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lists---do they help??

I am just about finished with the great clean and purge job here at home.  In some ways I might be the only one that really knows what I did but to me, I have the satisfaction of knowing that it is better than it was.  DJ has gotten in the act a bit and will be painting the last shelf/wall in the utility room some time today.  I already have cleaned up and/or thinned down the storage containers that go in that spot as we were working in there yesterday.   He painted the bottom two shelves and boy, did that freshen and brighten it up in there!

Today: I cleared out my area in the outside shed this morning, made the run to the recycle boxes and the donation bins----again.  I also straightened, cleaned, thinned out the pantry room off the car port.  That was one hot job as while the temps were not high, the humidity was.  Sweat in the eyes---ugh!I finished dealing with the kitchen food cupboards.  I am currently satisfied with the stuff and the amount of it in the kitchen.  I could move a…

this and that

Dribs and drabs, scraps of life..........

The "less is more" purge continues.  Bedroom is completed, yesterday the bathroom. Skyler loved that because the smell of the bleach in the soft scrub I used on the bath tub produces a catnip like effect on him.  Weird, I know!

Today's plans: both utility rooms, one is the laundry/pantry and the other is storage and the REAL pantry.  I also will dust in the living room..  My throat is getting scratchy and sore so I hope it is only because of the dust I have been raising and not a late summer cold.  (Stuffy, drippy nose but what else is new there, LOL. )

Progress being made and that is good.  DJ said the other day that they must have replaced his wife with someone about 10-15 years younger as this one seemed to have a lot more energy.  I told him that he could go get started on HIS closet.  I had cleared out space elsewhere for some of the items he was storing so get busy!  I believe that he has done a bit, at his own speed, but I…

Final Day--Hexie Queen Blog Hop/big plans

Last day----and what a fun hop this has been!  I will be sitting the pin cushion hop out as I have some things that need tending here at home, quilty related and otherwise.  I hope to sign up for the batik one that follows however, once I check what Mdm. Samm has in mind.  I am hoping that it will jump start something, like what happened with the Stack and Whack.

Here is who is hopping today!
Adventurous Quilter 
Scraps of Life
Sew and Sow Farm Kwilty Pleasures
Just Sew Quilter Marjorie's Busy Corner NitaDances
Pig Tales and Quilts Quiltscapes Livinbluequilter  Sew We Quilt


Come to think of it, I am not sure that I have ever pieced any hexies together.  BUT I had plans!  Does that count? I even managed to mess up a method for folding a hexagon by using a canning jar lid.  All thumbs!  Because I couldn't get even one made at guild, then I sure didn't have two to join together either.

Yesterday I mentioned a project from way back when that involved hexies…

Day 6 Hexie Queen Blog Hop--Hexagon Magic

Let me thank you all again for your lovely comments on my day.  You all were so kind and made my day! That one of my entries was picked in top two was icing on the cake as I honestly did not expect it.   It is fun to read the comments and see how one person likes the pin cushion best, someone else the hexie quilt and then the next one mentions the stack and whack.   I guess it is all part of our own piecing reference or interests.  Just makes me smile.

I had a ball playing in my sewing room preparing for the hop, exploring a new shape and piecing options.  I hope that you will also cheer on today's group of participants.  Some blog names I recognize, some I do not but I can guarantee that we all are going to be in for a treat! 

Tuesday, August 27
We Shall Sew  Life@RuffHaven Pieced Brain  Den Syende Himmel Creatin’ in the Sticks Meadowbrook Sandra Kaye Designs  Let’s Patch it Up Sew Many Yarns  Around the Homestead  Sew Mollie Sue, Quilt Much?

I've got quilt meeting today so will have to…

Day 5 Hexie Queen Blog Hop---my day!

Well, it is my day to show what I have made up for the Hexie Queen Blog Hop, along with 10 other eager participants listed below.  As always our special thanks goes to Mdm. Samm of sewwequilt who dreams up these wonderful themes. A big shout out of thanks goes to our head cheerleader this round, Debby who blogs at  Debby Kratovil Quilts.  THX for letting me join in the fun!  Hooray for Connecting Threads being our sponsor too!  I have to say that they are one of my favorite online vendors.  Since I blew through the small spools of looper thread playing with my new serger, I will be placing an order soon.

