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2 weeks gone by

How did that happen?  Two weeks just whizzed on by while I was busy here at home.  So what's been going on?

I got a bit of sewing done on a project for my niece.  There is a bit more to do this afternoon provided the sun stays out and Oscar can log a couple hours outside.

I am a great auntie again with the arrival of my oldest nephew and his lovely wife's precious little girl.  I do not have their approval to share any pictures and will respect their privacy.  Also not sure what information I can share other than she arrived safely.  My sister has been out to help with the baby this past week so my photo gallery is filling up!

Grandmother called me and we met up for me to deliver the 100 Good Wishes top on the 13th.  She loved what I had done with all those fabrics.  We will meet up sometime later this coming week to get the backing fabric so I can finish it up in some manner.

14th and 15th---House cleaning and grocery shopping to prepare for company.  Well, family really.


What a morning

To avoid this being a pictureless post again and since it is a gorgeous spring day, I took a couple shots of my flowering shrubbery.  The lilac is not native to Alabama but DJ babied it along by treating the soil.  That is probably not going to happen on my watch.  Smells heavenly!

Friday we had rain from daybreak till about 11 or so, about 1 1/4 inches.  Too wet to have Oscar stay outside and not bring mud back in.  He is doing better about using his dog house that is mostly because the overgrown weeds near the kitchen tip-out that he crawls under are keeping that from happening.

Anyway,  I stayed home from guild today so I could sew on my promised items.   Naturally that has not happened yet. Somehow Robert managed to get the rest of my acre mowed though the mower is not cutting evenly and I have high and low spots, noticeably so.  AND because we are having such a wet spring the fire ants are having a field day out there digging.  Huge mounds, one pictured below with its off shoots,…

Thursday check-in

I should be in the sewing room but Oscar is conked out beside me on the couch.  It is in the low 80's again and he was panting by the time we got back from our 2nd walk up and down the lane (there are inclines on both ends)  I'm letting him rest up before I insist he goes outside for an hour or two.

Both Oscar and Skyler are having anniversaries early this month.  Skyler came to live with us when DJ and I picked him up from the Anniston Animal Shelter on April 4, 2008.  I had lost my beloved Pippi several days before but we were getting the laminate flooring put down later in the week so I had to wait till Friday to pick out a new furry friend.  Oscar will have been my dog since April 10, 2014 when Robert asked me if I wanted him.  He was fighting with his yard mates and better me, than the pound.   I'm still more a cat person than a dog person but I'm thankful for them both--even when they don't get along so well.  Skyler usually is the instigator but Oscar doesn&…

checking in

A microcosm of what has been happening this week, LOL.

First, Monday I spent some time chatting with customer support at DirecTV to see what we could do to get my bill down as they had just increased the package rate.  I've decided that the HD DVR needed to go even though I love the DVR part. A standard one will be fine if it will knock 20 bucks off the bill.  I had laundry and errands to tend to as well.  It ended up being a fairly busy day.

Tuesday:  they must have overnighted the standard receiver as the doorbell rang and there was FedEx with a box.  DJ would have been proud of me hooking and unhooking this thing though I had the chat person when it was time to activate/deactivate receivers.  That explalins why you are seeing the Genie HD-DVR and the various paraphenalia that needs to go back to DirecTV once they send on the mailing boxes.

Wednesday:  I'm still waiting to hear back from Grandma about the quilt top.  I would like that to be resolved before I get busy on m…