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Wedding weekend

The wedding was a week ago Saturday and I am still kind of catching my breath!  I know some of you are waiting to see pictures.  Both my DIL Michelle and niece Randi were taking pictures and shared albums on Facebook.  My  friends and family who use that platform have seen some of these already.  My girlfriend Helen was taking informal photos as well but those are coming via US mail in a few days!

My niece is a talented videographer and there is a video you may wish to see on You Tube HERE.  It was a lovely gift for Charles and I but also a way to share our wedding weekend with family and friends who were with us in spirit.

My sister Diane was my matron of honor and honestly I don't know how I could have pulled this all off without her!  She not only got my parent's flight arranged along with her own but she took over the fellowship hall decor.  ( Diane is the brunette at the center of the picture above.)  My sister Janet and daughter Randi also flew into ATL from Col…