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another day dawns

So far today we have had one bout of rain and it looks like more on the way.  Oscar has already had one trip back into the house for a bit though when I opened the back door to call him in he was all snug in his dog house and out of the elements.  I was/am more worried about the lightning than him getting wet if I know he is out of the rain.  His preferred napping spot lately seems to be under the indented area of the kitchen where I can see he has been digging and carving himself out a little doggie sized hole.  Once we get to the "dog days of summer" and little rainfall he will quit that Glynda said.  That old red dirt gets packed hard and digging more difficult for man and beast.

I've heard some more rumbling and he is back in his crate with the door open, napping.  Skyler on the other hand, heard the thunder and has vacated the premises for a spot under the bed, I'm guessing.

Above, look how cute he looks all snuggled up in his crate.  This was about 3 in the mo…

catching up

As you might imagine this weekend was a bit up and down for me emotionally.   When we were still in Illinois, if I was not working, I went along with DJ to decorate the graves of his parents and paternal grandparents.  His dad's only sibling passed away the year after we moved down here and he is buried in the same cemetery as his parents.  Anyway,  DJ usually only went back to Illinois every other year in recent years.  I found a way back even if he didn't go and if it was around Memorial Day, I did the honors for him.

Of course this year, it is DJ that is gone.  I asked my parents if they would see that there were some flowers for him. I'm too far away and DJ is buried in our plot in central Illinois.   Dad found this mandavilla plant and then found out AFTER it was planted that they should have gotten permission to do so.  I told him it was probably better to plead ignorance at this point and ask for forgiveness (or something to that effect.)  At some point (next trip…

How did it get to be Friday already??

Where did the week go??  I guess time has a way of getting away from you when you are busy, both inside and outside the house.

Wednesday I finished up the chopping back of the weeds on the bank.  Who knew that there are raspberry vines buried in all that thatch and old kudzu vines??  I didn't care though as I sprayed insecticide anyway.  I learned my lesson from the day before and slowed my pace, going out quite early to just cut.  I cooled off a bit and then ran to Lowe's for another gallon of Roundup.  Just spraying was not as difficult as trying to do both jobs at one time.  I hope that task is done for a few months.

Of course, I am so out of shape that I ache just about everywhere --the back of my legs, my back but mostly in the muscle in my forearms from using those big clippers.  LOL, I don't know what the real name is for them.  I know from when I used to try to trim down the holly bushes in the front of the house that they were hard on my arthritic-y thumbs but I h…

Finished to flimsy/kitties!

I just finish up the top about an hour ago.  Woohoo there though I still need to seam the binding, that may wait till tomorrow.    I will wait to get the "beauty shot" minus the painters tape once I have it quilted.  It finished 37 inches square with the change in the inner border size.

Today's tip is how to make an even narrow border.  Varying thoughts attribute this to Joen Wolfrom and it did appear in Ricky Tims' Convergence book as well.  I have posted these two links before but no harm in repeating them.

passage in Google Books from Convergence

from the quilting boards    it has good step by step graphics.  Scroll down to the #6 post to the poster  going by the screen name of "ghostrider".  It works!!  She states it is better to get it even than worry about seam allowance.  My little bit of red finishes at 3/8 inch (cut it one inch)  Just enough of a bit of color without overwhelming the…

some progress

The stacks are getting smaller. I am making some progress (see photo below) but not quite there yet.    For one thing there is a lot of layers where the points of the Square in a Square and/or the little Economy Patches meet at the diamond tips.  Good thing I am not trying to sew this on the Brother as it balks at 4 layers in a seam allowance.  I'm using the trusty old Singer.  It may not be fancy or electronic, needle down, knee lift and all that jazz but it is heavy duty and sews well.

I have also found if I flop the little Economy patches over so I have the way the seam crosses over going the opposite direction and mash it down a bit with my stiletto it is sewing a bit easier.  I know that I am not explaining myself very well but my "theory" seems to be working.  In addition, I started out sewing with the foundation paper still in with the plan to sew right on the line printed on the paper.  That proved to be counterproductive as I can line it up far better at the po…


2 posts in one day.  Since this mornings before lunch post, I have managed to dust and clean the kitchen and utility room floors and vacuumed the whole house.  After lunch, I loaded Oscar up in the car and we walked two laps in the city park.  He hates the carrier but he loves the park so I get two miles worth of whining all the in and back.

