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Sunday check-in

Yep, it has been a week since I posted and a dear friend gently inquired via email if everything was okay.  She assumed I was since she had seen a couple comments on facebook but no blog update.  <VBG>  Message received.

Seriously though, this week has been a bit of a blur.  There were a couple days where I did not feel too red hot and I will not get into the whats and where for's but thankfully it seems to be behind me now.  Just plain busy.  If it is not outside work, then it is stuff inside the house.  Outside work means more sweaty, smelling laundry to do.  I could/should be out raking dead grass away from the fence so I can see if I need to spray inside it for weed control.  Michael is not able to mow for another week or so and he is the one that weed whacks in there.  Three weed whackers and I don't know how to operate any of them.  Nor can I start my push mower by myself.  Pretty pathetic, right?

Neighbor Robert told me to open up the back gate and he would mow i…

Sew-in report

What a fun day with the girlfriends at guild!  The event is always three days but the only one where all 4 of us could get away was Friday so we loaded up in Jane's SUV and off we went.  Terri's husband offered to help pack up the back end thinking we needed a hand to fight 4 machines and accompanying bags and supplies in there  but this was NOT our first rodeo, LOL.

I had elected to work on a little rewards project though I certainly could have started on my guild alphabet challenge piece, due next month.  Just not in the mood to sew strip sets.  This little bag kit from Quilt Taffy that I got with the giveaway from Carol's of Just Let Me Quilt fame was just ticket.   The pattern is from "Whatcha Got?" from This and That patterns designed by Sherri K. Falls.  Corrie packed it up with a charm pack of Moda's American Jane Potluck.  With 42- 2.5 inch squares this large size only uses half of the pack so I could conceivably make another.  I am pretty sure that t…

checking in

I'm afraid that sewing this week has more or less been a pipe dream once I got Skyler's #2 perch cover done.  Oh it looks so much better though I wish I had figured out how to round the corners a bit.  The thing was I was not sure exactly where the overlap at the top was going to be happening so that didn't help in locating the base part.  Needless to say, he is enjoying BOTH locations.

I had then turned my attention to making a sort of slip cover for Oscar's mat but with a zipper at one end so it can be removed and washed.  The original mat did not have that capability.  So far he is not scratching at it like he is trying to dig to China, like he does in the car crate!!  He seems to be quite cozy on the fleece cover.

I had to laugh at Oscar the other night though.  In the picture he is not facing the camera because he is playing with his little rawhide bone.  I was at the kitchen table keeping him company and reading a book in the Kindle app on my tablet.  Well, he …

odds and ends EDITED

I have gotten a bit of sewing done towards the end of the week.   In fact, I went almost straight from one project to the next thing on the mental list.  Here I am trying to make a pattern for Skyler's perch cover last evening, cutting into the old worn out one to see what its approximate measurements should be.  I had ordered the fleece stuff to do this months and months ago. Both perches (yes, he has two!) need attention and there is no need to even laundry them when both of them were looking pretty sad.

I had completed the hand finishing on the binding of the bedroom valence on Friday morning, doing the bulk of the assembly and half the binding on Thursday.  This was after helping to rake up the brush from the bushes Robert had trimmed up after he mowed the yard.  It is a wonder I had any ambition at all after that!  Hot, sweaty work.

Then Jane called and invited me to run over to the Ashville Quilt shop with her, Aline and Terry on Friday afternoon.  They along with several…

quilts, meetings and sewing plans

A few pictures to share and so forth--------

First the "glamour" shot of the Storm at Seas wall hanging I made for Baby R's nautical themed nursery.  The shot on the back of our shed---the quilting shows up really well in this outside shot.
 Kristine and Andy had it in time for her shower on Sunday.  I had mailed it up to my sister, the baby's nana and told her they would need a dowel rod or cafe rod to hang it but it had a sleeve on the back for hanging purposes.   Quite thoughtfully, Diane took some video so I could see her open the package though she opened the rod first.  LOL, the look on her face was priceless.

I was told that someone at the shower had offered to take it off Kristine's hands as those where "her" colors!  I tried a shot here in the house too but obviously the command hooks above my bed were not up high enough or far apart enough.   Still the colors kind of go with my PopStix quilt.  What wouldn't with that colorful mix?   Meanwh…

thanks, recipe and Quilt Symposium

I want to thank you for stopping by to see my Perfect Picnic Blog Hop entry.  Some of you were kind enough to leave a comment and I have tried to answer each email.  Y'all warm my heart.

I was also asked if I would share the recipe for the Freezer Slaw that my mentor gave me all those many years ago.  I'll be happy to.  I put it in my cooking software using the full amounts of the ingredients but I halved it.  It calls for 1 gallon of shredded cabbage and I had no clue how much that was but one good sized head was plenty!

* Exported from MasterCook *

                          Mrs. B's Freezer Slaw

Recipe By     :  Eunice Beetzel
Serving Size  : 16    Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Salads                          Side dishes

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  1             gallon  shredded cabbage -- 2 heads
  1              large  carrot -- peeled and grated

Day 5 Perfect Picnic Hop

Hasn't this been a fun hop so far?  I have enjoyed seeing the quilts that my fellow participants have come up as well as the yummy food they have prepared and the scenery at their locale.  Some have gone with indoor picnics and hey, nothing wrong with that!  Fun is where you make it.  Many thanks to our head cheerleader Mary of I Piece 2-Mary and of course, all great ideas spring from our incomparable Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt.   Also a big shout out to our sponsors  Peterboro Basket and Riley Blake Designs.

So when we were ready to sign up, it was with these directions:

#1 create a picnic quilt#2 obtain some kind of picnic basket #3 plan a detailed menu and share your basket contents.#4 take photos of your outing and share how your day went....#5 what books or games did you bring along  ( no phones, no electronic gadgets...must be left in the car or better yet at home) 
Okey doke, I was in.  As usual I had a couple of pre-conceived ideas of what I MIGHT do.  When it came right down …

Perfect Picnic Blog Hop Schedule

As I finish up the binding for my entry and fine tune my picnic menu, I hope that you will follow along with the presenters who precede me..... and follow too!  I am not due up till the 6th but I still have to get this done promptly so I can get pictures taken.  Right now I am shooting for Wednesday, and hoping the weather will cooperate. 

As you can see on the updated graphic, the hop starts today June 2nd and runs through Monday, June 9th with the weekends off as usual.  Our head cheerleader this round is Mary of I Piece 2-Mary and of course, all great ideas spring from our incomparable Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt.  Sponsors are Peterboro Basket and Riley Blake Designs.  Word is, you need to check out the sew we quilt page for complete details as Peterboro Basket is offering us a 20% discount on a basket purchase!!

Here is the schedule of dates and featured blogs.  Happy Hopping! 

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