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low motivation again

First of all, if anyone is wondering how my area fared with the round of storms hitting the Southwest, there was a tornado near Birmingham (Bessemer) and some fatalilties reported though nothing like what OK and AK have been going through.  While it is cleared out now and the sun is peeking through the clouds, another round is due in by mid afternoon till after midnight.  As before flash flooding, hail, straight line winds, thunderstorms are a possibility.  The alarm sounded once, for a tornado watch.  One lightning strike sounded entirely too close and scared the bejeebers out of me to say nothing of the two critters. I don't know that it was terribly windy out and I have emptied out 1.5 inches of rain from the gauge for the 48 hour hour period.  We'll see what happens.  I'm prepared to head to my safe place, with hard hat, radio, batteries, chargers etc.

Yesterday would have been DJ's birthday. Bear with me or skip over this part.   It was not a good day emotionally…

Loop the Loop

The picture is a little bit fuzzy but my dad was able to upload a picture of the quilt that my mom made for my youngest nephew Ted using the Loop the Loop pattern.  Isn't it neat!?  Ted's color requests were for blues, orange, yellows, etc so I believe this fills the bill quite nicely.

Dad is on the right and it looks like they recruited someone at Peace Meals to hold up the other end as this was taken at the Community Center.  Maybe Mom was taking the picture then.  I guess I have a few people reading my blog anyway, LOL.   I said something about wishing I had a picture and a few hours later I got one.

I still have not settled on what I want to work on at the sew-in days and should be packing up the car.  I cannot decide what I want to fix to take as a snack type food either.  I am not usually this indecisive and waffling like this.   HMMM  I have the stuff on hand to make either of them.  I guess since my appetite went the way of my desire to cook I just can't too revve…

some progress

Well, I drug one of my machines to Bama Belles today and actually got some sewing done.  I could have gone to lunch with two different groups but elected to stay till I got the top to this point.  (Julie had brought some leftover cake from their Easter meal so I was not hungry in the first place.)   It seemed like everyone had somewhere else to be today or going out to lunch is the natural cut off point.    

All the vertical sashing and/or side bordering is in place though I know it is blending in with the doors.  I had left the sections for the top and bottom borders at home since I didn't think I would get that far anyway.  It will measure 57 x 75 when complete.  I'll get that done in a bit.  It won't take long to set the machine back up.
A friend of Lois' daughter who is soon to be a grandmother will be getting this quilt.  Lois did the embroidery motifs on her machine as apparently Mickey and Minnie Mouse is the nursery theme.  She also made the top up but her daug…

I promised you quilts from the last meeting...........

............and tomorrow it is time for us to meet again. Boy I dropped the ball on that one but we'll go "better late, than never".  These were ones that Lois turned in.  Some I know what the pattern is and others, not.  Lois cracks me up because if you ask HER  what it might be she just says she "had too many scraps"   They are still stacked up waiting for me to enter them in a document and number them.   I was busy with other things and am not sure what closet I am going to put them in.  If someone asked for quilts because there was a need in the community for us to fill right away, it might light a fire under me.  It has just been one less thing to worry about at this point.

Eleanor Burns' Twin Sister.  I like the mixed blue sashing that she used for this.  This is one of those "two blocks at once" deals so you usually see the opposite coloration pinwheel and background pairs somewhere in the quilt.  A child could play a matching game with it…

Day 5 What is Your Superpower Stitching Hop

It's here!  It is my featured day along with some other talented blog hop participants. But first, a big thank you to DMC who is sponsoring this round, a good tie in since they make such lovely floss, perle cotton and all those good things we stitchers love.  Did you see their cross stitch pattern for Super Emma on Tuesday?  What fun!  Of course, Mdm Samm of sew we quilt is the one who comes up with these great ideas.  This round  Pauline of The Quilting Queen is our head cheerleader.

Once you get done looking at my attempts at photography, then I hope you will pop on over to see what the others have done today.

THURSDAY APRIL 17 Kathy's Quilts Made by Me in Red life, quilts and a cat too Val Spiers Sews Quilt Doodle Doodles... Quilting My Way-5th Generation Quilters Blog

So what is my Superpower?  Like the others before me, none of us seems to want to brag about ourselves or maybe imply perfection at any given task.  There are things that I enjoy doing like cooking and baking, thou…

another day

Look who is in the house---and in jail.  Doesn't Oscar look like he knows he is in trouble?   We had a repeat of doggie missing and back up at his old house, under the fence, although not bothering the other dogs.  Glynda says he is acting like a different dog since he has been down at my house.  Not on the attack as he had done before when they threw their hands up in frustration.

Because of the rain, and now rain and cold blustery winds, Robert did not get the hole in the corner of the fence tended to.  Oscar apparently had no trouble moving that brick I tried to wedge into the opening.  He also had problem squeezing past the milk crate either though I didn't know that right away.  I took the leash up, walked him home, went in the shed to get the cat carrier for just temporary. Poor little thing was shivering in the cold.   Those few moments of inattention gave him time to get out of the yard again, run up the street and meander around in their back yard trying to get back…

this and that

And another Monday rolls around.  It has been raining off and on, but nothing torrential, only about an inch in our rain gauge.  Yesterday they had issued flash flood warning for a period of time from this morning clear into tomorrow for a big chunk of Alabama.  For the sake of those still dealing with the aftermath of that last flooding, I hope it does not come to pass.   Then I guess we are plummeting down to the 30's overnight.   Considering it was 61 when I got up this morning, that is quite a drop.