I started up the laundry.  Then I decided to vacuum out the car and wash it.  This was a little problematic in that I cannot find what he did with the fleece mitt thing or the chamois cloth.  In addition I could not hook the hose up in the back of the house and for some unknown reason he had discarded the hose reel.  I drug I don't know how many feet of hose to the front faucet and pretty much flooded the carport so I had to sweep up the carport again as there is a low spot that holds water.  The car looks good though.

In the meantime Glynda came over my cat carrier as Mamacita had finally brought out one of her babies, an all black one with …

busy week

So far this week has seemed like I have been gone more than home. 6 month check ups for both the medical doctor and the ophthalmologist and there goes the morning.  Tuesday was Bama Belles day. May is always a busy time for folks with Mother's Day weekend and graduations. One gal was even off to an out of state wedding, another off on a trip to the Caribbean.   4 of us showed up.

Lois got 3 more tops pinned, two were from the recent Lickety Split Log Cabin class at JOY group taught by Jean Ann Wright and using her specialty ruler.  She ended up with two donation tops but I don't know if that was her original plan.  She had wanted a medallion type set and that requires an even number of blocks.  She may have had 35 made up and just did 13 more to make 2-24 block sets in the end.  I was busy sewing so Bev and Jane were helping with the pinning.  No pic taken.  We went out for a light lunch and then went on our way. 

 Of course, the next time we meet is right after Memorial D…

treasure hunt

My niece and her husband had chosen a Northeastern nautical theme for their expected child's nursery.  When I was back in IL in February we talked about my making a small wall hanging for the room and then I would make a quilt for the baby to drag around.  I picked Storm at Sea.  At the time I purchased fabrics that would be similar in coloration to my EQ sketch.  Then I found out that the paint colors are actually a gray, dark grayed green, aqua/teal and a aqua teal pale tint.  I may use the blues and reds anyway in the drag around quilt and if not for this baby then for another child, even as a donation quilt.

Anyway, I bought fabrics when I was at the Pigeon Forge quilt show recently.  Looking at my sketch is just throwing me off as I need to be thinking aquas/teals.  I think I still need a shade darker than what I had bought.  To that end, I went on a treasure hunt in the bedroom fabric storage.

The bin on the foot locker is the one I was primarily looking for with the lefto…

a little output

I have managed to get a little bit of sewing done the past few days.  Actually I had finished prepping the 3rd side of the dust ruffle yesterday afternoon.  Then I sort of basted it together with some Elmer's glue and hot iron since I was planning on doing the joining seams on the serger.  It might be a little tedious but it does help you avoid those pesky pins and messing up the machine.   I finished up the evening by doing that big long seam and called it a night.  Only one busted needle to replace and of course it was on the curved corner where I had the most bulk and the tougher negotiation of seam.  You may notice some bunching in the pictures below but I think the bedding will disguise all that.

Today I had some grocery/incidental shopping to do and when I got home, some binge cooking.  Between dog walks and other household tasks it was mid afternoon before I pressed the seam and held my breath while I tried it on the bed frame.  I am a bit math challenged and at one point t…

cats vs dogs

You know, I should really consider changing the name of my blog.  I am tending two cats and now a dog, after all.  I'll be honest and say that I am more a cat person than a dog person.  I like dogs, not as much as cats but I have welcomed Oscar into my home and will do my best to take good care of him.  We are still getting to know each other.  The two in combination crack me up.  

Skyler is so nosy to the point of risk sneaking up on Oscar in the open crate last night to see what he was gnawing on (a small rawhide bone).  I had gotten the baby gate to keep Oscar out of the living room but what I had not counted on was Skyler going around or over it.  Twice last night I stopped him from getting any closer to the dog.  The third?  I did not see him in time and Oscar finally did, barked and chased him out of the room.  BUT did that stop him?  NO, he did not learn his lesson---at all.  
Oscar meanwhile does not want to go OUT necessarily.  I can stand and hold the back door open and he…