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not much to report

If you are looking for quilting content, I am afraid you have come to the wrong place.  I am just not in the mood and frankly, the estate matters are taking up a bit of most days.   I am posting anyway as many of you have been so supportive these past few weeks and probably are wondering how things are going.  I appreciate all the cards and emails you have sent.  The offers to call if I need someone to just listen meant a lot.  I thank you for the concern for me and my family.

I am NOT trying to do everything all at once.  Baby steps.    Rather I jot a couple things down that I would like to address and then try to take care of it.   Tuesday I went to Bama Belles but knew I had to empty out his chest of drawers and his desk as I offered them to one of my gals.  ( She has a daughter with another year of college to go, her mom living with her and the two of them are raising three young nieces. I thought of her first.)   They came to pick it up today.  A little minor cleaning this after…

Final Day Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop

When I heard that the early February blog hop was slated to be something foundation piecing, I signed up.  I love foundation piecing though I know it is not everyone's cup of tea.  This time around Mdm Samm of sew we quilt and Soma of Whims and Fancies put their heads together and came up with three Valentine's themed blocks that participants could purchase for a 5 dollar donation, the proceeds going to two charities.  Details on pattern purchase can be found HERE.

I got a little bit of a late start due to a January donation quilting binge and then my sewing room floor and painting re-do.   I made my 4 blocks in short order and had big plans for them. I was going to replicate one of the Love Stamps and had purchased a 20 inch square wall decal from Stencils and Decals using the shapes for applique template/tracing, borrowing their image here.

Picture this if you will---the foundation pieced blocks would act as cornerstones and it would finish about 40 inches square, a nice …

moving on to the next chapter

I want to thank all of you who were so kind to leave condolence messages to me on the passing of my husband.  I am still revising that post I wrote in tribute in my head but I'll keep those additions to myself.  So far it has not been a easy month for me or my extended family, as you might imagine.

The funeral and private inurnment was held in Illinois (where we are both from) on the 8th.  What it took to get him home and me up there on the plane is a bit of an amusing story.  Well, all I kept thinking was DJ would have thought it was a good story.  I won't go into the details here but I did say he had an offbeat sense of humor.

All my siblings were home along with most of the nieces and nephews as well.  Tracy's family was there to support him.  DJ's golfing buddy and his wife came though Herb is recuperating from surgery, his first day out.  Co-workers from the cable TV concern where he retired from came too.  A few friends from my old quilt guild attended.  One of …

heavy heart

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to say that my beloved DJ passed away in the early morning hours this past Saturday, just days after our 15th anniversary.   He had not gotten up at his usual time and after tending to that meowing cat, I went to check on him.  The EMS personnel and the coroner thought he had probably been gone about an hour at that point. A heart attack probably but he looked peacefully at rest.  He had not called out to me to let me know he was in in trouble.

He had not been ill, at least not from anything acute.  Heart troubles ran in the family but mostly they were being managed.   The fact that he was 16 years older than me, you know in the back of your mind that it may happen someday but are you really prepared when that day comes?  I was an "older man's darling" and one day I knew that it might be my turn to care for him and return the favor for the years he took care of ME.  We took care of each other.

He is probably about 21 one in th…