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finished to flimsy

I am finally finished with the 100 Good Wishes quilt top having assembled the top and bottom halves today and applying a small border of the same muslin that I used to frame the handprint and Grandma's embroidered piece as well as make the 15 inch Patience Corner blocks.

I would have to move the command strip hooks to raise the curtain rod I have mounted on the master bedroom wall in order to get this up off the carpet.  Ain't worth it, McGee!   Maybe you will able to see the fabrics a little better in this shot of the lower 3 rows

Here's the upper portion of it though you saw part of this on Tuesday, LOL

And here's the long shot.    Truthfully it is a bit of a hot mess but that's what you get when you have people giving you fabrics and pieced blocks.  I had to interface the backs of some of them as they were not good quality quilters cotton.  There is also too much poly cotton in here to suit me but no choice there.  I did my best to incorporate the handprint and …

Meeting day and so on

Today was Belle's meeting day.  Off I went and on time today even though I still didn't get to sleep till after 1 a.m. but woke without benefit of alarm or nagging cat.  Though it was a little cool early this morning, we were headed to the low 70's and a sunny day.  Oscar could stay outside while I was away.

The others were mostly involved with pinning.  Bev had two adorable baby panels in colors for each sex that she had picked up for a song at a garage sale.  Lois had two tops done from sections they had worked on sew day last month.  She said it is called "Rolling Fields".  I told her she will probably have to remind me when she had them quilted.    I found an image on google search and there is a pattern for sale.  It is jelly roll friendly using two of them- but the girls did them scrappy.  I saw a bunch of my Popsicle Stix leftovers in it.    The third top was an Arrowhead quilt from Quiltmaker Magazine usi…

this and that

Been a busy couple of days since my last post, mostly dealing with household tasks.  Yesterday, 4 loads of wash including bedding, towels and the usual two loads of clothes.  It is just unusual that it all happened the same day.  Ran the dishwasher--twice actually-- as I decided later in the day to bake some pumpkin muffins and baked oatmeal since the oven was already on.  Today it was errands mostly and some minor food preparation this morning.

In between yesterday's housework I did some sewing,  This was the log cabin block I re-did.  On the left is the scan of the block though the corner got flipped.  I had put the 17 strips in reverse order was I un-sewed it but it still helped to have a visual nd the numbers.  I did not mirror the block when I printed it so it looks different next to the re-pieced now 6 inch finished blocks.  At least I think that is what has happened to it, LOL.   I pieced another log cabin block this afternoon using leftovers from the 4 patches I had cut tr…

Tuesday rolls around

Poor Oscar---he's worn out but I think happy to be back in the house.  We just got back from walking up and down the lane and it pretty warm out with full blazing sun.   (My home thermometer says 74 but my phone thinks its 78.)   He was panting by the time we got back and I was about to join him while we headed to our mutual watering stations once back in the house.   He is conked out near the door and Skyler's scratching post now.  Meanwhile I think I may have sunburned the back of my neck.

Almost offficially spring!  The Bradford pears are open in their full snowy white.  Tulip trees are in bloom and the forsythia bush is open as well.  Today I noticed that my neighbors pink tree is blooming  now too--not sure what it is as first glance it looks like a dogwood but possibly is a flowering cherry??   Pretty.  The azaleas don't appear to be doing anything while the camellia is still flowering.  The daffodils are done but I think the star gazer lily stalks are trying to co…

Wednesday check in

Completed Children's Book Challenge quilt.  Oscar went outside for a bit Monday afternoon and I got to go finish up the binding. Oh yippy.

 I had decided to sew the binding on to the backside and fold it over to the front.  I Elmer's Glued it in place so I could stitch it down as required by the organizers.   NOT my idea.   I have been quilting since 1988 and trust me, I do a much better job stitching the 2nd half down by hand using a close applique type stitch.  I know, I know--- I complain about having to do that part too but at least I do it well.  My complaints there are mostly I am just tired of looking at the same project and am so ready to move on.   BUT why would I want to deliberately do a method that I frankly do NOT do well, by machine?  Because I was told I had to---only reason.  I will not participate if I have to again.

I hung this quilt for its glamour shot over the one that is currently occupying this space to if you see something peeking out around the edges,…

It's finally Friday

It's finally Friday---though that used to mean a whole lot more when I was working and had the weekend off.  So it has snuck into March I would say as a lamb more than a lion, not counting the weather threats again this week.  Yes, it was raining---I dumped about a half inch from the gauge at one point---but our temps stayed above the freezing mark just enough.  I know other parts of the state were not so lucky.  There was a 14 car/semi pileup at 1-20 and !-459 in Birmingham and ice plated car pictures all over the news coverage yesterday.  Here,  school was cancelled on Thursday probably as a course of least regret and delayed two hours this morning.   I've barely been out of the house so the only icy spot I saw was that area on the carport that pools a bit of water  (by the car and garbage can).  It would have been worse had I not swept it out towards the yard.

I've got all the blocks quilted on my challenge piece as I was able to go in and do the last 10 of the 35 done…

checking in

We are currently in a "warm up to rain" pattern so it is intermittently raining or mistiy rain. mooshy underfoot.  The mail and newspaper people are leaving muddy ruts which can't be helped.  Word is, that late Wednesday-early Thursday the temps are going to drop like a rock and my area is at risk for freezing rain/ice, depending on the temperature at the time.  I guess we'll see.

Meanwhile I need to get my challenge quilt dealt with!  Jane, Aline and I met up on Friday to pin two tops and then went out to lumch at Panera Bread.  We had planned on doing it sometime this week but the sew-in they had planned on going to in Attalla was cancelled due to the weather.  (Etowah County, just north of us got more snow and ice in the last weather event.  Some places up closer to the Tennessee Valley reported 10 to 12 inches so it could have been way worse for us but the kids still missed a day of school and another delayed start on Friday.)  So the pinning was done but I elec…