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blogging break

I'm okay but just don't have much to share right now so taking a bit of a blogging break.  No sewing or knitting, a little embroidery and a lot of reading.  (Got to love that Kindle app.)  Watching the favorite Christmas movies again for the umpteenth time.

I appreciate the cards, calls and texts sent to me this holiday season though I was not much in the mood to reciprocate.  DJ was more the card sending guy even getting the birthday cards for MY parents and tell me to sign them.  Sounds like role reversal to me!  It is hard when he is not here to carry on those traditions.  Although I am trying not to,  I admit to having some weepy, feeling sorry for myself times.  I am thinking this is only natural and to be expected.

I'll leave you with a picture of rare peace.  I don't know who was there first,  probably Skyler as it is his spot, but they were in close proximity and getting along!  Might not happen again but sweet, huh?  See you in the New Year!

this and that

Yesterday we had a fairly decent day up in the high 40's-low 50's and pleasant enough for Oscar to spend a bit of time in the backyard.  I got busy in the sewing room prepping the pieces for those zip zip bag kits from Connecting Threads.  I needed to use some 505 Spray and Fix so it was good that I could pop the sewing room window open till that job was completed.  The pattern also calls for something called "Soft and Stable" on some of the sections and fusible interfacing on others.  I'm using auto head liner instead as I heard it is an alternative for soft and stable, a discovery when I was looking at tablet cover patterns.   This should be sized correctly for one of my electronic toys which is why I want the bag(s),  The kit came with fabric for two of them in the turquoise and purple colorways.  Might use the turquoise one as a purse and purple for the purple tablet.  Prepping and planning is as far as the project got.  I had started binge watching a few e…

Sunday check-in

And another week went flying by.  Another day of binge cooking, two Christmas gatherings to attend.  The Belles and I met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Tuesday. Yesterday was the quilt guild's final meeting for 2014 and potluck.  It was so cool to see the walls decorated with all the quilts, challenge quilts and crafty items as well as catch up with the group a bit.  Oh, the food was good too, LOL.

I've gotten zero sewing done this week and every day I thought I might be able to carve out some time.  Didn't happen but a little knitting did get done.  The critters and I log some couch time in the evenings so I need something to keep my hands busy.  Sometimes, it is just playing free cell.  I had to get one more ball of yarn to finish up the dishcloth that lacked 1 inch of completion.  Of course, I started another with what remained.  I think it will have to be the last one for awhile as I counted 8 in the towel stack plus I have three to work in the yarn ends.  12 tota…

Critters and me

Poor babies!  This was the view yesterday afternoon.  Oscar was banished to the kitchen after he marked the loveseat one too manyn times and I had to bring in the big guns.  Skyler was just being the over-sight committee, I guess or trying to stay out of the way of the vaccum cleaner and the damp carpet.  I don't think Oscar would be in near as much trouble if I had not taken him or several walks already and he should have done his business outside.

I had accidentally bought cans of Resolve high traffic pet cleaner when I meant to get the spot cleaning stuff the other day.
( No readers on, it happens when you can't read the small print) I was glad that I had the product on hand to at least try to get the staining and smell out.  You have to vacuum first and then spray 3 foot square sections and scrub with a damp mop. Then let it dry and vacuum it again.   I moved the loveseat to the middle of the room and cleaned most of living room and all the hallway.  (That is where Skyle…

3rd post in one day

Whoa, 3rd post in one day after nothing since the 21st!  Well, I've been busy, as I often am, but I did have to get through that holiday.

(FYI, I can't find Margarita's BOM top but I am right in the middle of backing up my picture folder to thumb drive.  I can't look further till later.   I left that off post number 1.)

It helped that I had pies to bake and share for Thanksgiving.  I ended up spending all day in the kitchen since I cooked three meals ahead as well as preparing some of the ground meat for later use.  My neighbors were so sweet to invite me to join them for dinner as it got me out of the house, off the couch and kept me from getting too mopey (not entirely but mostly.  I had a little meltdown, I admit).  I had to leave before the others as I needed to walk Oscar and feed the critters.  Everyone had filled up with dinner and barely touched dessert at the point so I left the pies up there.  Well, I had successfully made Robert an Old Fashioned Chocolate M…

Belles recent meeting

The Bama Belles met on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and had a dialed back version of a potluck lunch.  Some quilts were pinned but all in all, it was a fairly laid back meeting.  Some of the girls were working on binding, I was embroiderying which amazingly for me, I have not done in months!

Here are a few of the quilts that Lois turned in.

Louisiana block from Eleanor Burns' Pioneer Sampler

Scrappy Bowtie arranged as X blocks forming snowballs where the blocks meet

This is a Lemoyne Star made using the Deb Tucker Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler.  Pretty neat technique if you have seen  her video on the subject using the self designed ruler.    Actually Marilyn who is the president of the JOY Quilt Guild asked Lois if she would do a demo on the ruler at one of their upcoming meetings.  I gave her the quilt back thinking she would need something to show along with the demo.  You use strip sets for this!

Valera came by to show us some of the tops/quilts she had completed.  They w…

Ashville show pics

In mid November several of the quilting pals and I went over to Ashville Quilt shop so the girls could register for the 2015 Block of the Month. We also were there to view the tops the two groups of this year's participants had finished up. They had spread them out over the tables in the Fellowship Hall near the shop. That doesn't necessarily make for decent pictures since the foreground is huge, the angles all off. Still, it was fun to see the tops in person and get away for a "Girlfriend Day". I even ran into a friend that lives on the GA side of the state line at the shop! I don't know if Debora had been this way to see her daughter in the Birmingham area or other family as she is originally FROM Calhoun County, where I live.

Anyway, the format was that they all were given fabric each month which was a variety of very similar 30's reproduction type prints, a closely packed design. They could pick whatever pattern they wished to use rather than be loc…