My day started off around 6.  I woke up, Skyler appeared from wherever had been and looking for his treat bite and crunchies.  Next I loaded up Oscar's bowl and took it out to him.  No Oscar to be found.  I traded in the jammies, robe and slippers for some clothes and walking shoes  I suspected that he had gone back to the neighbors but I did not hear the other dogs barking or spot him outside the fencing.  I kept watching and looking for him.

About that time Robbie (the neigh…

what a day!

I started out the day determined to finish up with the state tax forms after working through all the medical/dental bill stuff to itemize those deductions until almost 9 last night. Even Skyler was getting tired of that routine and just wanting a cuddle. When I finally flopped on the bed on my belly with the cell phone in hand, he was trying terribly hard to get me to roll to my side. He wanted me to lay down next to me and I just was NOT getting the message at first! The circling and head butting finally convinced me.

I just now finished with the filing, ready to mail it out in the morning. I kept on goofing up the forms when I was trying to copy the data over. Then I started doubting my math.  On  re-examination I decided that "yes, my taxable income was minus 300 some dollars". I could have done fillable forms but there was just too much stuff to add on and write in.  You know how stinky java script can be sometimes! At least this year I did not start printing several…

Coming soon to a computer near you---"What's Your Superpower" Blog Hop

I'm still slogging through the tax stuff.  Federal ones are done and ready to mail out but I am still slogging through the state details.  I commented yesterday on FB that there is not enough chocolate in the world to compensate for those forms.  Obviously I am not getting to play with that pretty fabric I cut out on Sunday but I am determined to get this done----today!

But on to more pleasant topics-----The Superpower Stitching Hop will be here before you know it! In fact, it starts Friday and resumes after the weekend.You'll find my blog listed on Thursday the 17th near the end. I'm ready to share except for getting some decent pictures and writing up the post, LOL.  DMC is sponsoring this round, a good tie in since they make such lovely floss, perle cotton and all those good things we stitchers love.  Of course, Mdm Samm of sew we quilt is the one who comes up with these great ideas.This round  Pauline of The Quilting Queen is our head cheerleader.

I hope you will follo…

a reward project

How long has it been that I even used the words "reward" project for when I am slogging through the end of one project and aching to start on something new since I am a little bored with what I am working on?  Don't try to answer that one but suffice it to say, if you are not sewing or whatever it HAS been awhile.

I cut this one out this afternoon.  Aren't those bright colors a breath of fresh air for a gloomy, damp day?  I am going to make the Brioche & Baguette couch throw as shown on Connecting Threads who kitted up all this lovely stuff.   Click on the "view more images" button and you will see the quilt full open rather than arty catalog view.

BUT I have to get the taxes ready before I can play. I have the forms printed off and a few questions I had were answered by a read of the manual online.  Obviously he is not going to be signing any forms but we were married the entire year of 2013.   I may have mentioned that DJ normally would have had thi…

at long last

I can finally put my Atkinson Designs Popsicle Sticks AKA PopStix quilt on the bed.  I think I had the top all finished at least a year ago.  The backing fabric hung in the closet for months till it broke the hanger, LOL.  Denise had it quilted by August 2013.  I had it bound in time for the Gadsden quilt show last fall but I wanted to keep it free of cat hair, dust, etc.  By that time it was fall and time for the fall themed quilts, not this spring/summer one.

I kept it bagged up in a pillowcase for Friendship Quilters show in early March knowing that one day spring might possible show up, LOL.  Off came the two quilts that have been on the bed with a lowered thermostat.  It has been staying up in the mid 70's the last couple nights and I have even had the ceiling fan on.  Cool, dark and quiet is the recipe for sleep after all.

Of course, you see who had to come hop on the bed as soon as the camera came out.  Actually it was an adventure to even get the newly laundered bedding o…

nothing much happening

When I last posted I was about to go off and make the house a bit more presentable as I expected DJ's longtime golfing friend Herb and his wife Phyllis.  I don't know if I ever told you this before, but DJ had gone to an old country grade school with her.  Double connection.   As expected they arrived about 8 and off we went to Jack's for breakfast.

On our return we loaded up every golf ball, golf club, the bag, the cart you use when you walk with your clubs etc. I could NOT let the head covers go though as I had made them for him.  I don't need them, of course but like his clothes, I guess I am just not quite ready to let some things go.   Unfortunately in trying to remove the rolling cart from its storage place, some part of it had gotten grease of some sort.  I could even be motor oil as he one of my old 13 x 9  cake pans in that area at one time for changing oil in some thing.  Herb managed to keep it off him or was able to wipe it off some paper towels.  I got it…