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LOL, Gene commented about the neutral toned batiks that I had picked out recently.  Actually there is a bit of method to my madness as I have been running around with some Olympic paint chips for about a month now.

The Great Baby's nursery is painted using these colors: Lunar EclipseHidden MeadowsGalactica and Kiss Me Kate from a picture sent my sister, the Nana to be

The selected shades are circled but I chose the darker gradations as well.  I think this makes it look a bit bluer than it is with that LED bulb in the lamp??   Really it is more towards the aqua and teal tones.   Kiss Me Kate is a just barely there tint.

And then there is the batik fabric I chose------I think it will do, some of it anyway.  I want to make a small Storm at Sea wall hanging and this will figure in there in some manner.  My original selections for the wallhanging were definitely more blue and are probably not the best choices for this project.  I'll do something else with that stuff-- fabric is…

stash enhancement

okay, I had said I might share some pictures of what I had gotten at the Mountainfest quilt show and Pappy's Quilting Place in Maryville, TN last week.  I forgot to mention that we had stopped in Chattanooga at Southern Thread, Inc.on the way up.  Garmin had us exit I-75 way too soon so we were winding all over the place to get there.  Marilyn sews professionally making American doll clothes and those cute little towels that you can hang in the kitchen that look like dresses plus she has an embroidery machine now so she needs all kinds of threads.  I just stocked up a bit on neutral toned serger thread---white, beige and gray.  I didn't take a picture of that but I did of the other goodies.

A selection of batiks from Stitch N Frame from Vicksburg, MS

These were the 5 yard bundles from Bolines at Indian Creek that I mentioned was from my old stomping grounds.  The one of the left most likely will become a donation quilt but whether I used the enclosed patterns or not remains to…

odds and ends

I've just been sort of piddling around the house today though a couple of errands were run as well.  Yesterday ended up being a bit of a paperwork day.  Actually I should be working on the guild newsletter now but I am waiting for a column that is always included.  I'll get started on the shell of it in a bit and then pop that part in when it shows up.

Today I got to play with the cordless drill.  DJ sort of "killed" the old Black and Decker one I had asked for years ago.  When it came time to replace it, I just told him to get what he wanted,  as I had not used it in years.  I wanted to move a few pictures around in his room and needed to drill for the hollow wall anchors.   The existing holes he had made were mostly not centered or in  goofy places so I made more after reviewing on you tube how to install one.

 Anyway, there is now a wall clock in there, what was in that spot is moved to an opposite wall and the winter snow scene picture that he always had above th…

More on Mtn. Quiltfest

I stand corrected:  I heard from pomandchia  who unfortunately is a "no reply blogger" so I can't thank her providing a bit of background information about the show.   I hope it is okay to share that with you since it is otherwise buried in a comment on yesterday's post.

Thank you so much for loving our show. Especially for saying that it was professionally hung. Because it was not, it is just guild members and their husbands and 2 city employees. Between both guilds we have about 70 members. We love that our show is free that was part of our agreement when we joined the city 20 years ago. Pigeon Forge has been wonderful to us and we form a great partnership. They fund the show and we along with volunteers work the show. Hope you can visit again, next year.
See?  I was so impressed with the metal floor stands and draping and thinking there is no way in the world that the guilds actually own all this equipment!  I know what it took to get those racks, poles, stands and…

away, back and out of commission

Well, that title probably says it all!  Some of you may be wondering just where I had disappeared to as I usually don't go this long without updating.  I did not want to broadcast that I was going out of town for a few days but I had gone to the Mountain Quiltfest up in Pigeon Forge (TN) for a few days this past week.

My friend Jane and her husband Hugh had reserved two rooms during the show and had asked me to join them along with a guest of my choice.  She had told me about this when we were on our way to the airport soon after DJ's passing, so about 6 weeks ahead of time.  I asked our friend Marilyn if she would like to go and share a room.

Off we went last Wednesday, arriving at the hotel about mid afternoon.  I think it is about a 4 hour drive or so up there from here.    We went out to eat at the Wood Grill Buffet  that evening and then to a show at the Comedy Barn.  Jane and Hugh had been before but they change the show up and there was a new animal act with cats!  How…

Happy St. Pat's

Recently with the "Think Ruffles" Blog hop Joan of MooseStash Quiltingcreated a St. Pat's themed moose in a green tutu drinking green beer through a straw for her entry.  If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to go back and take a peek at it.  She has such a fun sense of humor!

Anyway, she asked us to relate a favorite St. Pat's story in our comments.  Here was mine.

St. Pat's story: way back in 1978 the first time I kissed DJ was in a parking lot at Long John's Silver because he caught me with a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button on. We were not even dating at the time, I knew him to talk to but that was about it. He maintained for years that it was not a very good kiss---and I always retorted that we were not even dating so why would I really lay a lip lock on him? I also had to kiss his best friend from work too but he was married so needless to say, that was just a peck on the cheek. DJ later found out that I really could do much, much better!

I s…

I promised you quilt pictures

I guess with having to cancel two meetings due to horrid winter weather, someone (Lois in particular) got a lot of quilting and binding done!

These were the quilts that were turned in for donation at the meeting on Tuesday.  

Bev's panel quilt.  It is backed with flannel and perfect for a little one.  Bev has a long arm quilting machine that she is learning to use and these quilts are an excellent way to practice.

These 6 blocks were from a BOM project that the JOY group did.  I want to say from Sentimental Stitches maybe?  Lois said she lost interest in the project and used what she had done to make this top.

Lois Scrappy Squares #1

Lois Batik Squares and Triangles.  This was part of a quilt kit she got at the guild "garage sale" and she gave me the leftovers though I don't know that I will do the same thing with it.

No, you are not seeing double.  She made two very similar quilts, LOL

Lois Bridgecreek Blossom using a jelly roll.  Terry Atkinson Design.

A group fav…

moving to a new normal?

"New Normal"  whatever that is.  Now I get tasks like paying the household bills and yard work in addition to the inside work of cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning.  Not that all the inside jobs landed on me.  How else would I have gotten so much sewing done without him pitching in as he did?  DJ was a good helper, not with cooking, but he really pitched in with the household tasks saying "I live here too so I'm just doing my part".

Cooking and dusting was not his "thing".  I could ask him to stir something but you would swear you thought he was beating cake batter doing it.  Dusting, I would have to grit my teeth as he didn't do it like I did. (spray the cloth, not the surface and no circular motions and quit spurting that stuff all over the place!)  So minor in the scheme of things, you know.  Part of the age old thing--- my way, his way or done?  The laundry disagreements were finally resolved with "let me take care of my darks …

Friendship Quilters Show 2014

The quilt show is done for another two years.  All the months gearing up for it, setting up, enjoying the quilts up on display and down it comes in an hours time.  We did the check in a bit differently this time, sort of self checking yourself in.   The tables were set up with half the alphabet by last name on two tables.  Donna had stacked up all the paper work by name----the receipts we kept and the cards that were actually to be pinned to the quilts.

Next we were to take them to the category number tables---100 for bed quilts, 200's for small quilts, miniatures were 400.  Lots of wall hangings so those were also separated out by sections.  
Okay, that worked out pretty well.  Jane, Aline and I stayed out of the fray in the other room and concentrated on getting the quilts piled in numerical order.  Jane and I  knew from hanging the Gadsden quilt show enough times that as soon as you have a road map of the layout (and which end of the building they were starting on) you start s…