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Happy New Year!

It has been quite the week weather-wise anyway since I last posted.  Lots of rain and threats of flash flooding.  Just judging by the creeks (yes, there are two of them in about a half mile), man-made lake and two retention ponds near me there is a ton of water.  I don't know that Calhoun County got the washed out roads that other parts of the state did but it is easy to see that the water could easily get out of its banks at any of those locations.  Including what blew in yesterday, or at least I think it was yesterday,  I have counted a total of 9 inches in my gauge since a little over a week.  The picture shows what I got up to one recent morning.

This is across the main road from me.  (basically they cut through a hill to run the road between my back yard and they have a steep drive way up.)  That water does NOT belong there but both roads on either side of the two houses built are higher ground than this spot.  This sort of puts them in a bit of a basin.  The water had to g…

Merry Christmas!

It is a little quiet around here today.  Not that it would be all that lively if DJ were here with me. Christmas music might be playing or some holiday movie on TV.  He loved those formulaic Hallmark Christmas movies!  We always exchanged presents on Christmas Eve, cards on Christmas morning and then I was preparing our holiday meal.  Often it was ham and dishes "opposite" of what we had for Thanksgiving.  Sweet potatoes versus mashed and gravy.  Pecan pie instead of pumpkin.  Corn casserole instead of peas.  And so on.........

A few days ago the down the lane neighbors invited me to come to their dinner later but I passed.  They have a large family and I would feel that I was intruding in some manner.  LOL, Bob did ask if they could share my garbage can this week as theirs was half full before the packages were to be opened.  Of course, I said.

I did purchase a small turkey breast but decided not to mess with it pulling the dressing and sliced turkey that Bev sent home wi…

what a weekend!

What a weekend! Most of the time there is not a lot going on around here, the usual home chores that make up anyone's daily life.  Yada, yada, yada.  Not this weekend with all the holiday happenings.

Saturday, Friendship Quilters had their luncheon/ short business meeting at the Magnolia Cafe in Lincoln (AL).  Funny thing happened come serving time.  We had all ordered off the menu and I had requested Chicken Parmigiana.  Everybody but me had been served but it turned out my friend Beth forgot what she had ordered and got MY plate.  All that was left was a dish of unclaimed Chicken Eggplant Parmigiana.  I like eggplant so took it.  Beth was embarrassed about it but it was fine.  The portions were large so I had the rest of for lunch yesterday.

The picture shows a machine embroidered ornament that Shelia made.   There were several designs, some were ornaments or other holiday motifs but this was the one in the card she gave me.  The pattern was from the club president who unfor…


LOL, most of the time you can find me sitting on that couch cushion between these two furry friends. No, seriously!

Long time no post, right?  You die hard readers will have noticed the lack of content.  I have been hanging out on Facebook a bit but generally taking a little blogging break.

Thanksgiving came and went since I last updated.  I was invited to join my friend Bev and her husband for dinner but she and I had to promise to keep the tears at bay.  (Her son had passed away a couple months ago and she had lost another about 6 years ago.  Holidays are hard.)  I was asked to bring the pumpkin pies so I did my favorite No Bake kind. When I got there at the appointed arrival time, she said we were going over to their friend/neighbors around the corner from them.  I had heard about this bunch last year as the deep fried turkey was almost incinerated--there were pictures!  Fortunately, they had an oven baked one for back-up.  This year too!  As it turned out Chris, the host deep fr…

checking in

It has been a fairly quiet week around here and not a whole lot to report.  6 month check-up with the MD and then some followup tests since one lab test was a bit hinky.  I'm still waiting for some follow-up lab reports.  I feel fine so was surprised to see the results "off" like that.  My doctor will go over the overview in early December.

On Saturday Beverly called to see if she could get some quilts for some neighbors in need.  Sure, I said.  How old are the kids and boy or girl quilts?  I knew I needed to update the quilt document and verify that I had pictures taken and numbers on the quilts.  I found several that should keep the family cozy and ran those over to Beverly for her and Jack to deliver.  While I was at it, I refolded and restacked the present inventory.  I know that Lois has 8 more at home that I will photograph at the December meeting.   This is till I figure out where we will donate them.  Some smaller ones, I will mail to headquarters with my challen…

Escape to Florida

It was raining here--a lot--this past week or so. I know on two successive days I emptied about 2 inches out of the gauge, another two days one inch and another 2 inches on my return from my weekend get-away to Florida.  It is getting a bit depressing, with this gray, gloomy weather so this cartoon kind of works but cross out "Caribbean"

In July of this year DJ's son Tracy and daughter-in-law LuAnn realized a long held dream and moved down to the Cape Coral-Ft. Myers area of Florida, on the Gulf side of the state.  They invited me to come down to visit.  I had never been to Florida so I consulted my calendar and after a few messages back and forth to LuAnn, she said "book it". I did--clear back in the middle of August.

 About this time a week ago on the 5th, I was reaching the off-airport parking place we have always used and heading in on the shuttle to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  My flight was due in about 5 pm at the Southwes…

quilt meeting--edits now in place

Lois called this morning to make sure I brought my camera as she had 8 quilts to turn in.  I later learned that she has 8 MORE at home---and we pinned a couple more today!  I will post those pictures now and tomorrow or the next day update y'all as to where I was last week for a few days.   (Clue:  Florida to see some of my family members!  woohoo.)

I need to look up some quilt names on these so will come back and update this post as I find the pattern source etc.  Meanwhile you can see how pretty this batch of her quilts turned out.

One day I WILL make one of these as I love the pattern.  Great for scraps as you can see and she has done this one several tines but they each end up so differently with a fun backing fabric.  This one happened to be Mr and Mrs. Snowman riding a bicycle built for two with candy cane wheels. Oh, 4 in 9 Patch Zig-Zag from Quilter's World magazine October 2009.

This is one I found this summer and though Lois might like for her 2 1/2 inch strips.  The…

Happy Halloween!

This is as spooky as it is going to get around my home!  Really it is just a chance to enjoy the various Halloween themed pieces I have done over the years.

c. October 2013  made for the main entry in the Wicked Blog Hop Hosted by Sew We Quilt.  It is hanging in the master bedroom wall that occasionally is used for a pseudo-design wall.

I love this one so much that I made three of them.  Two of my FAB pals have fall bdays and they each got one and I had to have one for ME too.  Amy Bradley design that was in an old Quilter's World magazine that I clipped.

 This was a Bird Brain Design "Witches Hooray" that is hand embroidered.  Originally designed as a table runner, I decided I wanted it for a wall hanging.  Above my bed at the moment.  While not my original Wicked Blog Hop 2013 entry it did get it done in time to share for the hop.

Happy Halloween  Pattern Source:  Joined at the Hip BU#19   Completed 4-26-13

Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts & Stitcheries  c. 20…