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Checking in

We have been enjoying some spring-like days here in NE Central Alabama.  Sunshine, high 50's-low 60's but rain is on its way in over the weekend.  However, what a blessing these decent days have been.  I think I see some of the camellias buds perking up again.  Also some little stalks are coming up in the area where the crocuses usually appear.

This will probably be a pictureless post unless you want to see Oscar modeling his new colorful dog paw Belly Band.  Yep, they came yesterday. I don't think he likes my putting it on him, growling at me big time.  Lord help me if I try to pull it up to adjust it too.  More growling showing why he was named Oscar the Grouch by his previous owners, my neighbors.  Here you thought it was because he was a "weiner" dog, didn't you?  I am trying to make him say that if he wears his belly band, then he can have free run of the house.  He doesn't and the gate goes back up.  Good luck, you say??

I have been able to send him…

Weds check-in

It has been quite a week and some of it not particularly heartening.  Combine this with another string of colder, wet and/or damp days and one's mood begins to be affected.  First my friend's husband's funeral and visitation which makes me cry because it reminds me so much of my sweetheart's passing. I feel so bad for her.  Second, my little 6 month old great-niece Lily is having some other problems that meant another specialist and consultation yesterday so worrying about my family members.

Then I went to Belles yesterday which was partly fun and partly not.  We met for the first time in a month which has seemed like forever ago.  I even got to sew a bit for also forever ago.  Chatting with my buds, talking quilt and catching up.  More on that in a minute............ BUT I check my phone and find out that I need to pass on word from the Friendship Guild president that one of our long time members and a dear woman had succumbed to her long battle with cancer. (I am the…

Artic blasts and other home matters

I am not sure what the official overnight temps were but by the time I looked it said -10 celsius on the outside thermometer and inside, 12 in Farhenheit.  I still cannot get it re-set so the two agree on a format, LOL. My friend in BC told me to double the C temp and add 30 degrees for a rough approximation in F.

So whatever the temp was, the condensation on the metal window sashing froze in my bedroom last night.  Not sure if you can tell it or not by that picture but trust me, it was icy.  Tonight will be slightly better by a few degrees.  Still not as bad as what my Illinois familyand friends are dealing with.

Skyler wasn't letting the cold stuff get him down.  That window does not get condensation on the window as a rule.  Maybe it is just because I am from the Midwest but I have never understood how two thin panes of glass with some gas between them negates the need for some glass to cover the screen!!   Screen all the time on the outside lower half.  Don't tell me tha…

maybe I'm back?

So here we are starting another year. Hard to believe that I have been blogging since 2006; it will be 8 years come sometime in February. A family member once asked what I would find to talk about when I started. Well, I guess recently I sort of did run out of much to say and share but hey, it took 8 years.  There is still not a lot going on but I'm done with my break.

I got the Christmas decorations put up, except for a straggler or two.  Seems like something always gets left out.  We had another casualty.  A second decapitation. First, Skyler knocked the Inn Keeper on the floor and that laminate flooring is unforgiving to ceramics.  I handitacked everything in the nativity set down.  Then when I hauled one of the boxes in from the shed, I found that the Linda nurse figure should have been padded in some manner.  Mom made these years ago for DJ and I.  They were lamp bases.  Recently I ditched the lamp part and the figures have been in the living room instead of the night stand…