma wanted me to try-----first!   When I was talking about this at group the other day, Pat said she has a friend who does something like this but uses old aluminum slat venetian blinds.  Sounds like that would work too!

I have to take the pressing board off the table to get at the cutting surface below it.  Obviously I did NOT press this and maybe should have.  I hate to iron in the first place and the room had finally cooled off that I was not wanting to stand over a steamy iron.  That's today with adhering interfacing and fusible fleece. Of course,  I should be sewing on something else entirely or even machine quilting but I am going to pl…

Day 3 Tammy Bag Blog Hop

First off, Happy Birthday to my mom, the Flag Day Birthday girl.  We've got them out at my house, LOL.

Second, thanks to all you who dropped by yesterday and shared comments or just came by to look!   Appreciate the time you spent with me.

Won't you please stop and see what today's ladies did with the Tammy Bag pattern?  

June 14th (Friday)

Selina Joan Mara Jan (another person, same name as above)

Third,  I'll post those promised quilt meeting pictures later in the day if I have a chance.  If not then, on Saturday.

Day 2 Tammy Bag Blog Hop---my day!

It is my day to share what I have been working on recently!  Mdm Samm of sew we quilt graciously provided the group of 50 signer-uppers with a pattern of her own design.  Here is what she said about the inspiration behind the design. 

 "I called it the Tammy after watching some old movies with Sandra Dee and Debbie Reynolds playing the role of Tammy.   In the 50's gingham was in its popularity as a fabric that screamed SUMMER.  And you know how much I have a love affair withRiley Blake Designs GINGHAM   ohhhh they will be our sponsors...."   Later she announced that Corrado Cutlery will also sponsor, adding DOVO scissors to the giveaway opportunity.

So there is the story, in part, about the name and her fabric choices.  Isn't that a lovely picture?  She also spoke about making one in aqua colors to match her powder room and using laminate fabric for a cosmetic bag.  Also a great idea.  No doubt the blog hop participants will have some other great ideas beyond fabri…