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Something Wicked----Day 7 Wicked Hop #3

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Macbeth, Act IV,  Scene 1--William Shakespeare

What fun this Wicked #3 has been!  Such creativity and general spookiness.  This bunch knows how to represent a theme presented by our head honcho hosted as always by Mdm. Samm ofSew We Quilt and our most fabulous cheerleader Wendy of Why Knot Kwilt.  Thanks to them for the continuous encouragement and support.  Sponsors this round are Reliable Iron (an orange iron!), Windham Fabrics and Bird Brain Designs, one of my personal favorites!  LOL, you will see why in a minute too.
I have made 3 items this round and just barely touched the mother lode of patterns I have stored in the computer in that ever expanding file labeled "Halloween" and a notebook full of holiday ideas.   Hopefully there will be a Wicked #4.  Using the signup to jump start something my friend Normaand I had discussed and planned last fall, I made this row quilt.

Several pattern sources were …

Getting there!

Hooray for a finish!  Yep, just took the last stitches in my Wicked Blog Hop entry when I sewed on a couple of buttons this morning.  Nope, I cannot show you but my day IS coming up on Wednesday the 30th.  There have been some amazing entries already and you can see the over-view on a Pinterest page that Mdm. Samm has set up for this purpose---- go to

I had hoped to get another small craft project done for the hop but a peek at the calendar has convinced me to set that idea aside.  Turns out that this particular Wicked hop is the 3rd annual so I'll save that for next year's participation.  I thought it was a clever idea and something that has been waiting in my pattern library for a while, LOL.  I do have another small project to quilt today and then I'll call it good and try to get some decent pictures for "my day".

While I am working, I will firm up my plans for what follows----

For the Boys hop pla…

Wicked Blog Hop

It is almost here---time for the Wicked Blog Hop hosted as always by Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt and
our most fabulous cheerleader Wendy of Why Knot Kwilt.  To this point the sponsor has not been named unless I missed it while away.

Below is the schedule for the entire hop.  I am not quite ready but I am sort of bringing up the rear this time. BUT still it is getting to crunch time!!  Unfortunately, sewing time will be a premium here at home as I have found out that DJ's golfing friend and his wife will be here sometime Monday evening until Wednesday morning.  Some cleaning will be required first but I also have a bit of baking and preparation to make for our extended meeting sew-in day for Belles on Tuesday.  I told Herb and DJ both that I am unavailable and the wife will have to entertain herself unless she wants to come with me.

 Tuesday, October 22nd Grammie Q's Stitchin By The Lake Quilted Delights Buzzing and Bumbling Vroomans Quilts Life in the Scrapatch The Quilted Cat Meadowbr…

Long Time, No blog

Been awhile since I have posted, hasn't it? I have a good reason though! I had gone back to Illinois to visit with my parents and catch up with some of the siblings and extended family. Bama Belles met on the 8th and no wrap up to be had.  To be honest, I really did not have time to blog as I was still trying to get more of the upcoming blog hop project done.  I did the best I could and some that needed embroidery embellishment and could be hand done, I packed!

We all know what it takes to get things lined up and packed up when you are going to be gone for about a week.  My husband is NO cook so I had to be sure he knew what was in the freezer or fridge for his use while I was away too----typewritten and posted on the refrigerator door.  This time he did NOT brag about not having to run the dishwasher while I was away nor did he eat but two meals away from home either.

I flew into the Bloomington-Normal area mid-day Thursday and my parents picked me up at the airport.  After …

sewing machine tension chart

Someone posted this on facebook and I want to be able to find it again.  Think that this might help a bit in the future on my sewing machine AND my serger.

Facebook also cut off the attribution site but Pinterest did not.  It came from Superior Threads and includes a good article that explains things a bit more, comparing thread tension to a "tug of war".  Bet that graphic makes a bit more sense now!

So here you go for future reference:

this and that

It is not going the way I would like it to go at the moment but this is what has most of my attention today.  Listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney on KMOX and Gameday Audio but got the TV on MLB with the sound muted.    DJ's grandson and his girlfriend are at the game in the 2nd tier behind home plate and I had hoped they would have a game like yesterday.  Is it greedy to want my team to score 7 runs again???  The Pirate's Alvarez is once and always a Cardinal killer while we are facing a pitcher that we haven't seen before which turns that guy into Cy Young.    GO CARDS, please?!

 I have been steadily working on my Wicked Hop item.  As usual, I can't show you much.  Well maybe this idea, I could.  My project includes some lettering as you can see.  As I was cutting them out and removing the paper from behind the words,   I needed them to stay in place and in order for later fusing to the base.  I had these disposable dialysis trays that one of the Belles ha…

New Button

You may notice the new button that Mdm. Samm has created in my sidebar but here she is!

As you know I have been participating in these all year.  Not all of them but a good many of them and having a blast doing so.  I'm working on my items for the Wicked Hop now and wondering what the next one is all about---for the boys, HMMMM.

But there will be a special drawing, spending money for 5 different sponsors, coming up in late October.  For the best of explanations how this might work-- please see Mdm. Samm's post here

In the meantime there are still 4 days of the Twist to the 60's left to go.  There are not as many participants this go round but these girls are knocking it out of the park!

THX for stopping by.