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Checking in

Belles met earlier in the week so I have some pics to share. Actually, I found out when I was trying to update my quilt documents recently that it helped to have a copy on my blog just in case I had to download them. Tedious scrolling through a whole year's worth of posts maybe but there's the documentation anyway.

All but one of these are one's that Lois finished up recently though she said she had 3 more at home and pinned two other tops. Jane arrived right on time to help while I was taking pictures. I got smart this time and took my notebook that has the bulk of my files on it with me. This way I could log the quilt in, number it, refold it for fitting on the closet shelf and then go back to add the corresponding image. Now that I don't have to rely on just a desktop, my paperwork for Ellen got a bit easier.

I do need help in coming up with the name/designer for three of these quilts. When I was hanging them, Lois and I wondered if it was the Bali Sea St…

Checking in

Another week plus has gone flying by.  Not sure what I have gotten accomplished if anything.  As my sister-in-law asked me recently "if you are not sewing, what do you do all day?  No offense".  I get up and the next thing I know it is 9 pm and I am getting into my pj's is all I know.

One thing:  I have discovered the Word Chums app and have enjoyed beating the tar out of chumbot Floppy playing way too much but working my brain,  Puzzles are supposed to be good for that.  My sister introduced my parents and I to Jumbline 2 when we were both back at Christmas time.  I don't know if I need to thank her or not, LOL.  I often have 3 letter combinations of letters running through my head unbidden.  are/ear/era for example.  Now I add words that use X or Q to the nonsense floating through my mind--  "aqua" "exit" "axis" "quip" and quiz if you get stuck with the Z too--- and the list goes on.

It has been a mostly cold and dampish we…

Meeting day

Today was the first meeting day after a month's layoff for the holiday season.  I saw most of the girls this past week on JOY Quilt Guild day but our little group has a much more hands on approach and the informality on a non-guild.  Read: lots more talking going on!

Lois had told me last week that she was almost finished with her stack of pinned quilts, binding done and everything!  How many did I think I could fit in the storage closet?  I said 10 for now but she has 7 more completed at home.  The girls pinned 4 more and Jane suggested that it would make an excellent comfort quilt for a gentleman for JOY group obligations.  I even found a masculine appearing fabric in the closet that she could sub out and save the more kid friendly print for another Wrap 'Em.

So ready for a mini quilt show?  I have pictures to take of two more that were turned in recently (and one I seemed to have missed for the quilt documentation) but I have to take a wall quilt down and re-set the locatio…

Tuesday check-in

I got Oscar a new little dog bed for the couch yesterday morning. Plainly he did not get what was going on----

He thought you sat outside.  What?  You mean you don't?!  This a smaller version of the one out in his dog house so I thought he would know what to do.  It's pillow-y.

Then he thought you chew on it like he does his stuffed frog.  I couldn't take it back as I cut the "don't remove tag" and hang tag off alfready.  Maybe Skyler would want it in the back part of the house?

I put it on the floor and he started hauling it back with him to the couch---again like his frog

Eventually he figured out that he was supposed to sit in it at least accompanied by Mr. Froggie and the tug of war sock.  By afternoon, he was napping in there and Skyler had dibs on the laundry basket and some sweaters fresh from the dryer.

By nightfall, he had it all figured out.   Now he has a towel to hid under on top of him.  Snug as a bug.  He is back in there now as I start this po…