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staying on task

I'll get the glamour shots later when these are completely finished but this is how I have spent my week----quilting, quilting, quilting!

After I posted on Monday, I quilted Kristine and Andy's tree skirt, shown in THIS POST.  It is on the bottom of the pile in this picture.

On Tuesday:  I had my Bama Belles meeting.  I cut the center holeand side slit and got most of the binding attached to it before I went home around 2.  I needed to do the join essentially and did not have what I needed to finish.  I finished off my afternoon evening by completing that and started quilting my paint chip challenge.  That is it on top.

On Wednesday:  finished the challenge piece, put on the binding and tabs.  I marked the wide border and locked in the blocks. Pressed the binding for it.  Then I headed to the kitchen to make cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and our supper.  I finished off the evening by working on the tree skirt binding for a couple of hours and read part of a …

binding, tabs and ties

On Friday I had completed the pieced center of the paint chip challenge with some half square triangle unit trimmings to go.

On Saturday, I trimmed the units and got the borders on it and began the button hole applique that it required.

On Sunday I finished the applique, pieced the batting, marked it and pinned the piece---it is there on top.

This morning I am pressing binding in preparation to quilt those three pieces----the challenge piece, the tree skirt and a donation quilt that I would like to go to Gene Black's Angel Quilt projects along with another I have been holding till I get this one finished.  You can read about the effort on his blog HERE.  I discovered that I had NOT pieced the binding for that particular quilt or another one that is sitting atop my dresser.  I also forgot that the paint chip challenge needed some tabs made, it being a Button Up version and that is how they hang.  I'll do that before I start quilting today.

I follow my dear friend Joy's exa…


I have Nancy J. Martin's Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks a Year
 atop my computer.  Today's block is a 12 inch block called Indian Mats.  Now I know what my recent "Reflections" most reminds me of!  I thought Delectable Mountains maybe but still, that Southwest vibe.  Not quite it.  

This block according to BlockBase software is attributed to Nancy Cabot and dates to the 30's.  (BlockBase is the Electric Quilt's software version of Barbara Brackman's ground breaking work in Encylopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks and is derived from print sources from 1830 to 1970.)

On the notecard is a little bit about Nancy Cabot.  I don't know how well the font will show up in the screen capture or of course, who really designed the block.  Do we EVER really know when one is dealing with geometric shapes?

My Billie Lauder version is quite similar in the basic shape outline, though the technique of arriving at that point is quite different.   Visualize lines across…

this and that

When I was back in Illinois last month visiting with family, Mom and I were discussing some possible quilt choices for the grandkids.  She has been working steadily on making full sized quilts starting with the older grands and working down from oldest to youngest, more or less.  Two are married now and received their quilts as wedding presents.  Allison was engaged and has her quilt.  Other tops are done, one or more quilted and waiting.  Another in the works that she laid out for preview.

Mom has some thoughts on what she is making for the younger set based on their color choices.  Anyway, this block came up though neither of us could remember what Judy Martin had called it and could not lay hands on her Scrap Quilts book right away either.  It is called "Country Cousin" and has sort of a "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" positive/negative deal going on.  (ED:  11-28 on the 365 Quilt Blocks perpetual calendar calls this 4 Knaves.  BlockBase #1197 Nancy Cabot 1938)

We had d…

finished to flimsy

The color is not correct as it looks far too yellow but I was taking this at night and in a different room than normal.   The color DOES look "right" in the post for a few days ago.   Woohoo, the tree skirt piecing is all done as of yesterday afternoon.  I had 5 blocks to piece, the lower 3 rows to join and borders to put on.  Then a lot of fabric pressing for the binding and back piecing.  . Even had to piece the batting.  The binding is cut but I still need to seam it but that meant a trip to the store for the correct shade of rusty red.  I was thankful to get my jammies on and hit the bed as my back was really squawking at me by 8:30.

I got the okay to go over to the church fellowship hall to pin this morning.  The pastor was there and came in to put up some of the tables that were set up for Bible Study as the congregants will be having their Thanksgiving meal this evening.  I was especially mindful of getting any loose strings up off the floor before I left.

SO I coul…

Black Tie Boogie Schedule

While I am not participating this round, II did have an idea for this round but NOT the time to do it. I DO want to support the bloggers that are featuring their work in a chicken/rooster theme that Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt chose.  Head cheerleader this round is Vickie of More Stars in Comanche who does beautiful work herself. Vickie's love for chickens has been shown in some of her blog pieces in the past so I have no doubt she has something good up her sleeve! The schedule is posted below the logo.

Black Tie Boogie Schedule

Tuesday, November 19 Selina Quilts Sew Peace To Peace Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
The Quilting Queen Online
Marla's Crafts

Wednesday, November 20 Debby Kratovil Quilts Seams To Be Sew Robins Fabric Nest Scrapbook-ChickADoodle

Thursday,November 21 Pigtales and Quilts ~ Happy Birthday Thearica ! Just Let Me quilt Quiltscapes Life on the Farmlet
Friday, November 22 Vroomans Quilts Meadowbrook BQuiltin Studio Janes Quilting

Monday, November 25 Stitchin by the Lake Georgia-Girl Qu…

changing holiday theme

Since last week's blog hop, I have been stitching intermittently on Kristine and Andy's promised Christmas tree skirt.  At this writing I am at the half way point.  The plate and measuring tape show where it will be cut to accomodate the tree trunk.  The edge with the quarter square setting triangles would be the front edge of the skirt.

You may recall that earlier this summer I had made two tree skirts for the HO HO HO hop?  They are shown in THIS POST.  One went to my niece/godchild Allison and the other to my nephew Blake and his bride Julia as delayed wedding gift,  Well, Kristine has been married a bit longer than her brother Blake and I asked if she might want one for her holiday decorating.  Obviously she said yes or why make another?

