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an idea, maybe

I think this might work.

These fabrics from the last post and what I am calling my "Ellen Challenge" using WTIL donated fabric from Fabric Traditions.  Others have received other fabric bundles from what their group posts have said.  I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

So I'm thinking that the Quatrefoil block from Missouri Star Quilt Company will work just fine though I have yardage instead of pre-cuts.  I think that is preferable as there will be less waste with what I have available.

Ellen sent about 2 yards of the floral and approximately a yard of the two contrasting prints.  I'll need one or two more colors for contrast and a bunch of background.  This is do-able.   I'll do it up in EQ in a minute to get it Wrap 'Em target sized or larger.  Kids DO come in all sizes.  This will verify how many 4 patch strips to cut and just how many background strips to cut for the 4 patches.  Jennie said 9 but not sure if that covered 8 flippy corners pe…

this and that

It has been raining fairly steadily today, not hard or stormy but enough to keep Oscar and I inside a good bit. It is also staying cool enough to shut off the a/c and open some windows though I had to check periodically that it was not raining IN. I finally was able to walk him about an hour ago though I had taken him out on the leash to try to get him to do his business a couple of times.  All he wants to do is sniff for whatever dog, cat or varmit might have been in the front bushes and head back in the muddy ground back by the bedrooms--like a blood hound!  A laid back day here.

I had hoped to be sewing on the required retreat blocks that I must get done by the end of the month! With Oscar IN the house I should have gotten started yesterday, in retrospect.  What stopped me?  Well, I had some things to tend to in the kitchen for one and that took longer than anticipated, mostly due to critter interference. 

 True to form, the minute I am busy in the kitchen and my back is turned, …

Creeping up on Fall

Does it seem possible that this could be the 17th of September already?  Month is half over and the next thing you know it will be officially Fall.  The computer tells me that the Autumnal Equinox is in one week. September 23rd.  We have been flirting with the idea of Fall a bit with a few recent nights down in the 50's.  Believe it or not, but I put a cotton blanket on the bed and even pulled the quilt up by morning!  Part of that was because the over head fan was on but still!  I was enjoying the huddling up under the quilt and not having to hit the deck quite so early to go walk my laps.

Now however, my new indoor/outdoor thermometer says it is 86 out.  My weather app on the phone says it is 82.  Who knows?  The old one was stuck in centigrade mode on the receiver outside but my BC pal Norma said to just double it and add 30 degrees and roughly that is Fahrenheit.  I'll take her word on that one!  All I can tell you is that I had to use a chart like everyone else in the o…

blogging break?

yeah, yeah, yeah---should have posted before now but there is seriously not a whole lot going on around here. That point was driven home last weekend when I was chatting with two of my FAB pals. They were off here and there or had friends and family to spend time with AND both were finding time to sew and/or finish up binding and organize their sewing rooms in some manner. Wore me out just reading the conversation! Then one pal asked what I had planned. Plans?? what are those? It might have been a holiday weekend but it was more like any other day of the week to me. Laundry, walk, read, straighten up the housem unload/reload the dishwasher. That last fun filled activity took a whole 5 minutes of my day. Seems like I am always washing something---me, the clothes, the dishes and sometimes even the dog.

I am NOT sewing and don't much feel like it either. However, Jane reminded me that I have a 12 inch finished QOV theme block and a 6 inch fall themed block that will hav…