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Checking in

Checking in from Wedding Central.  I couldn't sew in my sewing/computer room even if I wanted to.  And who has time for it anyway?

 A couple last boxes are expected to join all this mess in the few days as well.  My sister Diane who is my matron of honor is helping me with the decorations for the fellowship long distance.  She worked on adding bling to some practice glassware to decide on the color and shape for about a week.  Then we debated about glass stones versus water beads too, Skyping, texting, calling and emailing, LOL.

To that end we have 6 inch hurricane vases (36 of them!) along with octagonal mirrors, aqua and clear water beads and silver beads etc that she had shipped to me. My "colors" are teal and gray/silver but only because my dress is teal and his suit charcoal gray!  Now they are part of the decorating scheme.   Thursday night before the wedding when Mom, Dad, my two sisters Diane and Janet along with my niece Randi who will be our videographer arriv…