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another week goes by...........

Here the machine sits, not even plugged in from last week's meeting day.  I only have to put on two side borders and this top would be/could be done.

The closest I came to doing anything quilty was draw up this block in EQ.  It is a block in the friendship quilt that my friend Veronica assembled and quilted for me that I particularly like--there are two identical blocks using this pattern in the quilt.

You see, I am going to a guild sew-in come mid-April.  An email was sent out saying we are to bring the two blocks to our next meeting.  Why so early, was not explained but whatever!  One is to be a 12 inch "male" themed block that will be pooled to make comfort quilts for the guys.   The other is a 6 inch Spring themed block.  We did something similar for the fall sew-in that many of us went too only it was fall themed blocks and QOV's for donation.  Some lucky duck(s) won the fall blocks.

SO I figure this block can work for both and printed off the two sizes to fou…

Sew Day and other stuff

Bama Belles met today and the plan was to get those three stacks of Ribbon Candy blocks made up into tops if possible.  I had sort of grouped them by intensity of color or shade last time and knew that we had enough blocks, once I made one more green toned one, for three tops.

Bev and I are always the first ones to arrive (we have the keys to open the Fellowship Hall)  and I had laid out the blocks for the tops.  She said "what do you want me to do?"  I had asked Lois to bring her humungous 20.5 inch square for me to cut the setting triangles for two of them so I pointed her to this first grouping using Lois' idea for making Ribbon rings.  15 - 12 inch blocks gets it in WTIL range.   She kept on plugging so this was the first one finished.

I had gotten my 3rd row joined yesterday afternoon and joined to 4 so all I needed to do is join the two halves.  After I cut two quilts worth of setting triangles, that is!

I used some yardage someone donated for setting this one as…

early spring?

I guess the official start of spring is this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday actually. It has been giving signs of an early arrival for at least two weeks. Highs in the 70's and even 80's. I think yesterday officially broke the record since it was 83?  I turned the heat off a week ago, drug in my stand fan and reached in the closet for some shorts!  Still, they say not to plant till after April 15 and you get the feeling that one last cold spell is coming.  Maybe not this week, but coming.

I took my camera along with me on one of Oscar's walks in the lane.  He kept jerking on my arm but I got some pictures of the emerging flowering trees in the neighborhood.  Bradford Pears are in their full glory, just exploding like popcorn on Sunday.  I've been watching and waiting!

View as you walk out the front door.

Subdivision entrance--there is another row just like this in the median.  The third one on the other side of the entrance was attacked by tree assasins several years ag…

this and that on a Monday

Around the house---

Oscar has been in and out all day today, walked three times as of this writing (4:30 pm).  1st trip was before I went to the park to do my 2.2 miles.  We'll go again about 6 and then it is the backyard should he indicate he needs out.  Of course, we go through the usual "Time for bed, Oscar.  Get in your bed."  and he interprets this as "go outside and bark", LOL.  BUT he usually will hop right into his crate when he comes back in to settle in for the night.

Meanwhile, Skyler has been napping in the back of the house this afternoon, other side of the gate.  I was busy with laundry this afternoon and assumed he was either sitting in the sewing room window though he cannot see out OR on my bed or window perch.   I was wrong!  This is a new one on me.  He only used the perch to get UP on the armoire and the stack of pinned quilts (3 are mine and they've been waiting for some time!)

He only used the perch to get UP on the armoire and the sta…

Tuesday meeting

Some snaps from the quilt meeting yesterday.

The girls pinned maybe 5 quilts?  Aline had her version of Ribbon Candy that I showed you in the last post.   Bev also had a patriotic wall hanging to pin that was going to a family member.  I didn't get a picture of it and I think I missed one of Lois'.  I heard her say she had 4 tops done, maybe more knowing how prolific she is, LOL.  The first three pictures are ones that she brought to pin.

This is Emily's Wedding quilt.  (There is a free pattern for a larger block version on the link but called "Aunt Gracie's Garden".)  The JOY group has several people working on this one, including our guest Rachel who came to sew with us again.

 Lois had borrowed my GE Designs book( Strip Your Sash) and liked Pixie Stix as much as I did whipping up a Wrap Them In Love sized one with a lighter background.

And here is Lois' Ribbon Candy but set "block to block" rather than on point as the book shows.

I was sewing…

decisions, decisions

We have been blessed with some lovely weather the past few days. Oscar and I went for a long walk on the trail yesterday but also went on a short lap in the park to see if the water had cleared enough on the southwest low corner that is notorious for huge puddles. Enough time had intervened that the worst of the water is along the left side. If you stick to the extreme right hand side, it was okay.   I did my normal laps in the park today but left Oscar home!  Dogs that stop at every tree or vertical surface tend to slow a walker down.    We've done 4 trips in the lane and the day is not over.

Best thing about lovely weather is that Oscar can be outside for a bit.  Please don't think I am booting him out the door.  He wants to go out and in fact, sometimes I bring him only to have stand at the back door wanting right back out there!  Still, let me have an hour or so to sew.   I stitched up a couple more blocks that will go in my Ribbon Candy efforts yesterday and today, fi…

Checking in

Oscar is being a good boy and cuddling up with his frog and napping.  We have already been on three walks today and he also logged some outside time so I could work on my quilt top.

Skyler, of course, wants my undivided attention since the dog is not around on the other side of the gate.   It was fine when he was in the window, like this.  Not fine is sitting on the pressing table while Kitty Mama has the iron in her hand.  He was also trying to burrow under it while I was trying to pin the rows together.  He was removed so the last joining seam could be completed in peace!

And, drumroll please, the No Bake Jolly Bar Quilt top is done!   Today's task was to join the rows on the bottom 5 and then join to the top half that was already completed.

For being touted as a quick and easy quilt I sure made it harder than it needed to be, LOL.  My sewing is a little less than stellar in a few spots, not nesting as well as I would like.  I re-tried it on two spots and since it didn't im…

this and that

It has been sort of an odd couple of days, sort of like waiting for the other shoe to drop---what next?  Life's little annoyances and detours, I guess.

A well used, ancient casserole dish somehow fell off the microwave stand and shattered.  A friend saw the picture on Facebook and offered to give me an extra she had in the exact "Spice of Life" pattern.  I just got back from meeting Shirley to pick it up near Pell City.  Lovely day for a drive!  Last night I managed to leave the house to go sew and shut Oscar on the WRONG side of the gate.  I could have sworn he was in the living room.  That probably was okay though since the storms we were expecting came while I was away.  Rain and thunder are not his thing so he probably found a spot under the bed to hide out.  I haven't found any piddle spots----yet!Couldn't sleep last night so at 1230 I put the 2nd half of my quilt up on the design wall.   Some spots need re-working.   I was robbing a charm pack and doing som…