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The " next ups"

By the time this post goes live I hope to be working on the three items I mentioned in my last post.  That means that I have the guild newsletter behind me and have time to do a little sewing.  None of these should be too time consuming but fun things to whip up and use a bit more of the fabrics I purchased for the last blog hop.   I've also got a list of about 7 household things that need attention so it would be good to see some cross-outs happening there as well.   As DJ was always saying to me "who gave you all those jobs anyway?  aren't you retired?"  Not always sure about the source of the work but it DOES happen.

The ipad/tablet stand for Jane.  Tutorial on Factotum of Arts

This and That Koin Keeper I need those heavier needles before I think about starting this wallet,  .  I have made one before and like the style but it is a bit of a bear through multiple layers of interfacing (Decor Bond was used in their sample) This time I am trying with the interfacing cu…

DAY 5 Rush Hour Blog Hop -- My turn

It's time for me to post my Rush Hour Hop objects!  As always, we are are encouraged by Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt who sets the themes and works behind the scenes to make these hops what they are.  Head cheerleader for this round is the incomparable Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.  Take a bow, ladies!

Here is the list of today's fellow participants 
Monday, September 29 Grandmama’s Stories Kris Loves Fabric Jane’s Quilting Life, Quilts, and Cats, too   <<< you are here>>> Thimblemouse and Spouse Creatin’ in the sticks Bquiltin Studio Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)
Studio E Fabrics is our sponsor this round and what a wonderful line of fabric to inspire us!  Have you seen their upcoming Pearle and Essentials 9??   I tell you, a red, black, white and gray lovers dream.   I think it is my favorite combination of colors, at least in my clothing and accessories.  I don't give a hang if redheads "shouldn't wear red" and never have.  Of course, it is oft…

Last two days of Rush Hour Hop

Two days remain in the Rush Hour Hop!  This week has gone so quickly but then I was busy, busy, busy trying to get my main entry finished up.  Come back and see it on Monday (tomorrow), if you would please?  I've got my pictures taken and will be working on my post sometime today.  I also have the guild newsletter to get started on so it is a toss up which one I work on first, LOL.

There has been a schedule change so I'll re-post our cheerleader Carol's note since my list is buried a few posts back at this point.  Hope you'll join us or check out the Pinterest link at for the hop overview.  There have been some wonderful things made for this talented group!

Monday, September 29 Grandmama’s Stories Kris Loves Fabric Jane’s Quilting Life, Quilts, and Cats, too Thimblemouse and Spouse Creatin’ in the sticks Bquiltin Studio Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)
Tuesday, September 30 Lily Patch MooseStash Quilting Words & Stitch…

Checking in

I am starting into day 5 of my sewing on my main blog item--half done at this point actually though I made a design decision a little bit ago and am swapping out a different fabric in two areas.  I'll be happier with that choice.  Today is day two of the Rush Hour Hop and the schedule is in the post right below this one.  Gotta love that black, red, white and gray combo--very classic!

Yesterday was Belles day though I hardly feel like I was there.  Silly me had finally gotten up the courage to try to do my first buttonholes in about 30 years late Monday evening.  I pulled out the manual, read, drug out the machine and set it up.   I did a couple trial attempts, ripped out the first attempt on the fabric that mattered and made the two buttonholes required for my project.  It was 10:45 when I put on a bit of fray check and turned out the light.  In my rush to get out of the house the next morning, I went off without my thread AND the sections I needed for the next steps.  As soon as…

Rush Hour Blog Hop--round the corner!

Again, I am not quite ready but I am working on it!!   My day is September 29th so I have a few days before I panic.   Actually 3 smallish projects are done.  Also all the preliminary prep work is done for my main project.  Sewing will commence in a few minutes, right after I get this tube turned and stuffed.  My main project is something I have wanted to do for some time and wished it HAD been done before I took my trip last month.  Didn't happen obviously but it is going to, LOL.

