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Some progress

Just warning you--this post may seem a little more scattered than usual. I was awake till 0530 and only got about 3 hours of sleep. I expect that at some point today I will crash and have to head to bed, whether Oscar is on board with that or not. I hope that this post will make some semblance of sense.

Part of the "not sleeping part, for last night anyway, was playing with some blocks you'll see a bit lower down in the post.  Too wound up! I started placing them at 2300 or so and was still playing at 0100.  Basically, I ignored the woozy headed feeling I get when I am over-tired. By the time I got there, I was overheated, felt sick to my stomach and headachy.  UGH!  Here's hoping for a better night.

I found out earlier in the week that the quilts for the Veteran's facility in Lebanon (TN) that my sister-in-law was organizing was not happening, after all.  The costs of renovation were prohibitive and the project was scuttled.  I put the patriotic fabric up for now…

Checking in

August is progressing--not entirely sure what I have been doing but the days go by. Ready or not!

Let's see---I picked up the Charming Boxes quilt from Wendell and Valerie Thursday morning but have not put the binding on yet. I haven't done anything more to the binding I am supposed to be hand finishing either but that's understandable as it is never my first choice of things to do, LOL. I sewed on Friday afternoon in spite of Skyler wanting to help me/keep me company parked right next to the machine. Then it took all day on Saturday to get the blocks pressed--that Garden Gate idea I had with the white charms and the fun Jolly Bar in the last post. Actually I had planned to sew the other half of the Layer Cake Lattice "arms" on a project I had set aside while I was chaining bits through the machine.  I had forgotten that I had already DONE that so the blocks were finished but needed pressed also.  I swapped out the quilt I had hanging for the vinyl tableclot…

Another week

Another week, the month is half over and I'm just tired.  I have a feeling that a good bit of the fatigue factor is the continued hot and often sticky weather.  Yeah, it is August in the South and this is to be expected but it takes the starch right out of you!

There was some thunder and lightning going on late last night shortly after I had gone to bed.  Oscar was whining in his crate and I was bound and determined he was not getting out of there.  Maybe I should have to just soothe him somehow but I can't start reversing the message he has been getting about that.  He has been doing much better about that lately.  Anyway, between the storm (only got 1/4 inch of rain so sound and fury mostly) and such, I slept for a couple of hours, woke at 3 and stayed awake till 5 or so.  Went back to sleep and next thing I knew it was 9:30.  YIKES!

I had laid off all last week from walking and trying to get in the swing of thing this week.  To be honest, I really didn't feel like goin…

Checking in

Okay, it has been a bit longer than usual posting. I've been a busy girl!  I'm making me tired even thinking about it, LOL.  Some of you comment that I wear you out just reading about it but I'm beat living it this time!

See how well my plants are doing!  The aloe vera plant used to be pot bound in about a 3 cup pot in the kitchen window.  I finally re-potted it but the organic potting soil stunk so bad I could not stand it sitting on the kitchen table. Outside it went but I think it is loving the bright afternoon sun and the shade of the mornings. Same with the Wandering Jew.  It was three little scraggly stems, one of which had broken off and I had just stuck back in the dirt hoping it would take root.  Don't ask me where these will go over winter as Skyler will not leave plants alone and there is not a great spot for light like they are getting now.

The other thing that seems to be really growing is the whatever kind of grass I have and the bushes.  It all seems to…

August comes calling

As usual I am posting in a catch-up position and trying to remember just what I've been doing for over the last week.  A lot of laundry springs to mind with these being the dog days of summer.  Seriously, towels and sweaty clothes means washing about every other day.  I can only imagine how much there would be if there was more than one of me in the household.

I sure have not been sewing since our Sew Day last week until just a few minutes ago.  I've been asked to show how to do a 3-D bowtie block at quilt guild tomorrow so needed to whip some "step by step" examples.    (no, I have not started either of the quilt's hand finishing either.  Too blamed hot to have that any where near me!)   I whacked up the cutaways from my two quilts backing for the traditional souped up 4 patch version but thought maybe the darker colors would show up better in the back row.   I know you can find video on how to do 3-D bowties--I learned how to make them back in 1999, after all.…