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Gadsden Quilts "at the Falls" 2013

I met up with my friend Jane at about 8:30 yesterday morning to go set up her guild's show. They have a small membership and many older (yeah, I am just a kid compared to some of them) members that are not able to climb the ladders to set up. We friends from other quilt groups pitch in; yesterday there was 6 of us helping out and maybe 5 others that work for the City's Parks and Rec. Some of the shows proceeds will be going to the restoration fund at the Pitman Theatre and others to the Gadsden Museum of Art.

As I had done last year I checked in the quilts and then was assigned the task of pairing up the quilts in the order they would be called for as the racks went up.  Two per side normally.  Diane H was helping me out with the 100 (bed quilt hand quilted), 200 (bed quilt, two person), 300 (baby quilt), 400 (applique) and 600 (misc) groupings while Jane, Reba and Kathy were taking on the 500---the largest category of ever popular "small quilts--less than 70 x 80&quo…

Meeting day

A few pictures to share from Tuesday's Bama Belles meeting.   We were a little fewer in numbers this past time with a few out of town, another recuperating, another house hunting, another had outside appointments scheduled.  Still, it is always fun to get together with the quilting buds that are able to be with us.  Janet and I closed the place down as I was working on binding on my PopStix quilt and I knew I wouldn't do that at home right now!  Not with blog hop items to make--I'm on deadline!   Janet is perfecting her free motion quilting techniques and had recently taken a class.  She was applying her lessons to one of donation quilts that has been on top of my armoire for too long.  I'm happy that she wanted to use them as her canvas!

When I was pulling pictures from the "re-sized version" monthly folder I think I forgot to post this one that Bev had shared at the last meeting.  One of the groups that she belongs to, the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild based in …

Check in

My weekend was pretty laid back and I basically took the two days off from sewing, planning and all of that although two of my FAB pals were quilting and sewing cheering each other on.  I felt slightly guilty but got over that.  Instead I read, played and cuddled with my cat.  I cheered on the Cardinals, the Bears and Alabama football team.   Did my secretarial job for guild and typed up the meeting minutes.  That sort of thing, LOL.

Best of all, was the visit from my sister and brother-in-law Saturday morning.  They were passing within 35-40 miles of where I live on their way down to Destin, FL for a week's stay.  They had to stop!  DJ and I got to visit a bit and then we went out for lunch starting them back on their way a bit further south.  I'll be seeing her in again when I make the trip back to IL next month so no tears at the "see ya later" time--for a change.

Early this month I had made aserger cover to house the one that I had with my birthday gift money.  A …

Upcoming Blog Hop Sept 25th-Oct. 4th

I'll be cheering on this one  (as I sat out two rounds)  While I grew up in the 60's and am well acquainted with that decade, after looking at the pinterest boards of 60's stuff I was not sure that I wanted anything chevron, dot, wild patterned or butterflied living in my house, LOL.  I have a batik project just barely started but it did not look much like the theme so I passed. It should be fun to see what the gang comes up with!  I know that some of the listed have a much better imagination that I do!
Mary of I Piece 2-Mary will be the head cheerleader and of course, we are led as always by the wonderful Mdm. Samm of sew we quilt.  Sponsor has not been named that I know of but here is the complete schedule.  

Wednesday, September 25
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Thursday, September 26
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Friday, Septem…

A little this and that

DJ called me into the living room with a "get your camera"  Skyler was trying to hide behind the lumbar pillow that he uses in his recliner and sometimes on the kitchen chair against his back.

He tries valiantly to keep the cat hair off of it but that is a little difficult when it either sits upright on the recliner or the love seat when not in use.  Both of those spots are Skyler's preferred night time sleep spots.  Or they will be till the weather turns cold and he bunks with one or the other of us.  I think that one shot  made it look like he was a baseball umpire.  I may have baseball on the brain though since they are down to like 10 games to go and the Cardinals are 2 up in the National League Central.

I can finally share a picture of something that I made for my pal Norma recently---right after I made my hexie hop version I made this one for her along with the accessory pieces.  I mailed it off to her in late August and it arrived yesterday to her home in BC, fin…

Sunday, It's a fun day...........

old radio commercial from Illinois and my salad days---the rest is "at beautiful US 30 drag strip", not that I ever went there but things get stuck in your head.

I was working on the serger cover for my friend thelefthanded quilterwhen Skyler decided to inspect the inside of mine.  I didn't realize that it had hit the floor and there he was!  That is the only picture I can or want to share right now till I know she has received her package.   The project is finished up, the box packed and I will take it to the post office tomorrow.  I finished up a little too late on Friday to make it in there before the 4 p.m. closing time on Friday.

Yesterday was guild day.  I was home by 1:30 or so but basically just blog hopped.  I was tired and was going to take a break from sewing anyway.   Skyler had an incident during the night and woke me up at about 0445, long before I was ready to get up but there was no going back to sleep after that.  Actually by 0530 I just bailed and power…

A whirlwind

I tell you, the last two days have gone by so quickly it has almost been a blur!  Yesterday I did some of the errands that I had originally planned to do today after the quilt group met and frankly, now I am happy that I did!

I had gotten an order of batting in from Nu Style Quilting for  our donation quilts.  They pull 66 yards of 48 yard batting off and cram into a box that measures 17 x 17 x 32 inches.  One of the girls had volunteered to help me roll it off on the cardboard tubing we have at the meeting place.  Knowing that, I had removed the cardboard boxing from around the large bag to get it to relax a bit.  Oh, it relaxed all right but I could barely see out the rear view window!  The cardboard part?  Pretty much filled up my trunk with all the other stuff in there including the used serger I had boxed up to UPS on to my pal in Tennessee.  First stop, the recycle bin at McClellan.  I have been so glad to know that there is one over on the former base as I have been wearing a p…

Day 1 Pin It Blog Hop--schedule

While I am not participating this round, I can still be one heck of a cheerleader for those that are!   I hope that you will do so as well.  In getting the graphic on sew we quilt to write this post, I accidentally spotted one of the top 2 selections----someone today made a kitchen aid mixer, in tangerine!  I say accidentally because I prefer to hop first, and then see who Mdm. Samm picked.   Head cheerleader this round is Kristin of meadowbrook who is first up today.  Bird Brain Designs (oh, one of my favs!) and pbtex are sponsors this round.  See Mdm. Samm or Kristen for details there.  I'll be off to quilt group soon so may need to check in with the hoppers later.
Here is the whole schedule though
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