Monday, August 26 Scrapbook-ChickaDoodle
Kathys Quilts
A Quilt and a Prayer
I Piece 2 - Mary
Life, Quilts and a Cat, too  <<<<  that's me!  >>>> Quarter Incher Sew Much 2 Luv  Kwilt Krazy Selina Quilts Espritpatch Nunu’s Quilt World

I have made a couple of things to share this time around so I guess I'll show them in the order they were made.  That makes sense to…

one down, two or more to go /additional note

One pillow case/tree skirt holder down.  Two more cut out to sew.  Er serge, I mean.

Roughly following the directions on this youtube video   from Cynthia Dickerson but inserting an accent row, I did this all on the serger.  I still didn't get the accent row to line up as wonderfully as I would like but that might be because I sort of basted it down a bit first and then re-serged it.  Also I was perhaps inconsistent on lining it up on the seam allowance marks.  I didn't see those at first!

Because the green fabric was used for the borders on Allison's tree skirt and it is a directional print I wound up with about 28 inches width of fabric but about 2 1/2 yards long.  I sort of fussy cut the 2nd section, splitting it along some of those trees to line it up. That allowed me to use what I had sewn on the conventional machine as an uncalled for 2nd side seam.  It worked out, I believe.

I used that floral piece that sort of reminds me of poinsettias for the cuff.  Originally I…

Day 4 Hexie Queen Blog Hop/serger notes

Hasn't this hop been quite inspiring so far?  Tree skirts, even a skirt on the cutest little one, bags, pillows, mug rugs and candle mats, quilts and exquisite wall hangings.  Wowie!  I wonder what this group of participants will bring today!

Friday, August 23
Sew Peace to Peace Quilt Crossing sarah did it! Jane’s Quilting Life in the Scrapatch Lixie Makes It Creative Notions Modern Handcraft Feathered Nest Studio Moneik Quilts

On a personal note, I did finally finish that binding but not before I wondered if I was not going to develop calluses on my backside or a permanently bent neck.  Skyler let me sew on uh, without his "assistance" yesterday, LOL.

The serger is out of the box but still have not plugged it in.  I spent part of the afternoon/evening jockeying between you tube videos on sergers and the Cards/Braves game scores.  I went through the manual as bedtime reading.  Today I want to look at the two CDs that came with it: one of instructions and one of serger techniques t…

Day 3 Hexie Queen Hop/check-in

Thanks to my dear husband and my sweet Bama Belle pals for the birthday spending money, this is what has come to my house.  I picked it up yesterday, site to store at our nearby Walmart.  My lefthanded quilter blogging friend suggested I look into this model---uses regular sewing machine needles and regular spools of thread and had overall, good reviews.

You notice too, that it is still boxed up,  I cannot take it out and to play with it until I finish binding my hexie project, after all, I am on deadline for this piece!  It must be done.  I did NOT finish as I hoped with about half of the top edge one one longer side to go.  Here is part of the reason why I am not done----

In two separate sessions he parks right on the quilt to keep me company.  The green back is loaded with black cat hair, LOL so I may well have to wash this before sharing the top side!  Move him, you say?  He nips at you if you attempt to dislodge him too or rotate the quilt as you move down the line. It is almost…

Check in/Day 2 Hexie Queen Blog Hop

I will have to confess to lagging behind here and horrors, did not find time to start Day 1 hopping because I was busy quilting!  In my defense, the way I have to set up my room TO quilt blocks access to the keyboard, my chair, monitor viewing----- for anything but the most cursory glance at email.

And then you have this------

I had about one more inch to go of attaching the hanging sleeve to my PopStix when you know who hopped aboard for a little nestling in the quilt folds.  This was shot  from my seat at the machine, forward table in front, desk and computer at the left.  There is about a foot to get around the table and out of the room, here in the smallest bedroom in the house.

