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Welcome to Summer!

Welcome to the official start of Summer where I annually state " I did NOT move south for the summers.  I could sweat just as easily in central Illinois"

The critters are doing odd things.  It is not always easy to get Oscar to go to bed.  I've tried various things like letting him stay up longer,  "wearing him slap out" as my neighbors suggested.  I've read that I should not physically put him in the bed as that might be construed as punishment.  Still, I get the whining.  It used to be just a little bit when he was first in the bed and he sees Skyler and I are cozying up on the couch.  Lately it is 12:30, 1:30 in the morning.  He sounds frantic sometimes.  What I read says I am to ignore this, don't let him out (a couple of times I did thinking he needed to potty).  Supposedly he will give up and quit wasting his energy if the behavior is not paying off.   I stuffed in some ear plugs last night because I could still hear him with the door closed and…

Quilt meeting and so on (slight edit)

Bama Belles met earlier in the week and my friend Gene came to visit us. Mostly we pinned quilts as Gene had one of his terrific improvisitional quilts and Lois had three donation topd. I had three tops readied-- two recent and one that has uh, been "antiquing" in the closet so we did those two. Bev and Brenda had binding projects going. Bev was working on a cute Christmas table runner but the pointy ends were presenting some application hurdles. I think I have her on track to deal with those weird angles. Brenda was working on the binding on her huge t-shirt quilt for her son. I think I posted a pic of it awhile back. If I didn't, possibly when she is done with it.

I had set up my machine to piece but that didn't happen after all.   Lois had 8 quilts to deliver so I needed to take pics and document those.  I knew about it ahead of time so had taken my Notebook with me eliminating the need to unfold and enter the data once I'm home.   As I entered the phot…

Another week goes whizzing by

So what have I managed to get done this past week?

My house is reasonably clean now, LOL. That was a several day proposition since I did the kitchen and living room one day.  Bathrooms, another day.  Bedrooms on still another. I got a new vacuum cleaner as I could no longer use the on-board tools on our old one (something wrong with the hose??).   I need the crevice tool etc for cleaning around the baseboards and so forth.  This one is much lighter weight, bagless and narrower across for getting in tight spaces.  I still hate vacuuming but at least it is no longer killing my back.  It also has some pet tools which will be good for cleaning the upholstery.  I used the brush deal on my lamp shades as Skyler has gotten those a bit furry especially since he has decided to sleep on the pass through near one of them.  SIGH

Paul, my neighbor's son and my friend, had told me if I needed any help with something to let him know.  He thinks he needs to do something for me for helping him out…

Around here-- catching up

Look at what has decided to bloom this year with more blooms about to pop open.  I had cut back the gardenia bush quite a bit 2 years ago as it was impeding airflow a bit into the kitchen.  There was a bird nest in there so I had to wait to finish the job but it has taken time for it to rebound from my unschooled pruning/annihilation. Last year I think there were only two blooms for the entire summer but maybe it likes it hot and dry?

While it has been overcast for the past couple days, we have not really much measurable rain.  Rained on the way to supper last night and while we were walking into the restaurant but it didn't budge my rain gauge.   Rained for about 15 minutes this morning and just enough to dampen the street.   We are currently about 3 inches below the average amount and about 5 inches behind where we were at this time last year.  No wonder the grass crunches underfoot!

This top has been waiting for me since the Tuesday evening group.  Everywhere you see a blank s…