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HO HO HO Blog Hop

I am very happy to report that I finished up my project #2 last night, taking the last stitches in the binding about 8:30 last evening.  Woohoo there!  Of course, I cannot wait to show you what I have to share with you but I will not have to wait too long.  Today I am moving on to a hexie idea I have, doing some minor laundry and just generally kicking back a little bit.  DJ wants a hair cut this afternoon and other than cooking dinner I am not feeling any pressure from deadlines.   Not for another 3 1/2 weeks anyway when the next items will be featured.

I do have some photos to take, however and I put out a call to the Belles to see about an outdoor location for this. Hopefully tomorrow will work out.   Of course today's indoor shot attempts were a little comical---and I think I may show you just why soon enough, LOL.  Skyler had me quite amused and laughing, let me tell you!

I thought I would post the entire schedule today---Carol our most excellent cheerleader did not announce…

this and that

Okay, found on facebook this morning and since I DO have a cat often featured on here-----  well, I thought it was funny anyway.  (He does NOT go on the table or the counters but who knows what he does at night when we are not around to scold him!)

I am happy to report that I have finished up project one for the HO HO HO blog hop that starts next Weds July 31st.  Tons of  binding but I slogged through it yesterday.  Today's plans, after I run a few errands, start quilting item two.  You know the drill----can't show till the assigned reveal day which is Friday, August 2nd in my case.  Sadly, lack of pictures for the blog!  I'll post the schedule early next week.

I don't even have pictures from Tuesday's quilt group to share though I had my camera with me.  I should have gotten a picture of the purse Teresa finished. Or the giftie quilt she is making for one of her kids.  Or Janet's red and white quilt top, made from Faye Burgos fabrics that she bought at a quil…

One week later..........

I sure didn't mean for a whole week to go by without posting.  I meant to post yesterday as a matter of fact and even had a couple picture to share but somehow it didn't happen, LOL.  Thunderstorms and having to power down the computer may have had something to do it with it.

 I have finished up the piecing on HO HO HO blog hop project 2 now and went over to the church meeting place to pin both one and two fairly early on Friday morning.  I was home in time for lunch which was all DJ was concerned about.  Rather than set up to start quilting, I finished up the binding on the remaining two sides of this Tons of Black Challenge quilt from last year.   Now it is ready to be counted for the guild obligation but I am allowed to donated it for the Bama Belles cause too.  I am thinking that this might be a good one for the Ogden House project that my friend Gene Black headed up last year provided they are doing it again this year.  You can read about the efforts HERE.

I can't sho…

Sunday check-in/guild meeting

Another Sunday rolls around---lunch has been made (yum! chicken quesadillas with black beans and corn), eaten and cleaned up after, a load of towels are in the dryer, a fresh batch of iced tea brewed, groceries bought and put away.  I'm ready to sit down and blog---and then sew, LOL.

Friday I got my 1st HO HO HO challenge project completely pieced, binding cut, backing sewn---ready to pin.  I had also cut out the 2nd HO  HO HO challenge project while I was at the cutting and trimming detail and have not touched it since Friday evening.  Actually what I ended up doing to take me up to bedtime was seamed the backing----FINALLY!---for my Popsicle Sticks queen-ish sized quilt, finished up almost a full year ago.  Last spotted HERE.  Since we had guild on Saturday and Denise the friend who I had talked to about quilting it would be there I wanted to hand it off, along with the roll of king sized batting that was waiting as well.

Time takes a toll on a hanger when you have a big quilt t…

check in

Bama Belles met yesterday.  Several quilts were pinned, maybe three or four of them.

A few others are waiting---Donna had put borders on her chevron quilt but she wanted to make a pieced back.  Beverly had finished up this wonderful scrappy 3-D bowtie but we were not sure that she had enough batting.  A polyester allergy precludes her getting anywhere neat the roll that we use.

Aline, Jane and I were all working on binding.

Nancy is moving up to the neighboring county and had brought some things to share plus needed me to help her with the join on her binding on a large king sized quilt she had hand quilted.  She also brought in a large pile and bags of scraps that Marilyn and Donna primarily were sorting through.  She had brought "thank you" notes from the family--4 kids and a mom who had recently lost their husband/dad---that we had given quilts to earlier this year.  It was about all we could do to get through reading them without crying.  Nancy was puddling up and hand…

just playin'

I have one of those Nancy Martin perpetual calendars "365 Quilt Blocks a Year" atop my computer for years.  Some blocks I would never make --too complex or ugh, way too many pieces.  Some I might make if I eliminated some lines or changed the piecing method.  Still others elicit the response of  " I wonder what they might look like in a top if I do............."

The July 3 block was Independence Square---the traditional block  (Brackman #2049 attributed to Nancy Cabot in 1938) adds a sort of cornerstone deal in the outermost corners. Why I don't know as it is colored with the same piece of fabric.  Someone else besides me, thought to drop the cornerstones because Brackman #1621 does.  Colored the same, named the same but no cornerstone and dates to a Capper's Weekly publication in the 40's.   This is the version in the calendar actually since the first blocks in July are all patriotically colored like the US flag.

I didn't advance the calendar pages…

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

I'm afraid that I am going to have to borrow an old photo from 2011 for this post.  We had a 100% chance of rain today and are under an advisement for flash flooding. It is quite overcast at the moment and looks like it might pour any minute.  While the cloud cover may keep it a bit cooler, I am sure that it will put a damper on any planned holiday activities, whether civic or individual plans.  For example,  Oxford (AL), south of us, is planning a big whoop-de-do that have dubbed "Freedom Festival".  The event is corresponding to re-opening of the revamped Civic Center complete with a large shooting fountain the lake.  I hope they also replaced all that cracked up sidewalk/walking trail that goes around the lake as it was really rough in spots.  A lot of folks use the park and it will be hopping on the 4th, weather permitting.  For days, the weather folks have suggested having a plan B as Thursday seemed to have a strong possibility for showers …

Tuesday check in

This little cartoon that I found on Facebook this morning probably says it all---and the figure even has red hair!

Morning's are usually computer time around here and today was no different.  I visited the "Put Your Stamp on It" Blog Hop participants and checked a few odds and ends on Pinterest, thinking like yesterday. that I need to move a few things around on my boards.  After that, I did a few things out in the kitchen to prepare for meals within the next few days. I had to make yet another run to the store but I think that will be the last of THAT nonsense (should have pulled the recipe rather than trust things to memory), gassed up the car and got a big old cup of coffee that I will ice up later once it chills. 

The sewing machine part?  Well, after Skyler got me up at 5 to feed him, I could not get back to sleep.  The noisy cars out on the road below were being just that.  Also I kept thinking about the little bit I had managed to sew yesterday.   My design is on…