Yesterday I was able to quilt my hexie entry and get the first side of the binding attached, hanging sleeve attached.   While I had the machine set up to quilt, I also quilted up a chevron donation quilt that Donna H. had made.  Then I pressed all the binding for the PopStix and attached MOST of it before…

Time for the Hexie Queen Hop Aug 20-28

Time for another hop----I think our cheerleader Debby Kratovil said that we have 76 hoppers participating this round, so many that they had to add an extra day!   It begins Tuesday as you will see with Debby leading things off and ends on the following Wednesday with the weekend off.    Of course we are always led by the wonderful Mdm. Samm of  I do not know if a sponsor has been named to this point but will amend that statement when I find out. Woohoo---one of my favorite spots Connecting Threads is our sponsor this time.  See Debby's blog or sewwequilt for details.

I am posting the whole schedule for hopping use in this post.  Wow, I have been so focused on working on my stuff and my targeted day that I almost forgot that I had four days to visit with those I recognize as frequent participants and meet some new bloggers along the way before I must be absolutely done and ready to post.  Scout out that photo op site, LOL.   I am going to play with one more idea t…


On today's stitching plan trim and assemble that last 5th column of blocks and then join the rows.  I got as far as the first border as well.  Skyler jumped on over from his seat in the window to give it the kitty roll and paw of approval.  Picture taken about 7 or so.

I just got done seaming the binding for three quilts and the little flap of color that goes between the Stack and Whack body and the border which showcases just what this fabric looks like before it was whacked.  I'll press some of that pile tomorrow, LOL.

I do hope to have this project wrapped up by tomorrow afternoon or evening which is actually sooner than I thought/hoped it would be done.  I had to do some unsewing yesterday though.   After I sewed both the 2nd and 3rd columns "upside down" of how I had laid them out hoping for some separation in the rosy pink and the purples of the blocks.  I was also trying to keep the more "packed" blocks away from the ones with lighter predominance. …

silly kitty

Where Skyler's food bowl wound up last night. Note: he shares with his friend Mz. Mouzie who normally lives on or near the couch.  Also note cat, waiting for his treat bite.

Where his bowl actually belongs and enjoying said treat.

The other silly thing he does:  gets out of the litter box in the adjacent area in the laundry room, comes back to food bowl and tries to cover it up as he would the litter.  He often flips the placemat over the bowl contents.  I need to get another plastic type as he uses for his water bowl here in the sewing room but it is interesting to see how things look when I get up in the morning.   Silly boy!

Sewing and UFOs

One row of 5 is done on this stack and whack 60 degree triangle deal though I am not assembling it like the book says.  This way gets trimmed down on the top and bottom once the rows are joined and I don't have to fool around with piecing half hexagons, diamonds or a bunch more equilateral triangles of the same colored fabric.   Much better plan, I think.

I would be much further along with this if I would not disassemble the blocks that had a less than stellar piecing job at the center.   I've taken three of them apart and started over.  I've decided that will just take the center seam out and try to align it better there but not the whole danged block.  I might be able to replace a wedge if it is badly cut but it might be problematic anyway.

I would be much further along if I didn't think that I need more variation in the colors in this.  I made two more blocks at this writing.  Once the borders were cut (should have waited)  I decided that I needed a block with mor…

sew-in, quilt meetings and the stuff in between (EDITED)

Always playing catch up lately it seems.  I've been busy sewing so hey, it happens.  More on that in a minute.  I had planned to tell you about the Christmas in August Sew-In that I went to this past Thursday and Friday!

This is the 2nd year that Friendship Quilters had a holiday themed sew-in for three days.  I normally just go to these things for two days as I get complaints about my being "gone all the time". Uh, 3 meeting days a month ordinarily is NOT being gone all the time but perception is reality???   DJ, recalling all the times I skipped out on his birthday to go to the AQS show in late April, could not believe that I would want to go to the sew-in on MY day Saturday.  While on one hand it was my birthday and I should be able to do what I want, I opted to keep peace and attend on Thursday and Friday instead of the usual Friday and Saturday.  My buddies signed up for the same dates since we share rides.  A friend pointed out that it was sweet that he wanted to s…