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Some progress

Today I am making some steps to get chevron quilt for my great-niece started.

I drew my "road map" up in EQ yesterday.  Actually that almost helped more than reading through the tutorial stuff in a way.  I have a clearer picture in my head just how it goes together now which made it a bit easier to put the sections up on the design wall.

The actual pieces are below.  Never mind that light green at the top though it is kind pretty, LOL.  That is just the other side of the table cloth I picked out.  I need the flannel side but paid for both.  There is one more row at the goes at the bottom but I was already skirting the baseboard a bit.  Since I don't need those pieces until the quilt is more than half sewn, I just set them aside for now.

The quilt top is sewn  "on point" or in diagonal rows.  You may be able to see that from my printout.  I find it easier for me to track what each row is supposed to look like if I fold the paper along the row lines I have mark…

Thursday check in

Time marches on.  It has been a busy week.  When am I not busy lately, huh?  I guess I should be reporting about the days when I just sit like a mugwump on the couch, LOL.

We had a good group at Bama Belles on  Tuesday. A few folk of the regulars were missing, one to vacation and one to illness but others that we don't see quite as often were there.  A few picture to share:

 Valera and Donna will working on the Fiddlesticks tops from the donation fabric.  It looks like we will definitely get two tops out of the deal and I know that there was more blocks left though I have not counted up how many towards another.   When I took the picture she had three rows to go.  Donna was well on her way with the 2nd one but she works 2nd shift so always has to leave around lunch time.   My version stayed essentially bagged up while I worked on strip sets for Baby R's Chevron Quilt though I shared how differently these look with the strip color choices, pulling up Lois' blue strip versio…

Checking in

Before I get the "are you okay?"  inquiry,  just busy, inside and outside the house.

Outside:  I have weeded, hoed, chopped, sprayed all along the edge of the bank in back.  It took me a few hours over two days to get down the row swear that kudzu is like a phoenix rising from the ashes.  You think the roots are dead and then when you start hacking it, you discover that the little sprouts that are coming up are springing off the stuff you thought was dead and gone.  Not only will it trail on top of the ground sometimes at close to a foot a day and attaching to whatever it can find to attach to, it also grows outward underground.   Some of the roots are about 1/2 or more in diameter and it is like hitting rocks with the hoe.  Also you have to be mindful that there are low spots, animal holes, fire ant mounds and where you see the kudzu is generally off the edge of the bank.  You can't get too close and I sure don't want the riding lawn mowers going anywhere that close…

before and after

Busy day today and I am afraid that Oscar is getting short shrift in the walking department today.  No trip into the park and he will have to settle for a couple of trips up and down our lane.  I'm tired!  LOL.  I did go out and toss his little tug of war toy around a bit in a semblance of "fetch" so maybe that will help?

That bush I showed the other day that needed some cleaning up around?  Here is "before",  the one dead center in the photo.

After I got the loppers and rake out and wore myself out!

Once I got showered and cooled off then I decided to box up some of my cookbooks for donation.  Center Hope's truck is coming on Tuesday to get some other stuff I had phoned about so I thought now was a good chance to weed them out.  There are two more small boxes in the car as well.  One is going to Friends of the Library and the other, a donation bin.

Essentially I was able to clear out most of this bookshelf but then some of it is shifted to the other one.

a view from the yard

The baby birds vacated the nest earlier in the week.  I had been watching and first one disappeared and then the last one was sitting on the edge of the nest, like it was too afraid to take off.  A few hours later, I happened to be looking out the kitchen window and spotted it flailing around in the bed at the base of the Rose of Sharon bush.  I sure hope it gets the hang of what to do with those wings or something like my dog is going to get it.

So this morning for about an hour while I still had some cloud cover,  I finished taking some of restof the branches off the gardenia bush.  Two wheel barrels full of brush for the burn pile.  This was all the further I could take it down with the large pair of manual loppers.  It will take the electrical version or a chain saw at this point.  I don't know that anyone should trust me with electrical appliances other than the ones of the kitchen variety like blenders, mixers, panini press, LOL.

This mess at the base of the Rose of Sharon…

a little of this and that

Well, I took two "holiday" days off, Friday and Saturday, more or less.  By Sunday afternoon, I was back at it.  I finally got DJ's closet emptied and vacuumed out.  Then I had to wonder how in the world that his closet rod had not snapped in two.  Mine certainly did and in a New York minute too!!   I have a ton of stuff on the shelf, and always have only now the closet is no longer stuffed with clothing but quilting supplies, completed tops and some large lengths for backings.   DJ got about 5 support bracket/rod deals and a nice metal rod and those puppies are screwed into the studs.  He did not repair his own, my guess is that he was waiting till HIS rod snapped like a twig and he had to do it, LOL.

Now take a look at this jerry rigged thing.  The bracket is NOT flush with the shelf.  The rod support does not support the rod.  Thankfully, I am basically just putting donation quilts up there and two small boxes of mementoes and banking materials.

What supports the rod…

Happy Independence Day!

It is just a picture perfect day outside, yesterday showed some promise of it, but today, is gorgeous.  Look at the blue sky. breeze blowing, lower dew points and much cooler temps.  58 overnight according to my thermometer.  I had a little struggle getting the flag mounted in that the wind was trying to whip it away from me.   That and I am a little afraid of heights (or falling?), like even as small as getting my own height off the ground.  Silly,  I know.  There is nothing really to hold on to other than to brace my hand on the facing board.  I was not able to use the step stool that DJ used to get up there but we still have my old painting ladder from years ago so I drug it out.  So Happy Birthday, America and happy birthday to my dear friend, Cindy.  In years past I visited her on her bday as they had a little quilt show in the town they were living in at the time, outside Knoxville, TN.  The whole town would get into it with all day activities planned.

Oscar and I went into the …

Thursday check-in

I told a friend the other day that I should just quit making plans or goals for the day as it never seems to happen around here lately.  I may lay there in bed as I did this morning and tell myself---"Okay, finish clearing the closet.  Log in those quilts and get them put away in there!"  Day is more than half over and it still isn't a blip on the radar.

Yesterday, same thing.  Same goals really.  Closet, quilts, clean the bathrooms.  Well, the next door neighbor is done recuperating from his eye surgery is back on lawn and weed whacking patrols.  I was out walking Oscar for his afternoon trot up and down the lane and he hollered "I'm heading there next to mow (push mower) and will weed whack after that".  What he meant was for me to take Oscar in the house for awhile till he was finished up.  Since he was taking a break, I got out the rake and got the thatchy clippings removed as best I could from both sides of the fenced in back yard area filling up about…

this and that

My plans for Monday were to work on the guild newsletter, it being the last day of the month.  Also Ii planned to get started on the clean/clear the closet and master bathroom.  Didn't happen.  Nope, my morning started off with my computer desk drawer and pull out shelf for the keyboard, more or less, landing on my lap and floor.  Second time it happened too.  As you may recall I assembled this a few months back from one of those knock down pieces of furniture that requires cams and those cam posts.  I copied the picture of it before the computer and all the peripherals came back in.

Same thing happened as last time--- the whole thing pulled out.   Down it tumbled and just as I had started messaging with my friend Cher.  There is a small support arm that attaches to the top with holes countersunk into the desk top.  The support "beam" fits into that and then is tightened with the cams.    It has rollers on both sides, one for the desk drawer and the other for the keyboar…