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Happy Halloween!

This is as spooky as it is going to get around my home!  Really it is just a chance to enjoy the various Halloween themed pieces I have done over the years.

c. October 2013  made for the main entry in the Wicked Blog Hop Hosted by Sew We Quilt.  It is hanging in the master bedroom wall that occasionally is used for a pseudo-design wall.

I love this one so much that I made three of them.  Two of my FAB pals have fall bdays and they each got one and I had to have one for ME too.  Amy Bradley design that was in an old Quilter's World magazine that I clipped.

 This was a Bird Brain Design "Witches Hooray" that is hand embroidered.  Originally designed as a table runner, I decided I wanted it for a wall hanging.  Above my bed at the moment.  While not my original Wicked Blog Hop 2013 entry it did get it done in time to share for the hop.

Happy Halloween  Pattern Source:  Joined at the Hip BU#19   Completed 4-26-13

Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts & Stitcheries  c. 20…

retreat chapter two AKA got my camera back

See the first post for the blow by blow details about the retreat.  Such fun!

I made arrangements with Gail to pick up my camera from her in a retreat site parking lot rendevous this morning.  I can now share some of the other pictures I took.  The QOV blocks,  quilters at work and such.

My variation of Independence Square for the QOV block

Tesselated Maple Leaf

The QOV block display

The Fall Block display.  The fat quarters were displayed on another panel like this as we plucked them off table by table.  We are going to do the fall blocks again next year but in a different format.  Make so many, pull out so many from the pot once we are all done admiring them!!

Blocks in progress.  The room behind is were they had the ironing stations set up.

One lady was making thse adorable clothes pin dresses.  At least I think that's what they were.

Panel quilt display

The Dresden Quilt Display

Dresdens and dresden runners.  Aline made a 2nd runner and donated it as a door prize.  You can se…

Retreat fun! It WILL be long--just warning you, LOL

When we last convened here on my blog, I had said that I would soon be off to a quilt retreat. Well, it happened Thursday through Saturday up in the next county north, thanks to the Heritage Quilters Guild based in Atalla, Alabama. What wonderful hostesses lead by the dynamic Gail! Usually "retreat" implies that you are staying at some venue overnight and we did not since the sewing event was held at the 1st Baptist Church. As I had said, there were about 40 of us signed up but a couple had either health problems or family situations that kept them away. Lots of sewing machines buzzing getting tops or blocks done or near done, two cutting tables going as people were cutting things out and getting their next projects ready.

I will apologize in advance for the less than stellar pictures I am going to include with this posting. As I was unpacking my various bags and containers last night, I discovered that I did not have my digital camera. I emptied EVERYTHING out---twice…

Tuesday check-in

You know how they say if things sit in the same spot long enough they become part of the landscape?  Well, these containers are getting close!  Earlier this summer a friend of some of the Belles had come to visit our quilt group and brought these containers.  I/we did not go through them at the time, probably because we were all off for lunch and then home.  We were not there long  at the last meeting so I tossed these in the car. I wanted to see just what is in there and if it can be put to use for the donation quilts.  I peeked in the top one and THINK there might be some yardage AKA possible backing fabric.  I keep thinking that I will dig in--kinda like opening a Christmas package---but a week later, I still haven't done so.  There is nothing much that I care to watch on TV tonight so maybe this is the day after all.

I've been busy but that is almost always the case.  I've laundered everything that needs laundered in the last two days including the dog bedding and to…

cooking and sewing

There has been some progress on the Quatrefoil quilt front.  Hooray for me! I have been trying to carve out a little sewing time each day if the weather will permit Oscar logging a bit of outside time.

The first block took me WAY too long.  Where the 4 patch meets the pointy pieces---at 8 points---it can be just a little bit tricky.  I know, I know she just whips right along in the video with little worry about lining up.  I couldn't be so lucky, LOL.  For one thing the seam line where you line up is at a 45 degree angle so you have to either mark where the 1/4 inch point is on both pieces and try to offset it somehow.  The first block required a bit of un-sewing till I figured about how to line it up better.  The next two blocks took about the same amount of time as the first one did!  Good thing too or I was going to be looking at 22 hours time to get the stinkin' top done!  I have a hard enough time carving out a couple of hours worth.

The picture shows the top at the half…

and another week goes rolling by

Time flies.  Another week went rolling by and looking back, I am not entirely sure how I occupied my time but it is gone.  Well, some of it I know.  Some of it is the usual routine---walking, errands, household tasks, reading, playing on the computer.  Typical stuff.

I stayed home from quilt guild today as both Jane and Aline were going to be unavailable.  Initially my plan was to do a little cleaning around here but I awoke with a head pounding sinus headache which has only improved slightly since I got up.  I thought about going back to lay down around 9:30 but got passed that, thank heavens!  The caffeinated iced coffee and the aspirin must have kicked in.  It is in the mid to high 60's, overcast and looks like it could rain any minute.  The overnight storms and rains were projected to be out of here in the early morning hours.  I shut off the a/c---again---and opened some windows.  No sun= no 80's.  
So here is how it looks around here---
Skyler in his "usual" sp…


It has been a busy week and not entirely a quilting/sewing drought.

 I got the blocks done for the retreat and turned them in to the retreat organizer yesterday at the JOY meeting. I'll share pictures of those AFTER the retreat.   I drew up my Quatrefoil quilt idea in EQ and then with the print out to visualing aid me mapped out my cutting directions in a document.When I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour early Tuesday morning, I got up and cut the quilt out, sashing, cornerstones, binding the whole deal.   Then I went back to bed at 6 and slept till 8 or so.  Read: till Skyler insisted I get up to feed him.

Connecting Threads still had some of the Symphony of Blue fabric left and at a reduced rate though not quite the same shade as what I used to back this little valence I made for the master bedroom.  I had been hanging a couple of towels off the tension rod to block the across the road neighbor's constantly on garage flood lig…