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Wicked 4 Blog Hop Schedule

The 4th Annual Wicked Blog  Hop is going on right now (on Day 5) and will continue all next week.  I am not participating this round but will try to get caught up hopping this weekend.

I got the schedule from "Wicked Wendy's" blog and she has hosted it 3 out of the 4 years.  This gal knows what she is doing, LOL.   Maybe you would like to see what the group has been creating as much as I do?  I recognize many of the blog names so I know we are both in for a treat!

Monday, October 20 Why Knot Kwilt? Lixie Makes It Miss Priss Quilts The Slow Quilter Patchwork Sampler
Tuesday, October 21 Sew Incredibly Crazy Coeur d'Alene Gifts It Seams To Be Sew… A Geeky Crafty Place
Wednesday, October 22 Creatin' in the Sticks Living With Purpose Moose Stash Quilting The Quilted Cat Lines, Color, and Art
Thursday, October 23 VroomansQuilts Lovelli Quilts Pampered Pettit TeaTimeCreations

critters and other stuff

Yesterday I did not feel much like sewing or quilting, which is what I really should have been doing.  I DID want to put away the container that I had been working out of for the last month though.  The Zip Zip bags kit was still in there so I went ahead and cut that stuff out.  Looks like I got a little carried away and sliced into the instructions pamphlet, LOL.  I didn't spot that till I headed into the sewing room to take this picture!

I do not get much done in the sewing room with Oscar in the house but he was in the house for the afternoon feeding and waiting patiently me to get my shoes changed so we could go walk. Read that as alternating between jumping against the gate twanging the metal and laying down, giving me the sad brown eyes and whimpering.  Bad Doggie Mama!  So I closed off the bedroom doors and let him roam in the hall and sewing room AKA Skyler's Space.

Mind you, I thought the door was closed!   I don't know which one of them knows how to push the door…

checking in (edited)

Almost a week since I posted.  It has been a different kind of week with some rainy mornings and increased critter detail with Oscar indoors more.  There was a threat of severe weather on Monday and Tuesday, to the point that I cancelled Tuesday's Bama Belle meeting ahead of time, based on the available data at the time.  (I did not want to be on the phone cancelling in the middle of a thunderstorm, hail or high winds  Just stay home and hope it doesn't happen.)

Home details have taken the forefront.   My poor neighbor has been over twice to help with those troublesome toilet innards.  It started with a broken chain and then the flapper and maybe the valve needs replaced or it is beyond hope and the whole tank might need replaced.  If you are going to have to replace half of it, should you just do the whole thing??   Now I know first hand what it took for DJ to try to keep the plumbing up and running as first one and then other would be balking.  For right now the water is co…

Finished or not??

This morning I took the last few stitches in what could possibly be my last sewing re-do item.  There is just some binding left, about 16 inches worth.  I told myself  I would only work on it till 9 p.m. last night regardless of how much or how little was let to go.

So Thursday I went the no sew route and skirted the table as I am mightily tired of this old mess of wires.  Actually it was WORSE at one point but I was able to sort it all out a bit better but it still annoys me.



I had a set of gold cafe rings and a white tension rod to match the desk but NOT with that brushed nickel look of the hardware.  I already had a brushed nickel cafe rod on hand so just got another back of rings.  About 3 buck of happiness there.  Not perfect but better!  Wanna guess which critter goes exploring under there first?

Friday was sewing mat day.  I already have the two accessories in the mug organizer and big chicken pin cushion in place.  The Singer is really getting a workout lately!


a bit more

Yesterday and today's little finishes

First up the Longaberger sewing basket liner.  Just a little dated in the fabric department thought I have a bit more of this same yardage somewhere, LOL.   I'm going for "matchy-matchy"  on the sewing room re-do and still have fabric to use that matches my new curtain, etc..  I took the old one apart to make a pattern from it.

I drew it up on freezer paper though I should have found the compass and drew up a new center.  The radius of the circle is 5 inches.   That meant the circumference was 31.5 almost (I had to google it as I obviously would not remember the mathematical formula  c=2pi(r) )  but this piece measures 34.5 when the long piece is sewn together at the short end.  It would have to be eased in.

So I busied myself attaching the leftover jumbo red rick rack from a previous project ("Rise and Shine" chicken Button Up wall hanging actually around the chickens wings and the sun rays)  and a bit of edge stitchin…

More strikeouts

A couple of other small finishes this weekend-------

First the fabric liner basket using the tutorial from Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling.  I didn't get it quite as snug as the original one I made for a guild fabric challenge.  Mostly because I was trying to pin up the sides over the tin and had to be able to get the tin OUT, I think.  The first one was a hppy accident that it fit.  MAKING it fit was a little less successful.  Now I match the rotary cutter sleeve that always sits next to it.   (Kitty, see the basket I told you I was working on so you can chase some more squirrels from me at some point!?)

Then the iron cover was yesterday.  Looks sort of like a shower cap, don't think?  I looked at the pattern I own from Kay's Quilts and ditched it.  However, I was okay with annihilating the existing commercially bought and all stretched out June Tailor Iron Cozy I owned, using it for a template.  I will say that two layers of insul-bright were NOT fun to sew through to m…

List strikeouts

I have managed to complete a few items from my last post----

The corrected and filled mongo chicken pincushion which matches my sewing room changeover.  The thread catcher one stays in that spot and the chicken at my side at the machine.   If I need to stand up to pin/unpin, it goes with me.

I put the finishing touches on the Koin Keeper today.   Exterior of the two wallets

Interior of the wallets

Also in the same tote of sewing goodies was this kit from way back in June.  The quilt came from Quilt Taffy and was what I selected with the gift certificate provided in Carol of Just Let Me Quilt blog hop giveaway that I was lucky enough to win.  I had started it at the June sew-in and did not get very far with it so I had to track down just where I left off today.  Basically the front of the bag and the zipper unit were prepped and that was it!

But my knitting will fit in their perfectly without the chance of one of the critters dragging out the yarn or the needles because I left it layi…

Sewing....and unsewing

I have gotten a little bit of sewing done since the blog hop and yesterday's scheduled post.

I did the ipad/tablet stand for Jane on Monday afternoon and the wonder wallet on Monday evening while Skyler and Oscar took turns hiding under the skirt on the sewing/pressing table.  I've done enough of those that I didn't even look at the directions to sew it---and then forgot about the stitching you do to join the 3rd and 4th pockets and form a coin area.  I got it done but after the fact.  OOPS!

Yesterday I got a little ahead of my self and reverted back to the sewing room re-do projects.  I want a gingham chicken pin cushion.  Those tablet stands sort of look like chickensand no doubt, that is why I had the bug.   I want it to be as big as the one I have been using, that Veronica sent me (empty for mailing) when my beloved one died.  I asked her if she knew what size she had cut the initial squares.  Too much water over the dam and she doubted she could find her notes about …