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snow day

The weather dudes predicted rain switching over to snow.  Oscar and I did one of our lane walkies a little after 11 and it was beginning to rain then but had kind of an icy sound to it.  Not the normal water hitting grass (albeit it dormant) sound.

I walked him around outside around 1 pm but just the periphery of the car port and front walk because it was raining but not snowing yet.

I was doing a bit of sewing in the kitchen and looked up from my work to the window flanking the fireplace to see white---at 2 p.m.  Big fat fluffy flakes of it.  Obviously took the camera out to get some pictures.

 It doesn't really look to be sticking on the lane but my old parking spot (above)  looks a little icy.  The driveway looks clear but kind of pebbled and crunchy underfoot.  It did not take long to cover what passes for a lawn but not enough of it to cover that dratted dry nettle that has taken over the front and side yard, big time.

It has slowed down a bit now but Calhoun County was kin…

Some progress

Bear with me if you have already seen these on facebook.  I took these pictures of the critters yesterday.  Oscar is modeling his belly band but I had to put him up on the master bed as he is a little vertically challenged.  Skyler was NOT happy about this as he treats the bed as HIS including that blue wool throw that Oscar is using.  Actually we could use that here in the living room as I find out just why DJ was always cuddled up with it here in the corner of the living room near the windows and fireplace and losing heat up the vaulted ceiling!

I think he ws trying to figure out if he could jump down.

This is my first quilt on the bed.  It is huge, heavy and silly me didn't think about how blocks SHARE sashing.  He wanted browns and I wanted blue so the quilt is a mix of both.  Hand quilted, quilt as you go.  The red hearts says "Linda Loves Darel" in embroidery.  My mom sewed the section together and quilted the borders for me or this quilt would have NEVER been fini…

Rainy days and Mondays

It has been a wet, wet day of it here in NE Central Alabama, raining in varying degrees.  BUT that is sort of a good thing as initially they were saying most of the upper third of the state above the 1-20 corridor had the possibility of sleet-snow-ice etc.  The temps have stayed up in the 40's so far.  Later in the week, Thursday morning I think, we are supposed to be down in the low teens.   My dog is going to be way more than out.

See how Skyler was spending his morning?  He loves clean laundry and thinking he is hiding.

Meanwhile, Oscar basically went back to bed after a walk, potty break, breakfast and going bananas about some perceived invader.  He was barking and snarling at something and it was NOT Skyler.  When I opened the gate to let him out this morning, he would not get away from the floor register.  A mouse or something???  I have not seen any evidence..... and I hope not.  He seems to have forgotten about it now. Mostly these wet days disrupt our walking and his tr…


Today was quilt meeting day.  The Lick Skillet Guild had met the night before and Jane was instructed to relay a message to me from a mutual friend after she had apparently asked how I was doing.  "Tell Linda she needs to update her blog!"  Carol, you are right.  I have had friends tell me that my blog is one of the first things they check when they get online.  I've been disappointing them for about 3 weeks, I guess.

I think you know why I have been absent---mostly being in a "Debbie Downer" mood. My anniversary was January 26th, or would have been.  Do you observe them or not once you are widowed??  My feeling is that it will remain a special day in your life regardless.  We were married for just 15 years and a few days but had been a couple since 1978.  I don't know which day exactly--sometime in June or July maybe.  I managed to get through that one but not without some tears.   I was trying to focus on the good memories of our time together and not dwe…