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this and that

Here I am! Before the search party comes looking for me, LOL. I'm still here plugging away, keeping busy with I am not entirely sure what. It seems like one minute I am out walking laps and the next winding down to go to bed. This week I had Bama Belles, two sides of a queen sized quilt to finish binding and the guild newsletter to get out in addition to the usual household stuff. Well, the kitchen floor still needs mopped. I even snaked the bathroom drain this week and wondered why I didn't do it weeks ago.  Yuck but man, does that water drain out well now!

That is the quilt that I was binding, or actually one just like it.  Sorry I have no clue about the pattern source or pattern name.  I was not asked to make any blocks or do any of the applique or might be privy to that information.  Some were sewing the blocks at one of the sew-in's but it was obvious they had it well in hand without MY assistance.

The one pictured is the guild opportunity quilt but they made a …

Checking in

A year ago I was in Buena Vista, Colorado at my niece Amber and Greg's wedding having gone out to help my sister prepare the food for the reception and meals for the crowd we expected to feed.  Then on to spend a few days in Illinois with my parents.  Well I was off to Illinois again this year and not posting about it till after the fact.

Earlier this month,  two weeks ago to be exact, I piled into the car and drove up to my brother Steve and sister-in-law Jan's home near Nashville, TN.   Because they are downsizing their home, there is no guest room so I got to spend a bit of time with my friend Cindy and her husband John before bedding down for the night on two successive Sunday's.

Come Monday morning (the 3rd), the three of us were heading up to Illinois to see family and friends for a few days.  However, the true purpose of the trip was to help the third "kid" down the line celebrate a milestone birthday.   He knew he was having a party but NOT the entire …