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this and that on a Saturday

......And the non-sewing drought continues though I have been studying and considering different aspects of a couple of different patterns. I went to a "one woman" quilt exhibit held at a nearby church yesterday which triggered some of that quilty curiosity.   More on that in a bit!

Also I reorganized a few of my fabric totes and made sure the containers were labeled as to what is housed in there. I want to do that blue and white Disappearing 4 patch (D4P) sometime next month so most of the shifting around was because of that. However, I know there is more hiding in my sewing room, depleted from several QOVs but I may be able to scrounge some 6 1/2 inch squares from those bits. If not, I am cutting them up for other uses. I've got an old UFO of Massachusetts Cross and Crown that also uses dark blues, for example.  I'll dig it out for you to see or you can read about it on the link above.

The Hancock's of Paducah catalog came a few days ago and I was finding…

checking in

I noticed a huge spike (like 500 people???)  in page views for some reason. Maybe some friends and/or family members are checking in to see if I have updated the blog. Or looking for the photos from yesterday's quilt meeting. (Lois had 5 quilts to turn in and 2 to pin---and they are beauties!) The reason doesn't matter, I'm just speculating, LOL.

There were only 4 of us at the meeting yesterday for various reasons.  It being so close to the Memorial Day weekend, I have in the past cancelled the meeting but we still had a good time together and left for lunch back in town since the three of us going live in the mid and northern end of the county.  Wouldn't you know we ran into Bev coming out of Wendy's and she had left a few minutes earlier than we had!  Terri joined us when Jane was able to get her on the cell.

Bev had been busy making yo-yo's while I was cutting diamond sections from the strip sets I had sewn last meeting.  Jane and Lois teamed up at the p…

Thursday check-in

This probably says it all---"I'd Rather Be Quilting".  (The T is a needle and thread and does not show up so well.)  Alabama does not require a front and back license plate so the front is open to showing off your team spirit, hobbies, your grandkids, whatever. Naturally I want mine to say something about quilting or sewing.  For years I had a heavy plastic type "license" that read "Quilter on the Move" that I had gotten at Quiltmaker's Workshop in Trussville buying it with some birthday money.   When I sold the 2nd car after DJ's passing, it was showing some cracks and I taped it up with packing tape and continued to use it on the Pontiac.  Well, last month when I was going to pick up Janet at the ATL airport, I noticed only a few pieces of the plastic remained.  The car looked naked!  I found this at Cafe Press , aluminum and sturdy.  Back in business, so to speak.

Mostly I have just been thinking about quilting.  Oh, I have had the machine…

Meeting day

I was awakened early as some guy was out bush hogging at 6 a.m. a few houses away in the subdivision. Had I not had problems getting to sleep in the first place it would not have been so irritating. I know others had to get up to go to school and work but not me. Also he was out working in the rain, as in "didn't have enough sense to come in out of it"? Once I got the critters fed and watered, I headed out to the meeting site early today.  By then it was cloudy and clearing.

There ended up being just 5 of us there.  Lois had quilts to turn in and probabl at least 4 or 5 to pin.  Beverly was working on binding a quilt for a great-grandson.  Marilyn, Jane and Lois kept busy pinning and I was sewing.  Show you that in a minute!

First the quilts----

I told Lois that I thought this block looked familiar--was it one of the Pioneer Sampler blocks perhaps?  She couldn't remember but did recall that she had been asked to demonstrate making some blocks for a group at JOY Qu…

seen on the lane

There are some folks that seem to have some pretty roses growing right now but that would not be MY yard where all manner of flowering weed etc seems to be flourishing.  The ground is quite dry and whatever comprises my yard is crunchy underfoot.  A good bit of clover is growing though.   Rain is apparently due in later this evening and tomorrow as well.  We'll see!

The ivy bushes at the end of the lane are quite large---and full of honeysuckle.  Smells good but makes my sinus tracts unhappy.

Still growing fire ant mounds though this one looks a little abandoned.  Get my stick and poke it and they'll surface.  Rain, and the ground gets softer and they dig more.  I read somewhere that these things are 3 foot down and by the time you see them on the surface the hill underground is three times the size of what you are looking.  (I think that's right , trying to remember what I read.)  Some even have multiple queens.  I should have bookmarked the article to link back too.


Done, done, done

I finished the quilting on Thursday afternoon and snuck back into the sewing room after I got Oscar in bed to press the pile of binding and sew it on the quilt. Friday I trimmed it, pressed the binding back and started hand finishing the binding getting most of it done that day. Saturday, I finished the remaining 56 inches (yeah, I measured it, LOL) and tada! It is finished! I've got a call in to arrange a drop off time.

Without a quilt holder (and I've got another quilt hanging in the design wall spot) I cannot get a decent picture of it so I just tossed it over the bed in the master over the quilt that is on the bed (Cheese and Crackers designed by Terry Atkinson).  As I said on Facebook to a comment of "do we get to see a picture?" It may not look a whole lot different than the top since I stitch in the ditch mostly. The pieced blocks are quilted and a few others have other quilting lines in there---a few hearts, X's and square in a square deals.   The bin…

Checking in

Look what came in the mail recently to tempt me!  My friend Pam sent on the leftover batiks from a Connecting Threads kit.  Those kits are really a good deal, cost wise even if you just want the fabrics and do not want to make up what they show especially when marked down!  She had made a table runner but is not so enamored with them.  I like about anything as I am more into color and colors in combination except really dark drab stuff.

Last time she did this it was layer cakes and I made a Billie Lauder "Reflections" throw for the couch.   This time I think they will be teamed with the batik leftovers from a kit Lois had gotten a guild garage sale and had made up into a WTIL sized quilt .  I also have some scraps that Rosa donated to the group when she moved north to Ohio.  For what exactly I don't know yet but I'll figure something out!  Also included were a couple of Kanzashi flower makers that Pam knew I was looking for.  THX so much!

Meanwhile, the sewing room…

Keeping busy

What gorgeous weather we are having!  Some have said this is our Blackberry winter and it has been cooler at night, down in the mid 40's or so.   Highs in the 60's and low 70's and little humidity.  Love it!  The honeysuckle is in bloom and my sinus tracts hate that but boy, does it smell good.

The week has been flying by again and I've been keeping busy.

Monday this is what happened----

Yep, about 11 inches of pony tail have been mailed off to Locks of Love.  This is the 2nd time I have done this in the past 10 years or so.   Grow it out, keep it like that a few years, cut it off and repeat process. I sort of shocked her when I said I wanted it cut off but she likes how it looks.  Her mom loved it but she thinks everyone should have short hair, LOL. Now I am sporting a chin length bob type deal.  Glynda arranged it curly the other day though I do have natural wave/curl that I have fought with my whole life. I dried it smoother last night but am still getting used to…