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Monday, Monday

I have been a busy girl today!  But obviously Oscar and Skyler have been anything but, LOL.

This was the view this morning as I ate my oatmeal.  His blanket is clean so earlier he was completely covered up with just his snout sticking out.  Such a cutie!

I woke early to temps of 59 and got my laps in early.  Oscar and I had already did a lap in the lane too.  I wore him out already.

Meanwhile,  that  little booger Skyler climbed up on Oscar's play spot/pad on the couch.  I know why he might do this as it was freshly laundered and Sky loves clean laundry.   Kind of reminds me a video I was looking at yesterday of dogs reacting to the cat stealing their beds on you tube.  I half expected Oscar to come in and grab a corner of his fleecy covered pad with his teeth and drag Skyler off getting a paw thumping on his nose for his troubles!  But no, see picture above.  Sky pulled that again when Oscar went out for a bit while I ran out for some groceries.

So breakfast.  Load and unload th…

Ready to sew?

Well, I did it.  I thought about it since the idea came to me last evening as I posted.  I had often said that if it was just me, I wouldn't need a living room.  I just need a big enough space to sew and store my sewing stuff.  I'm not quite ready to ditch the couch or loveseat for one comfortable chair, LOL.

But I could move my portable sewing table up into the living room.  Doesn't look good but who cares?  Maybe, just maybe, I can get a pillowcase or two done by next week and get started on the D4P with my friends.

I vacuumed first as you know there will be strings on the carpet.  Oscar barks at it and is in protector mode when it is running, lunging at it.  Skyler knows it is a kitty eating machine and leaves the room.

Skyler was immediately crawling up on the chair and now he is seated under the table.  Uh, I CAN see you under there, you know!   Since I'm at the kitchen table, Oscar is in his bed rather than hanging on the couch with his toys.  These two!

I pul…

Dog Day Afternoon

Look at these two live wires, LOL.  As I start to write this post it is 91 degrees at 6:15 pm and the heat indices factoring in humidity, it feels like 99 degrees.  Blamed hot!   Oscar had insisted on going out around 4 and was panting like crazy on our return from the stroll on the lane.  He flopped on the kitchen floor right in front of his bed for awhile.  This is the current view.

Skyler has abandoned both of his window perches AND the kitchen chair I could not keep him off of for days on end.  If the front door is open, he sits there or near my shoes by the entertainment center.  The other main spot is the foot of the master bed and specifically, on a quilt I have folded there. ( My antique bowtie that I sometimes use on my bed in the summer.)  I like it because it is light weight and the sunny yellow background.  Not sure why Skyler is so attached to it all the sudden.   Next week it will be something different!

My Bama Belles group met yesterday.  I left a little early and bec…

Birmingham Quiltfest 2015, part 4

Yep, still have some more pictures!

The miniatures were right when you entered.

I know nothing though I seem to recall that there was a tie-in with Jinny Beyer.  It was well received as it got a blue ribbon in its category.  Maybe in the wall quilt pieced category??

This might have been the one that was a Block of the Month that took 10 years.  Cute Holiday quilt. No idea about the designer or pattern name though it has a folk art flavor of Joined at the Hip, Country Threads and such.

Very pretty Feathered Star awarded a third place ribbon maybe in Miniatures.  It doesn't match up on the 2015 Winners list, I don't think.

I've seen this one on a quilting catalog but so much better done up here.   Couldn't get up close enough to get the name card.  Might be Slumber Party by Susan Ramey Cleveland.

This might be a Buggy Barn pattern maybe??   I think it might be "Which Came First?" by Susan Ramey Cleveland and was part of their crayon challenge.

The center of t…

BHM Quiltfest 2015, part 3

More of the quilts that captured my eye but have not managed to propel me into the sewing room----yet!

"Harlequin Fantasy" by Gail Dunn, Honorable Mention, Bed Pieced Duet

"Merry Christmas" by Jeanne Welsh  Honorable Mention in Wall Applique Duet 

This was a gorgeous quilt "Butterflies Are Free" and a second place ribbon for Jeannine Till Brown in Bed Applique Duet"

 This was one of the quilts in the Japanese Sister Cities exchange.  Birmingham sent them quilts for their show and the Hitachi, Japan quilters returned the favor.

Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) by Dr. Peggy Rhodes.  This was part of a Crayon Challenge---pull out three crayons without looking and have to use them in a piece.  Honorable Mention in Wall Pieced Solo.  She has written a book and taught at Friendship Quilters on Hexagons.  I missed it though.

Rapid Fire Hunter's Star by Ella Thomas.  (The guild opportunity quilt also used this patterns in blues, greens and teals.  Gorgeous!  Ob…

BHM Quiltfest, part 2

Round 2 for the Birmingham biennial show

African Bars designed and made by Judy Cloe garnered a first place ribbon in the Original Art category

This tree wall hanging was made by friend Loretta.

Striking with the black background!  "I'll Fly Away"  Jeannine Till Brown   Bed Pieced Duet

"Casting Shadow" by Gerry Moody   Bed Pieced Duet

"Little Pink Houses" by Susan Ramey Cleveland  2nd Place Ribbon "Wall Applique Duet"

I love 30's fabrics!  Too fuzzy to read probably  Called "Square Dance" and is a pattern from Kim Brackett called "Feed Sacks"  in Scrap Basket Surprises.  I have the book so only took a portion of the quilt.

This quilt was given the NQA Award of Merit by the judge of the show.  Called "A-MAZE-ING" by its maker Susan Reeves.

I liked the on point set and the stars in the sashing but have no other information.  Sorry about that.

BHM Quiltfest 2015, part 1

I have tried to take a picture of the quilt and the notecard on them though I don't know if you will be able to read them without a magnifying glass. The show booklet gives just the basket information-- Category Number, Name, who pieced it and who quilted it. The "fun" comments, who designed it or pattern source or what led them to make the quilt was applied to the quilt. By "fun" I mean the woman who made a quilt for her first granddaughter in early 2000's but sadly was still waiting for the receipient. That might mean that she has only grandsons or no grands yet. Another that tickled me was "I started (fill in the blank) Block of the Month and it took 10 years" or words to that effect. Who hasn't done something like that? Another was a comment about the color scheme---quilt was crimson red and white AKA University of Alabama colors---she was an Auburn fan and the quilt was called "Color Blind". That one might be in the 2nd …