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where did the last two weeks go?

I knew it had been awhile since I updated my blog but I've been off doing who knows what for two weeks??  No wonder I got a concerned email from a friend yesterday who thought perhaps I was having a hard time with the holiday season approaching.  She may be partially correct as this is the year of firsts without DJ at my side.  So far I am hanging in there, with a few exceptions, but then we are about a week away from Thanksgiving yet.

I have gotten little sewing done.  We had some really frigid (for us) weather lately and when it did warm up with had a ton of rain.  Like 4 inches in a 12 hour period kind of rain.  Those overnight temps in the high teens and low 20's and daytime highs about 20-30 degrees below normal.  And cut right through you winds.  Like Illinois!  Anyway, Oscar has been in more then out lately.  Of course he loves that!  It just means that I cannot go to the sewing room and get anything done as he whines if I don't come back right away and I have to k…

Checking In

I honestly do not know just where the last two weeks have gone.  It sure was not doing anything much of a creative bent though I did finally get Donna's lap quilt for one of her nieces quilted once I did a bit of marking.

 I've been knitting a bit--more dish cloths.  It is a good project for when you have to sit and wait which I had to do on Tuesday while they changed my oil, and then the brake pads too.  One, maybe two rear tires I was mentally prepared for as one has had a slow leak for several months now but that just turned out to be a small nail embedded in the tire and they patched it.   (I am still waiting for the GMC people to call back about the recall on the G6.  Apparently there about 300 people on the list, waiting for the parts to come in, the staff said.)    Half a dish cloth was done by the time I left.  I got a few more skeins as I have a lab appointment coming up as well as the 6 month checkup a week later.   Unless they have done something to streamline the l…