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Goodbye, September

One more day in CDT and the month of  September will be gone with the wind.  We are getting a taste of more fall like weather this weekend but the overnight temps have been a bit lower.  I actually had a quilt pulled up past my feet for the first time in forever last night.  Almost a shock to see the hallway thermostat read 73 degrees this morning.  Bring it on, I say.

Like every other week in my life the week has whizzed on by since I last posted. Earlier in the week Marilyn had asked if I wanted to go with her and a friend to the Lick Skillet Show on Friday morning and then to lunch.  Then I popped that crown and needed to get in to see the dentist.  She was right--he was closed on Fridays but I had told them to go ahead without me and I would probably catch up to them.

Thing is my friend later asked me out to lunch again on Friday.  He lives about 45 minutes away and hoping to spare him the extra 15 minutes to my house, I said I would be in Oxford (it is on the way) at noon at the…

Welcome, Fall!

As usual, I have been keeping busy and another week has flown by.  Now we flip the page to autumn.  We had a cooler morning recently (mid 60's after my thermometer consistently has read 77 for months first thing!).   I had some hope that we were headed to some cooler weather but by afternoon, back up in the low 90's.  I'm ready!  You see some hint of the leaves changing, some are already dropping but I think that is more of a stressed out and drought summer more than anything.  We are about 10 inches behind our annual rainfall totals and it is affecting the lake levels which supply hydro-power.  The yard is all dried out as well.

The yard being dried out and dead might be a good thing after something that happened here in the neighborhood yesterday.  I was not home when this happened, thankfully, but there was a police chase.  Robert was outside working on his deck and saw part of the action and asked the officer he knew at the scene what was going on.   They had to drive …

Field Trip!

For several months now my quilt group and I have been considering going on a field trip over to the Birmingham area fabric shops.  Brenda knew of two located in Gardendale (AL)--Material Girls and Our Sewing Nook .  Since it was our regular meeting day, we just said "be at the regular meeting spot at 9 a.m. if you want to go. We'll work out how many cars to take then."   Four of us were willing to drive, if need be, even though none of us were crazy about driving on I-20 in and around Birmingham.  LOL, Brenda and Bev were the drivers, as it turned out.
Aline met up with me at my house at an appointed time.  We were about 2 miles down the road when my phone went off and kept going off.  I knew it had to be one of the girls but I really could not pull over at that point.  Aline couldn't reach my purse in the back seat or work my phone once she found it.  I knew we would be at the church in another 5 minutes and I would take care of it then.  Turned out Brenda had a fl…

Monday check-in

So what have I been up to?  It would seem sewing and cooking or re-purposing leftovers.

Sewing:  Good Karma challenge top is progressing and at this point I am more than half done with two rows to go and the half row for the bottom.  You would have to see the design to see what I mean by "half row" and I can't share just yet.  I have taken a couple days off from it but needed to take a little break from it, creatively.  I got a whole row done while I listened to the Alabama-Western Kentucky football game on Saturday afternoon and laid out the next row yesterday but never quite got around to firing up the machine.  Maybe in a bit.

Friday I loaded up the car and went up to Jacksonville as the guild has a classroom at the FUMC that we are allowed to use for sewing days.  They are trying to get this started up again after taking some time off for the summer.  No one was there when I arrived a little after one but there are two sessions--one 12-4 and the other 4-8 so the aft…

September is here

September is here--9 months into 2016.  Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday weekend.  I know folks think of it as being the last summer blow-out but officially we have till the 22nd till fall begins.   It has been a little cooler the last two mornings giving some hope for cooler days ahead.  While the afternoon highs are still in the low to mid 90's, I'll take cool mornings anytime!  The yard is browning up and getting crunchy again as little rain has been had at my house anyway, in spite of the weather situation in the Gulf recently.  The kudzu is flowering and DJ always felt that its days were numbered when you saw that, less growth.

I'm still hobbling a bit from the banged up toe incident but can at least get my shoe on if I wear thinner socks.  Oscar and I have been avoiding the hills on either end of the lane still but we are getting out there a few times a day for the abbreviated version.  Walking on the trail is suspended for the time being.

It was a quiet we…

this and that

A little of this and that around here this week.  These two critters (below) keep me hopping as usual though I am a little slower on my feet.  Every time through the living room these two were watching me though Skyler was on the coffee table until I came out with the camera!  That's why you only see the retreating tail.

Monday morning on my way out to feed the yowling cat I ran right into the end of the couch, looking at him instead of watching where I was walking.   I had switched the couch and love seat positions when the treadle machine came and there is less room coming off the hallway but the couch used to set there so who knows?  If I didn't break my toe, I have certainly banged it up enough to forget about wearing anything but my sandals since.  Four days later I can walk a bit more easily but it still stings a bit.  I was able to do my grocery errands yesterday though it took me longer walking.  Of course, Oscar does not understand why we are not going for walks 3-4 …