Here is the upcoming schedule, courtesy of our head cheerleader Carol of Just Let Me Quilt who leads things off on Tuesday.  You will know I am busy sewing if you don't hear from me for a few day

Tuesday, September 23 Just Let Me Quilt I piece 2-Mary Marjorie’s Bush Corner Quilt in a not-Shell The Slow Quilter The Blended Blog Quilting Bias
Wednesday, September 24 Stitchin’ By The Lake Buzzing and Bumbling Lixie Makes It Everyone Deserves a Quilt Living With Purpose Madly Mid Mod Coral Canyon Quilting
Thursday, Sept…

around the house

I should not be surprised that Oscar was sick during the night.  I expected it when I caught him chowing down on the grass in the corner of the yard, doing his best goat impression.  Of course, all the bedding had to be washed including the mat in his dog crate.  Previously I was able to get by with just washing the sheepskin cover I had made and using some Resolve cleaner but not this time.

So we come back from his morning walk and I cannot find Skyler in any of his usual haunts.  Yep, you got it----it is all fresh smelling and clean in there so in he climbs.    What's more, he is not acting like he wants to come out either!  We'll see what happens when Oscar comes in for Round 2 feeding time.

That is not to say that Oscar has not benefited from his own bit of spoiling.  He got a new toy.  You can see it in the front of the crate.  I put the mutilated duck (one wing, one foot and half a head) outside so we can play a little fetch out there.

I also got the bright idea to give…

Lick Skillet Quilt Show

This past Friday and Saturday (September 12 and 13) the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild held there first ever quilt show at the Oxford Civic Center.  I went on Saturday because I was still busy sewing on Friday and attending the quilt show made for a nice break away from home and machine.  Also I knew that some friends from Friendship Quilters would be attending then and I might see them.  Ordinarily it would have been our meeting day but it was cancelled as some of the group was off to the AQS show in Chattanooga and some of us are either Lick Skillet members too or like, wanted to support the local show.

These were a few that caught my eye though I wish I had gotten a picture of Brenda's unusual flying geese pattern quilt.   Because she gave the pattern source in the program I can link to someone else's version online.   It is called "Dizzy Geese" by Joan K. Streck and was featured in the book Quick Q…

Final Day of the See You In September Blog Hop

Yep, it is the last day of the "See You In September/Save RBD Gingham" Hop.  Yes, we had time off this summer to get 3 things done but my time is no longer my own.  I have not been goofing off in any way,  shape or form but found that I have needed every single day of it in order to get finished up. It helped to be  bringing up the rear!

 While I AM finished (but have plans for more gingham goodness), I am sorry to say that I have been more of a spectator than commenter so far this round.  I'm reading on the tablet at lunch time when it is not as easy to comment.  I keep thinking I will get to it later and then it doesn't happen.  You know how it goes.  Give me a few days and I'll make amends for that as there have been some really cool things posted and selected for wow and creativity.

As always a big "Thank You" to Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt for allowing me to participate and dreaming up these ideas.  Apparently her plan for us to "Save the Ging…

a surprise in the mail

The mail lady honked a little bit ago meaning I had a package. However, as I walked out to the carport I was thinking "I didn't order anything".

As Janet was scanning in the codes, I told her I did recognize the mailing address as my friend Veronica from NM.  I've known her online for years and years, back in the old aCozy Quilt Bee days, 99 and on up.  The group eventually fell by the wayside but we keep in touch on Facebook as do several of the old gang.

She sent me a friendship/comfort quilt!  Some of the blocks are from the list friends, possibly other blocks swaps as I did not recognize any of the names on the card she sent with it.  My FAB pal Pam helped with the shipping costs.  Other than a quilt that the list made for me when I was moderating back in 99, no one has ever made me a friendship quilt.  I've been involved in making blocks or even assembly/quilting some over the years but now I have one of my own.  I am so touched by this and the message in t…