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Around here.........

Around the house this week----

Skyler thinks he is hiding but I can see him!  Now you can too.

I had a ton of laundry to do Wednesday.  Skyler was waiting for warm clothes but at this point all he got was socks!

Of course, Oscar can't stand it when Skyler is getting some attention and he is not.

Skyler stands his ground and Oscar leaves to join me in the living room once I get the pjs dealt with.

I was working on the notebook on the kitchen table the day I took this.  It is one of Sky's fav spots to get away from the dog.

I wish I had gotten the camera out this morning though.   Oscar was waiting on the loveseat for me to get out of the shower.  At some point he pulled that precious blue wool throw off the back of it.  Skyler has been sleeping on it at night so smells like cat.  When I came out of the bathroom, Oscar had pulled it down to the floor and had wrapped himself up in it to the point where all I saw was a doggy shaped lump and the tip of his nose.    Silly dog!


Saturday check-in

Mostly the guys and I have just been hanging out around the house.  We have been blessed with warmer weather this week, the kind of weather that makes you think that spring may be coming one of these days.   The camellia bush has gone to its umpteenth flowering.  Silly thing blooms, gets frosted, and then rebounds.  The daffodil stems are up but I see no hint of those golden blooms.   I didn't see crocuses either so maybe those old bulbs are spent?

I've logged some sewing time out in the kitchen but also away from home on two occasions.

Tuesday I was off to the group that sews at a local church near here.   I was mostly un-sewing since I wanted to re-arrange the color combinations in the No Bake Jolly Bar blocks.  I was also advising one of the girls who was putting binding on a tree skirt she had made.  Margarita had the bias binding all made up and just needed help with the join.   Donna needed some advise on sashing and corner stoning a quilt she is making as a group fundr…

what a week!

It has been quite a week---but I am beginning to think that I might survive after all, LOL.

Tuesday was good.  My little quilt group met.  My goal was to do some cutting of background for a block or blocks we plan to work on come sew-day later in the month.  The girls are going to provide some 2 1/2 inch strips for the blocks but I felt if we are combining the output, the background should be uniform throughout.  I cut enough for 4 quilts.  There is enough for a 5th but I drug it home so I could do a practice block or two.

We were happy to have one of ladies back with us.  Brenda had left for a time when her volunteer position became full time hours for a couple of years.  Well, she just retired and brought a friend with her.  Teresa was able to get away and join us too.  Like old home week almost.  We mostly visited though Lois had a scrappy quilt to pin with Jane's able assistance.  Sorry, no pictures this week.  They all went off on their errands and such while I finished my cu…

this and that

The view around here in the mornings.

Oscar is really not supposed to be on the loveseat as he could conceivably access Skyler's food bowl if he gets up on the top of it.  He has tried.  I had the wool throw folded up atop the couch and he kept pulling it down to cuddle up in it.

Some mornings, this is where you find Skyler parked.  Normally, he is more upright and is the first thing I see when I get up in the morning waiting for the canned food.  He almost always has some dry still left so it is not like he is starving.  More like selective!

And on a sunny day, he is either in the window, atop the microwave or on Oscar's crate.  The other day I stashed the 3rd load of dirty laundry atop the crate and he slept in there overnight!

This is the afternoon view today:
He likes this spot too and it usually means he is waiting for something.  More food??  Oscar leaves him along up there so that works too.

I don't know if you can see it, but Oscar took his carrot "to-go&quo…