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sew-in's and quilt groups

Each quilt group has its own unique blend of attributes, it would seem.  Some are guilds so they are run by the Roberts Rule of Order and parliamentary procedure; others are more informal.  Some have outside speakers or imported talent, with slide shows or trunk shows while other the programs or demos are done by group members.  Some are hands on and others just talk about quilting.   Some you get stuck on some committee and going to endless board meetings or quilt show meetings until you swear you are going to have your eyes roll back up into your head retreading the same ground over and over.   Some are more into community service projects and others are more into workshops, field trips and traveling to quilt shows hither and yon.  Some are different just because of who makes up the group.  Some I know would not be a good fit for me and no way will I ever darken their door.  Still, you learn something from every group of quilters that you are involved with.  It is our nature to shar…

Ilinois leg of the trip

Okay here are the two pictures that I wanted to post with the wedding write-up. Love it!  Congratulations to you both.

The plane got in on Sunday night about 6.  I only had a couple of days to actually spend in Illinois visiting with my family this trip as the return flight would leave at about 7 on Wednesday morning.

Monday my family from the Bourbonnais area came down and joined us for lunch.   That group is comprised of brother Dave, wife Ann and their adult children Allison and Drew.  Allison's cocker spaniel Sophie joined us too.  

I don't think that Drew normally would be wearing a hat but Dad had just given him some from his Fasking Hat collection, a former service station in their small town.   All that fabric in front of him on the table??  Civil War prints that we would mail back to me--at the time 160.00 worth and all half yards!!  The woman it belonged to is now in the  nursing home and her husband has given Mom a good bit of fabric the past couple of years sinc…

Part 1: Colorado and the wedding

Before you think I dropped off the face of the earth, I had better post!  I was gone for a week. August 13 through 20th and home since about 4 p.m. Wednesday evening.  A week has passed.  Every time I thought I might be able to sit down to update my blog, something else seemed to come up.  In fact, I am still sort of catching up, LOL.  I barely got back and it was off to one of the guild sew-in days on Friday.  Yesterday was Bama Belles.  It is also time for me to be getting out the guild newsletter---did much of that on Saturday because the gals were giving some of the stuff that needed to go in it on Friday, LOL.

BUT every body keeps asking about the wedding and getting to see the baby.  I keep saying I'll post to the blog including pictures.  Guess I better get to it, huh?   This will be long, just saying.

I knew going in that my sister Janet needed some help in the kitchen.  She had arranged my flight to get into Denver in the early afternoon on Wednesday (the 13th) for that v…

Check in

I was reminded this morning at breakfast that I had not posted in a week, LOL.  I guess one person besides myself notices those things.  I had my reasons---nothing much to show in the stitching area though I did start on the tree skirt was the first one.  You don't get to see that one as I MIGHT have to count it towards the "3 projects for September" hop.
2nd one, I have not been in a good place emotionally, what with my birthday approaching and going through this year of firsts without my mate.  Rather than be a real Debbie Downer, I stayed away from the keyboard.   DJ and I would have gone out to eat at the place of my choosing,  he would have gone to Winn Dixie and gotten a bouquet of flowers usually a day or two in advance so we had something to brighten our table for about a week.  On the actual day a lovely card, usually one that made me cry and a check for some spending money if I hadn't already picked out something online and told him to give me the credit…

finished to flimsy---woohoo!

By the time I quit sewing on Saturday I was up to the last two joining seams.  One at the quarter mark of the 2nd half and the long middle joining seam between the two halves.  I didn't sew a lick yesterday as I was considering if I wanted to make some changes with the left side of the Chevron quilt. I HAD initially planned on trimming it off on one side but................I like how this last corner looks.  The chevrons are sort of floating on the white background.  I mulled it over and mostly read a couple books on the Kindle app instead, did the laundry, walked my dog, played with the critters, anything but sew.  Still, every blessed time I woke up during the night last night that quilt was on my mind. Time to finish this thing up and move on!

I had already trimmed some off of the left side.  If I were to keep it the way it was, and sub out the print quarter square triangles with white background ones then some of it would need to be re-constructed.  OR I could ditch one of th…

Checking in

August 1st.  In some ways this year is whizzing on by and in others, dragging.  Whizzing by because I am busy most of the day either inside or outside.   Dragging because it is 6 months to the day that my dear husband departed this earth.  Growing older and doing it without the love of your life is the pits, just got to say.  I'm trying---all you can do, right?

I have the chevron quilt half done but did not even sew for two days this week.  We had a bit of a cool down weather-wise and what a gift that was!  One day it was sweeping inside and out, dust mopping, mopping, vacuuming and even dusting in spots that it had never occurred to me to ever dust.  You know, the "don't look up" philosophy?  Well, that framework around the kitchen pass through, and around the windows flanking the fireplace----ugh.  Dust accumulation, big time.   I dust around the doors of the bedrooms and bathroom but I don't know why I didn't think about the windows!  Well, after all that …