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'Round here

The azaleas are done and it appears that the Snowball bushes and irises are out. What I THINK are Confederate Roses are blooming and the magnolia trees nearby are beginning to flower though it seems early for that.  Meanwhile, I'm growing........ clover.   Lots of it but I am not alone with that!  There are also fields of red clover growing wild.  Oh, and kudzu is coming up unfortunately.   It is too hot, too soon but a week from now they say we are back to 40's overnight with rain and storms possibly in between.  We marked 5 years since those devastating EF-2, EF-3, EF-4 and maybe 5's hit the state---bad  4-27-11.

So what is going on 'round here?  Beats me and I'm living it along with the two critters.  My friend Sandy teases me by calling my blog the "Alabama Home Companion" but I suspect she might be right with these tales I spin.   True stories though, not Norwegian bachelor farmer stories.

This is the looks I get when I open the refrigerator door, t…

Some productivity

I have been trying to get some sewing done for several days. Actually that plan is just as much so I can get the machine put up and get my kitchen table back and mop the floor in there!  Yeah, that last part is no fun but needs to be done desperately.  Same with the living room, hallway, master bedroom floors for strings.   I would still rather do something creative than clean but not always possible.

I considered going to the evening group earlier this week but got held up here at home (laundry dragged on longer than it should).   I did go over just to say "hello" to the girls and see what they were up to.   Three of the gals work days and relatively new to quilting, well Donna not so much but the other two girls need assistance from the more seasoned quilters among us.  I was happy to see Janice working on the binding on what I think is her 2nd or 3rd quilt.  Margarita is feeling more confident about following the block of the month instructions this go round.  Even the ne…

I love retreats!

I was privileged to attend the 2nd day of the JOY Quilters 1st ever Spring Retreat.  Actually it is more of an all day sew-in because you don't stay overnight but the facility was open from 8-8 for two days.  We met at First Baptist in Jacksonville in a large meeting room right next to kitchen facilities.  I only went one day as Lois and I shared a spot--she could only go Thursday so I said one day would be enough for me and we split fees.

The theme was an old fashioned quilting bee.  They asked us to wear an old fashioned apron on Friday.  Marilyn had rode with me and mentioned this just before we left the house.  She had a few extra to share but I had one of my own that my friend Pam had made for me several years ago.  I grabbed it and off we went.  Some of the girls partcipated in decorating quilting bonnets.  There was a prize for that.

They set up a lemonade station and we each got a mason jar with lid decorated with our name and little lady bugs.  Our name tags were beehive…

Charming Boxes tutorial

The original pattern for the quilt shown below is “Split Decisions” from Teacher’s Pet by Deidre K. Brown. I own a copy of it and it calls for using jelly roll strips. You can find online at Looking at the picture below, you can see where parts of the block could be strip pieced.

Same block in the end, but another designer calls it “Puzzle Box”. She has you cut up a boat load of rectangles. Now, that would be good for the scrappy quilters amongst us. Christa offers her pattern for free if you sign up for her Friendly Threads newsletter. I have a copy of it too. Her link is .

One morning it hit me how you could make these blocks using charm squares. Who hasn’t picked some of those up at a quilt shop or Missouri Star at a good price with no particular plan in mind? I sat down and whipped up a couple using my alternate technique. I am calling my version “Charming Boxes”. Here is my recently co…

Round the house

I have been a busy, busy girl since I last posted.  Yeah, I know some of you have the impression that I am always on the go, and sometimes I am.  I can waste a lot of time online but I sure got a good bit of sewing done this week since my wi-fi was not connected for several days!  More about that in a minute.   It is almost 3:30 in the afternoon as I finish up this post and I still haven't checked email or facebook today--believe it or not!  Well, other than to retrieve a document I emailed to myself from the tablet to the desktop, that is.

I set up my base of operations in the kitchen, even though it is not my first choice.   Mainly, I did not want to take down the old Singer to set the New Home up.  I am going to take this one to the sew-in date and want to complete the project on the same machine.  Also I could keep an eye on the critters.  Often when I am at the kitchen table, Oscar just climbs back in his crate since the door is open.  Skyler takes "the upper bunk"…

Checking in

The trouble with posting every 7 days or so is that I tend to forget what I have been up to, LOL. Not much sewing but some baking this past Friday. Apricot Cheese Loaf with some homemade pineapple cream cheese spread (shared that and rest in the freezer), Pumpkin Muffins for the freezer and then I tried a new to me Cheese Bread recipe and added a secret ingredient to it. I thought it tasted a tad salty but my neighbor loved it! She stopped me an hour or so ago when I was walking Oscar and said she wanted the two breads recipe, the sweet and the savory. I've got those ready to deliver then next trip up the lane.  The savory bread went with my "souped up" version of Zuppa Toscana which I had also shared with her.

As a matter of fact, I'm baking something right now.  I've got a guild meeting tomorrow and I'm trying Christy Jordan of Southern Plate fame's recipe for Samoa Brownies.  The brownie crust is in the oven now and then I'll toast the coconut…