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Long time, no post

I know it has been forever and a day since I last posted.  I thought I kept busy before but my life is  proving to be not only busier but so much better with Charles in my life.  With him, everyday is a surprise or adventure.  How blessed I am!

A good bit has been happening.  Over Veteran's Day weekend Charles and I traveled up to central IL so he could meet my family. As I said previously, between winter weather possibilities in late February and the distance away from family I do not expect them to be here for the nuptials.  I felt they needed to at least see and talk to the fellow who has swept me off my feet.   We arrived on Friday evening and Saturday met my sister Diane at Schooner's for king tenderloin sandwiches and those famous onion rings.  I also took him all over Bloomington-Normal to show him all the places I had lived and worked.  Sunday my brother Phil and wife Jen hosted us all at their home.  All but one sister was there and even a few of the nieces as well a…