When pointed to the photos of the other two, she liked the style of Allison's better so I said I would do something similar but use a different block pattern.  Since I over-cut on Allison's project, this has allowed me to use qu…

Last Day "For the Boys" Blog Hop

Hasn't this been a fun hop!  THX so much to our leader Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt who keeps coming up with ideas to challenge us.  Also a shout out goes to Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy for being an incredible head cheerleader.  Sponsor this round is Camelot Fabrics and I believe she said that whoever is lucky enough to win the fabric packets will be getting some of their boy themed fabrics.

Here is the group of ladies that share this last day---I just know you are going to be in for a treat when you see the 5 names I am most familiar with!

Everyone Deserves a Quilt From This to That Monkey Makes Three Just Quilt It Life, Quilts and a Cat too<<<  THAT'S ME!!   >>> Thimblemouse and Spouse More Stars in Comanche Sew Incredibly Crazy Sew We Quilt

So what did I make this round??  Just one item as I had not even started piecing this until the 30th of October or so.  Well I thought I was making this for my husband for Christmas but he has not shown much interest in the quilt.…

4 patch stacked posie

Several weeks ago some of the gals in my local quilt group and I explored the 4 patch stacked posie technique.  I didn't get pictures at the time as I was helping some get started on the cutting procedure, the concept of stacking the fabrics, etc mainly.  Once these are cut then it is just a matter of finding a pleasing layout.  I did get 21 blocks made that day and have 21 more ready to stitch up possibly at our next meeting.

Janet was using a gorgeous fall print, Marilyn went off without her foot pedal or power cord but she had a country floral and has since done some stitching.  Lois chose a very feminine piece with a strand of pearls and ribbons running through it.  Valera stitched up some wonderful blocks at home with tans, greens and a rusty brown shade that she showed me yesterday.  Of course, no pictures.  I'll get them as they finish up their tops.  I am pretty sure that Jane, Aline and Donna were all working on their own projects that day.

Then there are mine which …

Lucky, lucky me!

In the last week, I have been quite the lucky girl! Not only did I find out I had won the sponsored giveaway from Sew We Quilt after the Wicked #3 blog hop but I also won one of the door prizes at quilt guild on Saturday. Woohoo!

Wanna see?

From guild, a 10 minute table runner, two fat quarters and that cue little PC sitter made from a paint chip sample.  Really pretty clever, that one and probably on pinterest, LOL.

Folded up to look like one of those thread and needle deals you carry in your purse, just in case you have a tear or loose a button.

And the beaded pins on the inside

Of course you know who was enthralled with the pom pom trim.  Yes, I know the picture is quite fuzzy but you try to get a picture of a cat who is rolling all around and biting on pom poms.

Then yesterday, the mail was very, very late in arriving at our home, like almost 4 pm late when it is often here at 1130 depending on the carrier.  Hooray my red bag from Mdm Samm had arrived.  Here is part of what wa…

envelope purse tutorial

My next hop entry is finally quilted and I am down to the hand work part for binding, label and sleeve.  Woohoo there!  Now that I have breathing room, I though I would go ahead and post the photos/tutorial for that little trick or treat bag/envelope purse I made for the Wicked #3 hop.

Again, I do not know the source of it or I would share it. I don't really know what to call it either but chose envelope purse as it does remind me of that.   The girl showed me was not aware of where it came from--"something that they did a guild and no pattern", she said.  A commenter in Wicked Hop thought it might be from the Spring/Summer Quilt Sampler 2013 but I believe Donna's bag proceeded that.   Plus how do we know that the construction technique is exactly the same just by looking at the exterior.  One might have trimmed off a point, layered it differently, turned it instead of bound it, etc.   This is soooooo simple that anyone could have come up with it or added their own …

oops---more than once too!

I continue to piece my next blog hop entry and this morning finds me with just 3 blocks to go.  I am hoping to get this pinned tomorrow which was the goal I set for myself over the weekend.  BUT it has not been easy!  I don't know that I have ever had a project where more un-sewing has been required of me.  I do like how the joined rows are looking and am not sorry that I am making this quilt but what is my problem??  I may have a few theories.

 The time change?  Well, I have often have problems sleeping under the best of circumstances and messing with the clocks is no help there.  Pushing myself too hard to get this finished?  Could be.  Normally you can walk away when things are not going so well.   Take a few hours or days off.  Time is not on my side at this point.   Not paying attention?  Well, maybe. "Measure once, check twice" works for sewing too but twice I pinned the wrong seams resulting in an incorrect section.  That could have been avoided if I had verified…

For the Boys Blog Hop Nov. 6th through 15th

NOTE:  Extended to the 15th!

The next blog hop is coming up this week as the badge indicates.  Once again Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt, the queen of Sew & Show Blog Hops has extended a challenge to the participants to come up with something "for the boys" ---boys of any age!  Head cheerleader is Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy and the final schedule is listed below.  Mdm Samm will list the sponsors when the hop starts.

I am participating on the last day of the hop this time. As of this writing, I am no where near ready for this one though I did hit the halfway point last night.  Thankfully, things seem to be going a little more smoothly and I am settling into a bit of a rhythm with this project.  Whew there!   If you don't see me for a few days, assume that I am sewing.  LOL 
Wednesday, November 6th Vrooman's Quilts Sew Many Yarns Young Texan Mama Baa’s Amazing Adventures! Little Mushroomcap Threading My Way Sarah Scholz and Chasing Unicorns Quilt Doodle Designs

Thursday, November…