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Waning days of July

Won't be long and this month will be gone.  I guess since I was traveling/on vacation for about 10 days the month has seemed to fly by when I wasn't looking.  As usual I was trying to think what I have been up to since I last posted.

I got the binding on my two Prairie fabric quilts--just the machine part though I did trim both quilts and press back the binding at the evening group.  We met on Thursday evening as the church had an event planned and that always takes precedence when the fellowship hall is needed.  I never did get any handwork done but part of that was because I needed to run home for a few things the girls needed.  Aline wanted a print out for Prairie Sticks.  Since I had used two Jolly Bars, the pattern was included in both.  I had promised Margarita a couple of my extra Frixion pens as I had ordered a box of them at one point.   I only live about a mile and a half away from there so no biggie!

Mostly though, Stacy was wanting to make a Chevron quilt for her n…

Thursday check-in

Yeow is it hot out there! My thermometer hit 100 at one point but may have been about 4 degrees according to my ABC3340 weather app but still, what's a degree or so at that point? Currently it says the humidity is 88% and the dew point is 73% at 77 degrees. I am sure that heat indices are up there.

I DID walk this morning but as early as I could get out there. It was not too bad as the sun was hiding behind the clouds till the last laps. I laid off Monday as I had breakfast out scheduled and a boatload of laundry and errands to do. I also did not go Tuesday or Wednesday but I had read on Facebook Monday evening that the local Fire Department was doing a controlled burn of the old Senior Center building on the park property. They expected this burn to go on through the night so I stayed away. I have a problem with smoke! It was still smoldering on Wednesday when I went by so I passed again, settling for a couple trips in the lane.   This morning there was just littlest waft …

What a week + some!

The past 10 days or so have quite a week for my family--and I was present for some of it!

Great niece Lily, shown here on a recent visit to great grandma's, turned two.  Low key party since Kristine is expecting Lily's sister to arrive sometime in the next two weeks.

Our little miracle boy Wyatt had his first birthday!  His grandparents and parents had a open house to celebrate and thank their prayer warriors.  According to my sister, they expected maybe 50 people but had maybe 300 well wishers.  Standing room only and people lined up waiting to come in.

This guy, my youngest brother Phil turned 50 making me officially OLD!  The best recent picture I could find of him was on his last trip to Land Between the Lakes, KY.  Yep, he's the fisher person.  Also niece Beth turned 21!  Lots of July events.

AND, DJ's grandson Josh, shown here with his mom LuAnn for the mother-son dance, got married to his long time love Lauren!  I've got a picture of the couple too---later …

And now it is July

Think this is what they mean by dog days of summer?

Oscar seems to have fallen in love with his little bed in the living room.  Wish he felt that way about his real bed!  Last night he managed to not only move a yard away from the wall again but also made a left hand turn while he was at it.  I think he wore himself out with all that rocking and rolling around 2 a.m.  I put ear plugs in and did not give in to let him out or scold him.   He has been napping a good bit of the day, snoring softly but it really is a bit warm to be out.   ( 95 to 98 range at the moment.)  Yesterday the temps were a bit lower, the humidity was down as well so it did not seem too bad.  The a/c would actually shut off for a bit.   We'll go walk when the sun gets down closer to the tree line and shady areas can be enjoyed.

Not to be outdone, Skyler was keeping me company on the couch.

He is not fooling me though.  He wants to be ON the bag of knitting as there are several washcloths in there that I need to…